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There are a few secrets in the Pokémon Stadium games, some of which enhance the gaming experience, and others that give you new Pokémon! Here they all are!

Round Two
Once you beat Gym Leader Castle and the stadium itself, Round 2 mode is unlocked- this is essentially the same thing again only it is much harder.

Win Pokémon
If you beat Gym Leader castle in either round one or round two, you will be rewarded with a rare Pokémon, chosen at random from a selection. The Pokémon you could stand a chance of winning are: Bulbasaur (:L5), Charmander (:L5), Squirtle (:L5), Kabuto (:L30), Omanyte (:L30), Hitmonlee (:L30), Hitmonchan (:L30), or Eevee (:L25).

Surfing Pikachu
Play through Masterball level Pika cup on round 2 with a Pikachu on your squad of 3 each time. Its difficult. You will then get the chance to teach a Pikachu on your cart Surf. This will allow you to unlock a Surfing Pikachu mini game on Pokémon Yellow.

Amnesia Psyduck
This is really difficult. If you can get every single Pokémon in the hall of fame (only the original 150!), then your reward will be a Psyduck that knows Amnesia.

Doduo Mode
Doduo Mode makes GB Tower run twice as quick as usual! There is two ways that you can unlock this. You can either beat gym leader castle on round one, or beat the stadium on round one.

Dodrio Mode
Dodrio Mode makes GB Tower run four times as quick as usual! In order to unlock this you must beat both gym leader castle and the stadium.

Rent Mew!
If you want Mew to be a rental Pokémon simply unlock round two.

Pika Pika...
If you want to hear Pikachu speak, rather than make a tin-like noise, then use a Pikachu from Pokémon Yellow.

Different colours
You can make Pokémon different colours by giving them nicknames. Things that effect the colour could be a hyphen in the name (-), the case of the name, and whether the name features parts of the original name...

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Richard and Blaziken op vr 23 apr 2010 03:49:20 UTC.
Pokemon Stadium is still fun today. I think this speaks volumes for it. A classic for anyone who loves the Pokemon games.