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The PKMN.NET Sprite Resource is a collection of Pokémon sprites for free usage. They can either be viewed and downloaded individually from the site, or downloaded in one convenient zip folder below.

Currently available is version 4.0.0. This contains the majority of sprites from the following games: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black, White, Mystery Dungeon, Mystery Dungeon 2, Pinball, Pinball RS and Trozei. As well as Trainer Sprites from all 5 generations. That enough for you?

Although this is a full release, we would still appreciate any comments, errors, requests or suggestions you have. This can be done via the forums.

Click HERE to download the whole Sprite Resource! (Approx 25MB)

Page written by Typhlosion.

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on Thu 30 Jul 2009 03:20:58 UTC.
Thanks for making this~
zorro1 on Sat 19 Sep 2009 14:09:20 UTC.
try0 on Fri 09 Oct 2009 00:12:14 UTC.
how about we trade
The Mudkip on Wed 23 Dec 2009 14:19:28 UTC.
Thats alot of sprites O_o
on Sun 10 Jan 2010 01:12:08 UTC.
There are a lot of sprites missing in the gscbacks.
on Sun 10 Jan 2010 01:16:55 UTC.
Never mind, I had an old version.
elvira on Thu 15 Jul 2010 19:17:23 UTC.
how do you download sprites?
on Mon 26 Jul 2010 14:38:04 UTC.
Das a lot of sprites
RioluRiku on Mon 20 Sep 2010 17:31:08 UTC.
Vegeta what Does the scouter say about the sprite database?
It's Awesome!!!
Wrong word vegeta.....
Gilderien on Sat 02 Oct 2010 14:56:31 UTC.
arceus forms seem to be missing for HGSS and BW, plus HGSS only has half the available frames :x

other than that, nice resource o_O
Joeno on Mon 04 Oct 2010 20:23:44 UTC.
Arceus' HGSS forms are the same as either its Platinum or its Diamond/Pearl ones, so including them twice is unnecessary
Spriter Neb on Thu 04 Nov 2010 01:07:06 UTC.
ARRRGGH Why a RAR file?!?!
warubiaru+castform on Mon 29 Nov 2010 01:36:21 UTC.
it won't work on my compooper! :(
OpalRhea on Mon 06 Dec 2010 14:02:28 UTC.
Does it include the Meta ones?
LeonardoROFLCOPTER on Sun 19 Jun 2011 19:10:47 UTC.
Great resource for splicing, thanks!
Zellogi on Mon 11 Jul 2011 22:39:57 UTC.
For the Trainer Sprites, you should include mugshots if you have them. :3 Other than that, great job on the collection.
blackphx on Wed 11 Jan 2012 02:25:48 UTC.
very impressive collection of the sprites, i actually looked at them all XD
Giopogi on Fri 06 Apr 2012 23:27:43 UTC.
thank you for all the sprites
SweetLuxray on Tue 22 May 2012 15:46:57 UTC.
My gawd that is a lot of sprites
TrainerRed on Mon 15 Oct 2012 00:28:03 UTC.
i saw all the sprites and i was like :D
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