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shadowdude on Fri 19 Mar 2010 00:08:05 UTC.
i wana see the one person with this shiny and NOT cheated for it, first btw =P
Cyrus Shadowclaw on Sat 15 May 2010 11:05:45 UTC.
... So do I... I want one! Perhps I'll get one when I get SS...
Gallade rulez on Sat 31 Jul 2010 18:35:35 UTC.
How would you get a shiny one???
Manaphy And Friends on Wed 12 Jan 2011 16:03:01 UTC.
Agreed. Is that really possible? Maybe its just a recolor.
SuperPizzaMario on Mon 03 Dec 2012 14:10:05 UTC.
It's impossible to get a shiny one (without cheating). Its nature is set to Naughty and it cannot be shiny.
steelix5150 on Sat 02 Feb 2013 18:51:18 UTC.
btw, that shiny is rare
hybridwolfchara12 on Sat 06 Apr 2019 22:28:35 UTC.
so cute :333
NJO ze bawnbawn on Wed 24 Jul 2019 17:39:33 UTC.
weird they even add a shiny Pichu to the games but no one can get it legitmally
Pokesilver22 on Tue 15 Dec 2020 16:57:36 UTC.
HOW?! HOW DO YOU GET ONE OF THOSE!? Can I get it in the originals?