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Okay here are some hints and tips to smash the computer players and your friends! So here we go!


Team battle

Okay as you have guessed from the title the whole point is to work as a team. But remember if you and three other friends are smashing together on team battle don’t shout out your plans and strategies. Because they can just counter it with a better plan. So whisper your plans. A good idea is to sit at opposite sides of the room. If you have enough cable on your controllers to go around! Then you can plan strategies as you go. Also a classic plan is if you have a team of Ness is to set friendly fire on. And use the b and down shield and your team-mate can shot things at you! It is an easy way to get extra health! Also a good team is one with speed such as Pikachu or Fox and one with power such as Bowser or Donkey Kong. Then you have speed and power on your side! So let those tips help you in future team battles!

On your own.                    

Okay if you prefer this mode, forget everything I just told you! Since this mode, you are on your own! No one to help you! Anyway a good idea is to use quick attacks that strike 1st! Because if you and your mates (or the computer player!) are all on the screen at the same time its gonna get crowded! So if you strike 1st try and do as much damage as possible! A good attack is pikachu’s thunder (b and down) since it’s powerful and strikes quite fast! Also if you are on your own and there is a lot of you on screen try and pick on the one with the most damage! Because there just getting in the way! Or you may want to pick on the one with the least damage! Since they might get cocky and start on you! Then they might use the tip before this one to pick on the weakest!


Super smash brothers: a smashing guide! Single player tips!

Okay all your friends are busy!  But you have the need to smash! So why not. But here are some tips to get you started! Okay remember 1 thing, you never ever know what the computer players are thinking. So don’t plan ANY strategies! But here are some things the characters MIGHT do! 


Mario tends to knock you up high the use his coins attack. So counter this with a attack that makes you fall to the ground, such as Kirby’s block attack or peaches parasol attack! Also he will use his fireballs to try and slow you down! So use your jump attacks to get behind him!   


He tends to use long-range attacks! Such as boomerang and his arrow attack.  So the 1st thing to do is get up as close him and use every a attack you have got! And if he uses his bombs use your shield to bounce the bombs.


He likes to block your b attacks! By using his reflect attack. Or he will dodge using foxfire or fox clone! So again get close and use you a attacks! Also follow him using your high jumping attacks!


He likes quick attacks! But you have to destroy him! So the best thing to do is go on a small arena. Since if he gets to fast he will fall of! But if you knock him up in the air, he can not get back down very easy!


2 characters in 1! No problem though! All you have to do is watch the transformations! But if you can, try and hit her with a b attack you have to charge up. Such as Donkey Kong’s punch. Since Zelda does not recover from these attacks quickly.

Captain falcon

He has speed and power. Not a good thing! But his weakness is he cant get back on to the arena quickly. So what you do is get him and yourself as close to the edge as possible. The jump behind him and use your top z attack. To knock him as far as possible.


The pink pummel prat! His strategy is to attack  from above with his block and final cut attacks! But his weakness is these attacks make him fall to the ground! So again go as far to the edge as possible and when he uses these attacks move out of the way. And these attacks will make him fall to the ground, and of the arena!  Or he will try and copy your abilities. To stop him using your b attack, use your throw attack (top z) and he will turn back to normal.


Bowser has a lot of power. But no speed. So use you’re quicker attacks such as captain Falcon’s falco punch or pikachu’s thunder shock. Also thunder shock is good to get to Bowser when he is using his flamethrower.


Peach attacks mostly with a team-mate! So if she is on her own she is vulnerable! Use this to your advantage! A example would be adventure mode boss for level 1. (Peach and Mario) This level is quite hard when there together. But knock out Mario and peach will soon fall!


Yoshi will try and swallow you whole! So this means he will get you in his egg and attack you! The thing to do is attack him before he attacks you! Also Yoshi tends to attack in a team. This means that each Yoshi is weaker than a character on it’s own.

Donkey Kong

He will try and throw you off the arena! But he is slow like Bowser. So again use speedy attacks! Also don’t get in font of hi as much as you can! Because he has those giant hands. So go to the back and use your speedy attacks!


He will tell your future! Or knock you out! The psychic boy with a lot of power. But his attacks last to long. This means he is pretty open to attacks. Also his mid-air jump means he can get back on! So as soon as he tries to, get him with a attack to send him upwards! Since his mid-air jump makes him go across the screen in staid of down.

Ice Climbers

The double duo! But they need each other to get the most out of their attacks. So try and knock at least one of them out. That’s means the other will not be as strong. Also watch out for those hammers! They hurt! There squall hammer. Means they spin round and round. So jump out of the way.


The bounty on you is a big one! This fighter likes to get you as close as possible then attack. With her charge shot attack! (B and hold) So try and knock her so she cant charge it up fully. Also her mines attack means if she gets above you. As she comes down she will use this attack. So block it with your shield attack.

So there you go! A guide for you to smash with your mates or on your own. And remember the strategy or each character! And you will be a smash master.


Page written by Psythor.

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Shateon on Wed 20 Jun 2007 22:51:40 UTC.
Here is a list of other characters (along with the note that it's Sheik, not Sheick) Secret Characters: Dr. Mario Young Link Marth Roy Mr. Game & Watch Mewtwo Pichu Jigglypuff (again...) Falco Luigi Ganondorf NOT IN THE GAME!!!: Sonic Tails (No matter what they say!) Playable in debug mode (look at for more info): Master Hand (need controller in slot 3 to control it with) Crazy Hand (need controller in slot 4 to control it with) Giga Bowser Sandbag (freezes frequently) Wire Frames (Male and Female) Popo (without Nana) ...and above all, a mysterious character that freezes when selected...
Pixleman43 on Mon 23 Jun 2008 11:40:52 UTC.
i need falco in super smash melee not brawl