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Once in a Mawile

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Advanced Battle
Japanese Title
Falling in Love with Mawile! Lombre's Flower Arrangement!
English Title
Once in a Mawile
This episode is essential viewing because:
Brock's Lombre evolves into Ludicolo.

Still edging to get to the next Gym, Ash and co sit down at a table to eat. Ash challenges May to a battle, but May refuses, she wants to eat. Brock challenges Ash instead, and Ash accepts (as usual). Ash sends out Torkoal and Brock sends out Lombre.

The battle begins. Torkoal seems to be winning, and when Torkoal uses a strong overheat attack; Lombre gets blasted into the air! It went far, and landed in the forest! In the forest, there lay a tired Lombre, Brock’s Lombre. Suddenly, a Mawile appeared and picked up Lombre. Mawile takes it to its trainer, a woman, and when Ash and co find them, Brock falls instantly in love!

The girl introduces herself as Sayura. Max pulls Brock away from Sayura by the ear, while Ash and May introduce themselves. Max and Ash think Mawile is great and Ash checks his Poke’dex for information. Mawile walks over to Lombre and Sayura tells Ash and co that Mawile has fell in love with Lombre.

Brock persuades Lombre to like Mawile and Brock walks over to Sayura, telling her that because her Poke'mon are getting along, why don’t they? Max pulls him away by the ear again!

Mawile tries to get close to Lombre, but Lombre just ignores it and walks away. Sayura thinks that Lombre doesn’t like Mawile, but Brock is quick to disagree with her and says that it’s probably just fooling around and he will have a word with it. While Brock talks to Lombre, Max hides behind him, listening to what is happening. When Brock notices him, Max apologises.

Lombre also apologises to Brock and goes to see Mawile. As much as Lombre tries, he just doesn’t like Mawile. Mawile kicks Lombre. Sayura starts to talk to Mawile, but May asks what the thing in Sayura’s bag was. Sayura says that they use it to dance with. Sayura and Mawile start to dance.

May preses the play button on the cassette player and she, as well as the rest of the gang are amazed. From behind, Team Rocket watches. They want to steal Mawile so they can give it to the boss for a fan and dancing entertainment.

Ash, May and Max are still amazed at Sayura’s performance, and Brock is begging Lombre to like Mawile. Brock see’s a bunch of flowers in the road and he runs to get them, but sadly, everyone falls down a hole.

Team Rocket takes Mawile as Ash and co try to get up onto the ground. When they do, Ash sends out Corphish. Brock tells Lombre to use Water Gun, but it refuses. Ash tells Corphish to use Bubblebeam. Seviper dodges and tries to grab Corphish. Brock tries to tell Lombre to help Corphish. Seviper uses Poison Tail on Lombre and it sends Lombre back.

Ash sends out Torkoal and it uses Flamethrower on Seviper, Seviper is out. Torkoal uses Overheat on Cacnea and it sends Team Rocket blasting off again. Mawile is safe. Sayura thanks Torkoal and Corphish, leaving Lombre jealous.

Corphish walks t Mawile and tries to flirt, although Mawile doesn’t like Corphish and attacks him. Sayura tries to talk to Mawile, but they see Corphish running after them. Corphish is then very upset because he see’s Mawile and Lombre together, he cries.

Sayura and Mawile are dancing for a huge crowd. But Team Rocket appear and do their motto. After that smoke appears and they run to grab Mawile, although they actually grab Lombre by mistake.

Team Rocket weep and Meowth says that the boss will like Lombre. Wobbufett comes out and starts to talk to Lombre. Lombre starts to dance and Ash and co appear.

Jessie sends out Dustox. Mawile makes Cacnea faint and Lombre attacks Dustox. Dustox gets ready to hit Mawile, and when it tries to, Lombre blocks it. Mawile keeps falling more and more in love with Lombre.

Brock tries to entertain the huge crowd, although he has little success. Sayura and Mawile take over. Backstage, Lombre is looking through Sayura’s backpack. He finds a waterstone. He uses it on himself and he evolves into a Ludicolo.

Ludicolo joins Sayura and Mawile dancing. Mawile no longer likes Ludicolo and starts chasing a Psyduck. Ludicolo and Brock are heartbroken.

Brock and Ludicolo start to dance, hoping they will find someone very soon.

This episode guide has been written by Water Master.

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jrs2260 on Sun 18 May 2008 00:17:44 UTC.
Great job Lombre! I know snoopin arounds not good,but come on!If it makes a Pokemon evolve it would be fine with me.

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