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These Pokémon are by far too good to play against normal Pokémon and their power is limited to this tier. Note that this exact list is specific to PKMN.NET and the DP metagame.


Page written by Lord Raven.

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Derek on Sat 21 Jul 2007 04:25:42 UTC.
hi DAN
on Sat 21 Jul 2007 07:13:24 UTC.
Muhed, i think Arceus is still in NU (told you noone would notice)
TCoZ on Sat 21 Jul 2007 07:45:42 UTC.
:D Arceus is in NU? Let's use it in all the UU teams then :DDDD
on Sat 21 Jul 2007 08:51:59 UTC.
Shaymin should be here, purely because there's no legal way of obtaining it yet.
on Sat 21 Jul 2007 17:43:09 UTC.
;-) Nicely and secretly corrected...
stash on Mon 23 Jul 2007 16:59:49 UTC.
all of these are legendary.
Event Master on Fri 27 Jul 2007 23:25:57 UTC.
dude this sucks you spend all that training leveling them up and then you can't them in any competions
pocky on Fri 03 Aug 2007 05:50:32 UTC.
Instead of the OU or U section Shaymin should be in the BAMF section. ps- We need a BAMF section.
Poison2008 on Mon 13 Aug 2007 15:16:43 UTC.
banned section you mean? Banned - for ones that cannot be used in wireless fighting. EVER
Sakura-chan ^_^ on Tue 14 Aug 2007 02:54:06 UTC.
AW! But mew is SO CUTE! Damn, so no one will fight my cuuuute little mew? *sad face*
articuno_lover on Thu 23 Aug 2007 20:21:15 UTC.
only reason mew is there cause it can learn every(well,nearly) move in the world,not because of power.
Agatha on Fri 31 Aug 2007 08:10:42 UTC.
Metagross totally belongs here
on Thu 13 Sep 2007 17:41:51 UTC.
At least this THIS list makes sense... They put Banette in the crappy list...
Lord Raven on Tue 23 Oct 2007 03:22:09 UTC.
BAMF is badass motherfitzgeralder, not banned (lol..) Event Master, Ubers has a tier of its own, it's just not the tier that people often play in. "Standard" not only sets the standard for judging the tiers, but is the most commonly played tier which the Ubers would centralize.
on Thu 08 Nov 2007 03:48:20 UTC.
what about blissey? with a max of 712 hp and softboiled with 20 pp, I think that falls under uber
Anarcree on Mon 12 Nov 2007 17:43:04 UTC.
Blissey gets ripped apart by physical beasts, and a Fire Blast from Specs Heatran that criticals can do 70% to it in general.
Lord Raven on Thu 15 Nov 2007 04:37:13 UTC.
and uhhhhhhh Blissey keeps special sweepers dominating OU in check
normalist on Sun 18 Nov 2007 04:54:59 UTC.
mew is powerful articuno lover banet has low speed and def japanes person
normalist on Sun 18 Nov 2007 05:03:46 UTC.
wabafet, combine with high hp and low defences, the ability to force the opponent to att, and dubble the damage that is done to it, wabafet ouns ;p i dont realy like legends though, it just makes people feel like there good because there pokemon have cheap stats (ex: Raquaza base Att. 150 Sp Att. 150 Spd. 130 when avarige is base 80
normalist on Sun 18 Nov 2007 18:03:38 UTC.
Fo Dizzy, shamin can be obtained in the original japanes version
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