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Driving up to what looked like the side of a truck with "Pokemon Live 2003" on it, and what looked like a giant inflatable Pokeball tent, I thought it looked a bit smaller than I would have imagined. Upon arriving I saw that the 2 things were in fact a truck with "Pokemon Live 2003" on the side, and a giant inflatable Pokeball tent, with means of entrance through giant inflatable Vimto cans. It all looked a bit babyish.

Glancing in the side of the truck, I saw about 20 GBA's linked to 20 Gamecube's, linked to 20 TV's. All containing either Ruby or Sapphire versions. Now this looked a lot better- I already have both versions but it still looked promising. I had to wait in the nearby Asda for 25 minutes whilst they set up, but to be fair I was quite early. I came back, and after a further 5 minute wait, I received a free can of Vimto and everybody entered the Truck.

I never got to see inside the "Zone Dome", aka inflatable Pokeball tent, because I was above the line. There was a lady outside doing face painting, but I didn't really fancy that.

And so it seemed like I was stuck- my dad wasn't coming to pick me and my mate up for 2 hours, and there was barely anything to do. On one bright side, I had my Game Boy. I got it out, and started playing on it. It took less than a minute until the dad of a boy about 7 years old asked me if I would trade with his son. I won't go into details, but it wasn't long before every Tom, Dick and Harry in there was trading and battling. We were asked to go outside to link and battle, as there wasn't enough room in the truck.

After so much trading and battling that I wouldn't have been surprised if my link cable exploded, I went to talk to one of the staff about release dates (see here) and also the question everybody wanted to know: Did they have Jirachi and Deoxys? Unfortunately the answer was no, but they did confirm that a UK tour giving away the Eon Ticket, Jirachi and Deoxys will be coming late this year or early next year!

So overall the specified events were a bit of a let down (although all kids who went into the Zone Dome enjoyed it), the actual trading and battling and general get-together with other Pokemon fans was great. So if you like Pokemon, you'll enjoy it. If you love Pokemon and Vimto, then you'll love it!

Page written by Typhlosion.

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