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PkmnDex and Pokegame: Pkmndex | PKMN.NET offline Pokedex (Windows only)
The Pkmndex is a downloadable Pokedex program for the use with any Windows computer (and possibly under Wine, according to some reports). Our aim is to create a program that contains as much information as possible about all Pokemon, in a nice, easy-to-use form.

This unique project - no other projects are currently known that are trying to mimic this one - is creating a stand-alone program containing this information, without the need for a browser or something similar. There's hundreds of sites, all with a TM listing, an level-up movelist, and a few other tidbits - yet nowhere else than here on PKMN.NET can you find a program to use when you are offline, can't get on the net, and have all the information you want at your fingertips.

What does it cost? You might ask. And that's the best part - the program is downloadable for free! Just follow the download link, and you'll be ready in no-time.

Currently available is version 3.1. Data it already supports:

This all combined with an easy-to-use interface, behaving like a standard Windows program.

Two different versions are supported. One has the datafile it uses integrated in the executable, so you don't have to worry about anything more. This is currently the recommended version, and can be found as the first link.

The other version has a seperate datafile that we read from. This saves you some diskspace when updating the datafile.

A seperate datafile is also distributed. This is currently the same as the file in the other packages, but in the future, you will only need to update this one to get a new version of the data.

Pkmndex with internal datafile (Recommended)

Pkmndex with external datafile

Pkmndex datafile only

Now the sales pitch is out of the way, some other notes.

Although this is a full release, we would still appreciate any comments, errors, and bugs you have to report to me.

The program should theoretically work on any system that runs Windows 95 or higher. Running it under Wine is also said to work, but I can't guarantee this.

To address a number of common complaints: No, I won't add images to the Pkmndex. This is a concious choice both to keep the download size small, and to allow the executable to be used as a standalone program, without requiring seperate folders just to store other images. If you want to see the sprites, there are plenty of other places to find them - even on this site.
I can't make a Mac version. The GUI code is entirely based on Windows, and is extremely difficult to replace.
Colours is spelled with a 'u'.

Page written by Joeno.

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prince27135 on Fri 27 Jan 2012 10:59:37 UTC.
i have downloaded all the sprites but am unables to bring the pictures in the pokedex..
please suggest a way.
it may be editing or it may be any other way..
and please show the steps to do so..
darklink.perry on Wed 21 Aug 2013 20:29:37 UTC.
Hello, I have been developing software for almost 9 years (keep in mind an 18-year old can have only so many years of experience!) and I'm interested in this Pokedex. As far as porting to Macintosh, have you considered using the Mono framework? I assume that by the GUI code, you used C# and Windows Forms? Mono can interpret that and build a compatible version for Mac, Linux, and even mobile platforms.
Guest on Wed 04 Mar 2015 09:50:00 UTC.
looks interesting, I'm currently making something with a similar idea, differences being that I'm not as good at programming because I'm only 16 and I plan to include pictures. also colour ftw! I'm English so I do all the colour, grey, not putting 'jelly' on toast et cetera so I bet that will annoy some people ;) haven't put mine on a download site though, if you want to see it you'll have to email
Guest on Tue 14 Jul 2015 16:46:44 UTC.
I had just checked out your pokedex and it is out of date, as Eevee doesn't have its latest evolution, Sylveon. Is there any chance that you will update this program? Thanks.
Guest on Thu 03 Sep 2015 04:48:35 UTC.
TY so much!
Guest on Sun 28 Feb 2016 14:27:52 UTC.
This works really well! The only real thing i can suggest is that you allow people to toggle the different games on and off, for example someone may only want to see the info for Pokemon Gold and Silver rather than have it lumped in with every other game. Perhaps this could be toggled in the Options menu via check boxes.
Guest on Fri 18 Mar 2016 19:58:53 UTC.
could you put a checkbox to show whether I have the pokemon in my collection so I dont have to change games to see what pokmn I need
Guest on Sat 02 Apr 2016 07:55:05 UTC.
can u update it with gen 6?
Guest on Wed 01 Jun 2016 08:04:33 UTC.
Yes will there be an update for gen 6
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