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Daily Events! You probably won't need a diary anymore now you've got an iPokégear.. (21789 views)
EV Hotspots! The long awaited sequel! (51947 views)
Hidden Grottos Santa? :o (34873 views)
IV Calculation & Checker The cousin to Eevee! (29972 views)
Medals Gotta polish 'em all!! (8367 views)
Move Tutors When TMs and HMs just aren't enough (11510 views)
New Breeding Mechanics For when a Mommy Pokémon and a Daddy Pokémon.. (56375 views)
New Items Gotta Find 'Em All! (51048 views)
Pokédex Completion Awards You need more just a piece of Poképaper! (14693 views)
Seasons I still prefer salt & pepper myself.. (6779 views)
TMs 2 & HMs 2! Because keeping them in the same place would just be too easy.. (8390 views)
Useful People Next in line to the Beautiful People.. (19216 views)
Version Differences - Places Because if it wasn't almost the same it'd be entirely the same.. (12526 views)