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Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Battling: Gym Leaders | List of the DP Gym Leaders

Like always, there are 8 Gym Leaders of each region. In Sinnoh, there are still 8, but with more challenging and interestingly woven teams.

Gym 1 - Roark - Oreburgh City Roark

Roark is a trainer of Rock type Pokémon, and is the son of Byron (6th Gym Leader) and grandson of the Underground Man in Eterna City.

He is the weakest and most stereotypical gym leader, only using Pokémon of the Rock Type in his battles.

The best strategy to beat him would be to use an all out attack with Water or Grass types (starters) or if you picked up a Chimchar, train it to a Monferno so it learns Mach Punch.

When you get to the gym, Roark won't be there, so you need to find him in the mine and talk to him. He will then return to the gym, so you can have your battle.

He has a Geodude, Onix and Cranidos, which are all easy to take out, so you shouldn't have too much difficulty.

Beat him, and you obtain the TM Stealth Rock, as well as the Coal Badge.

Gym 2 - Gardenia - Eterna City Gardenia

Gardenia is the Grass Type gym leader. She resides in the gym of Eterna City, where you must beat all of her trainers before facing her.

Gardenia herself owns a Budew, Turtwig and Roserade, with the latter being part Poison as well.

Use a Fire Type to beat her if you picked Chimchar at the beginning, but if not, train up a Starly and evolve it into Staravia so you can use Flying type attacks to dispose of her.

She gives you the TM Grass Knot when you beat her, with the Forest Badge.

Gym 3 - Maylene - Veilstone City Maylene

Maylene religiously trains the Fighting Type, but to throw your Flying Types off-guard, keeps a Lucario, which can take quite a few Flying Type hits.

The gym consists of a puzzle, which forces you to battle against all of the gym trainers and move sliding panels to open up a pathway to her.

Your best bet at beating her would be to train a Staravia to a Staraptor (It learns Close Combat to get rid of the Lucario, which is part Steel), or use a Kadabra/Alakazam.

Maylene has got a Machoke, Meditite and Lucario in her arsenal, which are all pretty low-level if you have trained your Pokémon well enough.

She awards you the TM Drain Punch for beating her, as well as the Cobble Badge.

Gym 4 - Crasher Wake - Pastoria City Crasher Wake

Crasher Wake, or just shortened to Wake due to a character limit, trains Water Types in Pastoria City.

I would try a Grass type-Electric type combo for him, as you can pick on his Gyarados and Quagsire for 4x effective with these two types.

The gym operates around a system in which you have to find a path to the leader by altering the water levels, by pressing different coloured buttons.

Green= No Water, Orange= Medium Water, and Blue= Top Level Water.

Crasher Wake has a Quagsire, Floatzel and Gyarados in the battle, with Floatzel being at the highest level (Level 30).

Beat him, and you get the TM Brine, as well as the Fen Badge.

Gym 5 - Fantina - Hearthome City Fantina

Fantina is the leader of Hearthome Gym, the home of ghost types.

A suggested attack plan is one without normal or fighting types, especially the latter, as all three of her Pokémon learn Psychic type attacks. Try a Luxray with Crunch, and you should be OK.

In the gym, you must go up on elevating platforms, where you must answer questions correctly (the questions are written on the boards). You can use the Pokétch calculator if you wish to skip all of the trainers, but if you want to, you can battle them by deliberately taking the wrong door.

When you battle Fantina, she will have a Drifblim, which is hard to beat as it has very high HP, a Mismagius, which along with its amazing Special Attack, will use Shadow Ball alot, and a Gengar, which is difficult to beat anyway.

Win, and you receive the TM Shadow Claw, along with the Relic Badge.

Gym 6 - Byron - Canalave City Byron

Byron is the self-proclaimed king of Steel Types, and is also the father of Roark, and the son of the Underground Man.

In his gym, the 3-D effect is used particularly well, with the building on many levels. You have to take lifts up and down to find the red lift, which takes you directly to Byron.

I would use a mixture of Water and Fire types, as Steel is weak against Fire, but also, Steelix, one of Byron's Pokemon is part Ground as well.

Beating Byron earns you the TM Flash Cannon and the Mine Badge.

Gym 7 - Candice - Snowpoint City Candice

Candice is the ultimate Ice type trainer, living in the snowy city of Snowpoint. She is also the guardian of Snowpoint Temple.

In the gym, you have to battle most trainers, and to get to Candice, clear all of the snowballs in the centre of the gym, by sliding from as far away as possible at them to make them fall apart.

The suggested strategy for facing Candice is to use Fire Type Pokémon, but be wary: she does have a Medicham as well.

Candice's Pokémon are a Sneasel with blinding speed, Snover, which can be taken out easily with a good Fire type attack (4x effective), Medicham, which is easy for a Staraptor or a Flying type, and an Abomasnow, which is also easily taken out with a Fire type.

In reward, you are given the TM Avalanche, and the Icicle Badge.

Gym 8 - Volkner - Sunyshore City Volkner

Volkner is the final gym leader before the Elite 4, and is a master of the Electric type.

Volkner has apparently been bored with all of the weak challenges lately, so has been refurbishing his gym.

When you enter Sunyshore City, a person caled Flint (Yes, the Elite 4 member) tells you to battle Volkner to relight his passion for battling.

Before you enter the gym however, you must find him at the Lighthouse. This isn't like Gold, Silver and Crystal, so tehre are no trainers to battle to get to him.

Talk to Volkner at the top (person with bright blond hair) and he will return to the gym.

Volkner's gym consists of three rooms, each with passage ways to the other side which are controlled by buttons and gears.

You have to get to the third room and to the end, where Volkner is waiting to battle you.

You should really use an Ground type Pokémon, but since they aer hardly ever used in-game, your best bet is to go full out with a Special Attacker.

Volkner has only actually got two out of four of his team as electric types, Raichu and Luxray. The other Pokémon are Ambipom and Octillery.

Beat Volkner, and you get the TM Charge Beam and your final gym badge, the Beacon Badge.

Congratulations! You are ready to go to the Elite 4!

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WolfieMeeko88 on Mon 23 Mar 2009 00:24:56 UTC.
i didn`t get a Drifbloon every friday I got them every Wensday, my favorite day of the week.
oldname000-- on Mon 20 Apr 2009 01:11:01 UTC.
in pokemon platinum, you can refight them. (none of their pokemon are under lv.60)
on Fri 07 Aug 2009 11:44:59 UTC.
the 2nd gym is really hard cas i started of with piplup but good tip about ther starly :D:D:D:D
Shinymudkip on Wed 03 Feb 2010 23:20:19 UTC.
7 gym=hard with grass and flying pokemon :( :% X(
IvanWolf♄ on Mon 20 Dec 2010 20:45:39 UTC.
A Rapidash works really well for Maylene. And i beat Byron with an Espeon and a Vaporeon. (Yes, i got a female Espeon! and the Vaporeon is female too. Awesome, i know... lol!)
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