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Stadium 1 and 2

Little Jimmy finds the batteries in his Game Boy are dead. In a frightened panic, Jimmy searches his house, but decides the batteries from Granny's Pace-maker might be a bit too dangerous. He eventually decides to use the incredibly useful yet amazing Pokémon Stadium 2 instead. You can too.

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Stadium One
Stadium One secrets (9751 views)
Early Screenshots (11055 views)
Pika Cup - Walkthrough We're going to walk through this! (44987 views)
Rental Pokémon - Pika Cup! Lv15 or under!! (12930 views)
Stadium Two
Stadium 2 Review (5945 views)
Stadium Two Secrets (6670 views)
Little Cup Dex (5259 views)
Stadium 2: Gym Leader Castle
Well there's only one way to find out...
Violet Gym (4712 views)
Azalea Gym (4745 views)
Goldenrod Gym (7254 views)
Ecruteak Gym (6393 views)
Cianwood Gym (5490 views)
Olivine Gym (5788 views)
Sentret questions

Hia, Sentret! I am working on my Pokemon Stadium 1, and I was wondering how to get mew and/or Mewtwo?
Sentret thinks like get them elsewhere? Sentret thinks like in the right places maybe.
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On my N64 pokemon stadium game, do I need to have 2 controllers to be able to plug in my transfer pak and a memory card at the same time? I've only had my N64 for a short time, so I still have a few things to learn about it.
Sentret thinks like maybe if there is no other way?
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