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PKMN.NET reader Fynzade managed to get one of Live and Unleashed events and has kindly written us a review of what was there - if you've been, why not send us your account of the day?

I came. I saw. I wish I hadn't bothered.

No offence to vimto or nintendo, but pokemon live is not what it's cracked up to be. After a 10 minute drive there, I'd expect something that would keep me there for a while. It didn't. I had a look around. There was a large tent (not huge, large), called the zone dome. Look inside, guess what it is, a giant bouncy castle and ball area. There was a truck there,I looked inside, and for a second, the tour seemed redeemed. I looked around, the truck was two rows wide, with a wide isle in the middle. At the beginning, there were 2 of gba's 4 on each side, on the left side, the gba's were in those cradles they are in at shops, nothing special. On the other side the same, except all 4 gba's were linked (there were 3 people there and they weren't battling). Walk down further and there are 10 gamecubes with gameboy players plugged in (5 a side). That was all for the truck.

Once I got out, a member of the tour staff offered me a bag, I took it. I looked inside and found 4 items, a small can of vimto (no surprises there), a gba case like on the liveandunleashed website (very tight to fit you GBA in), There was a "collector's magazine" about the game (quite boring, with a compo to win a GBA), and a small poster with 'pokemon live' on 1 side with pics of the english cases (same as american), and on the other, pics of: cacnea, shroomish, keckleon, treecko, aggron, aron, groudon, zigzagoon, corphish, kyogre, mudkip, and sharpedo. Andd a bit about a compo to win a GBA.

All in all nothing special, if you want a free vimto and a GBA case, or to play the game's, then go, otherwise, don't bother.

Page written by Psythor.

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Lascif on Wed 12 Sep 2007 18:48:50 UTC.
I went there!