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These Pokémon are by far too good to play against normal Pokémon and their power is limited to this tier. Note that this exact list is specific to PKMN.NET and the DP metagame.


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Lord Raven op za 29 nov 2008 21:44:11 UTC.
deoxys' speed form was already proven to be OU for now... Arceus is average for Ubers.
Dyexzos the Deoxys op zo 30 nov 2008 09:43:48 UTC.
Idon't agree with Garchomp's placement here. Surely if Garchomp should be an uber, then so should be Metagross, Dragonite etc.
pogiboy op vr 02 jan 2009 02:27:31 UTC.
What about rampardos and salamence?
Laprabi op zo 11 jan 2009 00:36:16 UTC.
Rampardos is too slow and Salamence can be easily countered with the right Pokemon.
Blazemaster26: 80's Addicted op za 17 jan 2009 02:41:15 UTC.
O.K. would someone please explain why Garchomp is on here and Dragonyte isn't. they're both owned by Ice types .
Laprabi op vr 23 jan 2009 22:26:57 UTC.
Garchomp is too unpredictable and is in it's own speed tier above all the Base 100's.
electerbuzz dude op zo 08 mrt 2009 13:44:31 UTC.
Attack deox deserves a mention by itself it can beat bout 75% of pokemon with speed.
electerbuzz dude op zo 08 mrt 2009 13:45:21 UTC.
oh no attack doex is already there but coudnt it be in types or somethig?
The lynx shadow op zo 12 apr 2009 10:22:37 UTC.
Latias Ou now...
Laserqueen ...™ op ma 18 mei 2009 19:24:15 UTC.
wobbafet lols lols
Roserade knight op za 30 mei 2009 14:02:44 UTC.
Yay, i can use the regirock/regice/registeel in competitive battles
Laprabi op di 02 jun 2009 21:28:03 UTC.
Why would you not be able to use Regirock, Regice or Registeel? Just becuase they are legendary doesn't mean that they are invincible.
Zero13455 op zo 21 jun 2009 14:51:54 UTC.
Why isn't deoxys higher? I leave mine in attack forme and it pwns everything!!!
Agatha op di 04 aug 2009 09:43:51 UTC.
Personally I've found that people that disagree with Garchomp's placement in uber don't understand how tiering works.
serperior op di 09 mrt 2010 10:45:54 UTC.
garchomp is here because of his incredible stats and his ability sand veil
ZombieSteven op za 27 mrt 2010 09:28:53 UTC.
Actually,I disagree having Latios in the uber list.Latios is only considered powerful when holdin Soul Dew,right?
Hahex and Oshawott op di 08 jun 2010 16:41:19 UTC.
Latios with or without soul dew is still pretty epic. Latias, on the other, is a different story IMO
RioluRiku op do 23 sep 2010 13:29:19 UTC.
Garchomp W/Outrage and Choice Scarf = Epic Defeat
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