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MOVES: Low Kick

Number of Pokémon affected:1

Physical move (uses Attack and Defense)

In-game description: A powerful low kick that makes the foe fall over. It inflicts greater damage on heavier foes.

Move notes:
1st generation: 30% of flinching, power 50
Prior to DP: 90% Accuracy
The power of this move depends on its weight:
10kg or lower: 20
10-25kg: 40
25-50kg: 60
50-100kg: 80
100-200kg: 100
200kg or more: 120


Contest type:Tough

Contest description: Badly startles the Pokemon in front.

Contest notes:
Startles all Pokemon that have already appealed this turn.

Super Contests

Contest type:Tough

Contest description: A basic performance using a move known by the Pokémon.

Contest notes:
No side effects

TMs, HMs and Move Tutors

4Move Tutor
5Move Tutor

Type effectiveness

Learned by
Mankey--99996StartStartStart or from TMStartStart or from TM
Primeape--StartStartStartStartStartStartStartStart or from TMStartStart or from TM
Machop2020StartStartStartStartStartStartStart or from TMStartStart or from TM
MachokeStart20StartStartStartStartStartStartStart or from TMStartStart or from TM
MachampStart20StartStartStartStartStartStartStart or from TMStartStart or from TM
PonytaFrom eventFrom eventFrom eventFrom event----------By breedingBy breeding or from TM
RapidashFrom previous evolutionFrom previous evolutionFrom previous evolution------------By breedingBy breeding or from TM
Doduo----From eventFrom event--------------
Dodrio----From eventFrom event--------------
Sudowoodo----19191717999 or from TM98 or from TM
Electivire------------101010 or from TM118 or from TM
Riolu------------By breedingBy breedingFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding or from TM
Lucario------------By breedingBy breedingFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding or from TM
Bonsly------------999 or from TM98 or from TM
Lopunny------------By breedingBy breedingFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding or from TM
Buneary------------By breedingBy breedingFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding or from TM
Electabuzz------------101010 or from TM118 or from TM
Elekid------------101010 or from TM108 or from TM
Cacnea------------By breedingBy breedingFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding or from TM
Cacturne------------By breedingBy breedingFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding or from TM
Golduck----------------From TM---- or from TM
Drowzee----------------From TM---- or from TM
Hypno----------------From TM---- or from TM
Exeggutor----------------From TM---- or from TM
Cubone----------------From TM---- or from TM
Marowak----------------From TM---- or from TM
Hitmonlee----------------From TM---- or from TM
Hitmonchan----------------From TM---- or from TM
Kangaskhan----------------From TM---- or from TM
Magmar----------------From TM---- or from TM
Kabutops----------------From TM---- or from TM
Mewtwo----------------From TM---- or from TM
Mew----------------From TM---- or from TM
Typhlosion----------------From TM---- or from TM
Totodile----------------From TM---- or from TM
Croconaw----------------From TM---- or from TM
Feraligatr----------------From TM---- or from TM
Aipom----------------From TM---- or from TM
Snubbull----------------From TM---- or from TM
Granbull----------------From TM---- or from TM
Heracross----------------From TM---- or from TM
Sneasel----------------From TM---- or from TM
Ursaring----------------From TM---- or from TM
Tyrogue----------------From TM---- or from TM
Hitmontop----------------From TM---- or from TM
Tyranitar----------------From TM---- or from TM
Treecko----------------From TM---- or from TM
Grovyle----------------From TM---- or from TM
Sceptile----------------From TM---- or from TM
Combusken----------------From TMBy breedingBy breeding or from TM
Blaziken----------------From TMBy breedingBy breeding or from TM
Mudkip----------------From TM---- or from TM
Marshtomp----------------From TM---- or from TM
Swampert----------------From TM---- or from TM
Nuzleaf----------------From TM---- or from TM
Shiftry----------------From TM---- or from TM
Vigoroth----------------From TM---- or from TM
Slaking----------------From TM---- or from TM
Loudred----------------From TM---- or from TM
Exploud----------------From TM---- or from TM
Makuhita----------------From TM---- or from TM
Hariyama----------------From TM---- or from TM
Sableye----------------From TM---- or from TM
Aggron----------------From TM---- or from TM
Meditite----------------From TM---- or from TM
Medicham----------------From TM---- or from TM
Spinda----------------From TM---- or from TM
Zangoose----------------From TM---- or from TM
Armaldo----------------From TM---- or from TM
Kecleon----------------From TM---- or from TM
Deoxys----------------From TM---- or from TM
Chimchar----------------From TM---- or from TM
Monferno----------------From TM---- or from TM
Infernape----------------From TM---- or from TM
Ambipom----------------From TM---- or from TM
Croagunk----------------From TM---- or from TM
Toxicroak----------------From TM---- or from TM
Weavile----------------From TM---- or from TM
Magmortar----------------From TM---- or from TM
Gallade----------------From TM---- or from TM
Watchog------------------StartStart or from TM
Timburr------------------1212 or from TM
Gurdurr------------------1212 or from TM
Conkeldurr------------------1212 or from TM
Scraggy------------------StartStart or from TM
Scrafty------------------StartStart or from TM
Pansage------------------By breedingBy breeding or from TM
Simisage------------------By breedingBy breeding or from TM
Pansear------------------By breedingBy breeding or from TM
Simisear------------------By breedingBy breeding or from TM
Panpour------------------By breedingBy breeding or from TM
Simipour------------------By breedingBy breeding or from TM
Mienfoo------------------By breedingBy breeding or from TM
Mienshao------------------By breedingBy breeding or from TM
Torchic------------------By breedingBy breeding or from TM
Floatzel--------------------From TM
Pignite--------------------From TM
Emboar--------------------From TM
Patrat--------------------From TM
Audino--------------------From TM
Seismitoad--------------------From TM
Throh--------------------From TM
Sawk--------------------From TM
Krokorok--------------------From TM
Krookodile--------------------From TM
Carracosta--------------------From TM
Zoroark--------------------From TM
Fraxure--------------------From TM
Haxorus--------------------From TM
Cubchoo--------------------From TM
Beartic--------------------From TM
Golett--------------------From TM
Golurk--------------------From TM
Pawniard--------------------From TM
Bisharp--------------------From TM
Heatmor--------------------From TM
Meloetta--------------------From TM
Learned by (Forms)
Standard Deoxys----------------From TM
Attack Deoxys----------------From TM
Defense Deoxys----------------From TM
Speed Deoxys----------------From TM

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