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Berry, Berry, Interesting

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Advanced Battle
Japanese Title
May Deliciously Captures Munchlax!
English Title
Berry, Berry, Interesting
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This episode is essential viewing because:
May catches a Munchlax.

On their way to their next stop, Ash and co are in the middle of a forest full all kind of berries. They admire all the berries and Pikachu grabs one and enjoys it. Ash also grabs one but Brocks warns him. But it's too late and Ash eats the berry and this one is extremely hot. So he burns his mouth and flames pour out of his mouth.

At the pokemon centre where Ash and co now are, Ash starts to talk with his swollen lips which scares Joy and she starts to scream. But they explain how Ash got it which calms Joy down. Of course Brock immediately starts to flirt with nurse Joy but as usual, Max pulls both of Brock's ears. May then asks nurse Joy to heal her pokemon and Brock and Ash want the same and she happily agrees to do so. Ash who is excited as always then drops his backpack on a nearby bench and says he'll train his Snorunt and runs out of the door. Pikachu follows Ash but slams against the door as it closes right in front of him. The door opens agains and Pikachu rolls on out of the pokemon center.

A few kids walk by and they overhear their conversation. Nurse Joy comments that they are berry blending there and May becomes excited and follows the kids into the next room.

Team Rocket in the meanwhile are cutting some bushes outside the pokemon center. They want to capture some pokemon soon but Meowth then starts to ly on the ground and looks at the floor and James and Jessie soon follow. As they stare at the beautiful blue sky and the white clouds something walks over them. Angrily they get up and notice Munchlax who just turns around and stares at Team Rocket. Team Rocket becomes more angry but Munchlax just walks away. Team Rocket quickly follow Munchlax past a window where Jessie suddenly notices something and James and Meowth walk up to Jessie who kneels in front of the window to peek into the room. Meowth wonders what she is looking at and Jessie tells them to look inside where they see a berry blending machine. Meowth then comes up with a plan and whispers it too Jessie and James who think it's a great idea!

Ash in the meanwhile trains with Snorunt and has created an aim point for Snorutn to train it's ice beam. But Snorunt misses the first time so Ash tells it to try again. Snorunt releases another ice beam which heads straight for the aim point but then it fires straight up in the air. Ash looks down as Pikachu and Snorunt look up and walk away. Ice looks up and sees how the ice beam heads for him and freezes him completely. Snorunt and Pikachu run up to Ash and the ice breaks. The two pokemon are happy to see that their trainer is ok.

Brock and Max in the meanwhile see how many kids blend their berries and look at the many berries on the table. They see how a kid throws different kind of berries in the blender in order to get the right pokeblocks. They blender starts to blend as nurse Joy walks up to them and talks to them. Brock of course starts to flirt again and drinks some milk with her in his imagination as Max sighs. May then walks into the room with a basket full of berries. Max and co look up to her and wonder if she knows how to blend the berries and she says she knows. Brock says it's important to write things down as he shows her a notebook. May happily shows them a piece of paper with the way how to blend a berry which shocks Max.

May immediately sits down behind a machine with the basket of berries next to her. She grabs some berries as Brock, Max and nurse Joy look at her weirdly, as she keeps chopping the berries into small pieces, including the red berry that burned Ash's mouth before. She puts the pieces in the blender and puts the blender on. Proudly May waits till the purple blocks come out of the machine. May is happy with the results and both Max and Brock taste the block. They happily chew on the block but the result is bad and they dislike the taste of the blocks. May is shocked about the fact that they don't like it and they explain why. May then becomes more passionate to find somebody who does like the pokeblocks she made.

In the meantime Ash is still trying to teach Snorunt how to control ice beam but Snorunt still can't control it. The ice beams are still fired out of the forest and they don't hit the target which angers Ash. As Pikachu and Snorunt walk away once again, Ash gets hit by the ice beam once again and it breaks immediately.

Munchlax in the meanwhile is walking around and notices a smell and walks into the pokemon center. Inside the pokemon center, we see all of Ash, Brock and May's pokemon with a lot of pokeblocks in front of them. May happily tells them to eat as Pikachu chews on the purple blocks and freaks out. The same happens with Torkoal, Swellow, Combusken, Ludicolo and Grovyle. May freaks out about the fact that nobody likes her pokeblocks but Max comments saying that Corpish seems to like her blocks but at the same time Corpish falls on the ground. None of the pokemon seem to like the blocks and they are all returned to their pokeballs. May is saddened but Joy tries to cheer her up. Then Munchlax appears and eats the entire bowl of purple pokeblocks which makes May very happy. May asks Munchlax if it wants more and it happily agrees, making May more and more happy.

Jessie and James then drop by in disguise and everybody in the room looks at them. They hide behind the desk and tell each other that they can get Pikachu too. Joy then asks who they are and what they want and they reply saying they are experts on pokeblocks. All the kids become excited and in the meanwhile Meowht and Wobbuffet crawl over the floor into the room and grab some pokeblocks and disappear. In the meantime, Jessie eats some pokeblocks and compliments a boy on the pokeblock saying it tasts good. James tasts another pokeblock and thinks it's also good, which makes the boy cheer. May is up next and gives both Jessie and James a purple pokeblock and calls them "May's Delicous". Both of them eat the block and James thinks it's aweful but Jessie actually likes the pokeblock which shocks everybody in the room.

A boy in the room then shouts and tells them that all the pokeblocks are gone as Jessie and James grin to each other. They wonder who did this as they start to accuse Munchlax of it. Nurse Joy tries to stop them and to calm them down as Jessie and James grin. Jessie and James also accuse Munclax and May tries to defend Munchlax. When she looks down at Munchlax, she notices it's walking out of the room. The kids follow the pokemon and May and co soon follow as Team Rocket grins once more.

Munchlax is now outside and starts to eat some berries but soon the kids appear behind him. May follows soon thereafter and stands in front of Munchlax and tries to save the Munchlax from those kids. May tells them Munchlax won't do it again and asks Munchlax if she's right but it just keeps eating. The kids are still angry with Munchlax and May tells them she'll catch the Munchlax so it won't do it again and she'll catch it because it liked her blocks. Nurse Joy comments it's a good idea.

May then throws out a pokeball which reveals her Combusken. She turns around to fight the Munchlax but she notices it's gone. It seems that Munchlax is up in the tree eating some berries. May is more anxious to catch it and tries to lure it out of the tree with one of her purple pokeblocks. Max wonders if it will work and it does seem to work since Munchlax jumps out of the tree in front of May. May gives Munchlax the pokeblock and tells Combusken to attack now. Combusken releases a flamethrower attack but it seems that Munchlax is already gone and they search for it. It then appears behind May and it appears to want more pokeblocks as it puts his hands in front of May. May asks if it wants more pokeblocks and it happily agrees. She pushes Munchlax in front of the tree and tells Combusken to use sky uppercut but Munchlax leans backwards and Combusken misses and hits his head against a treebranch. Combusken falls on the floor and May asks if it's okay. Munchlax then appears to have fallen asleep on the ground! May wakes it up and gives it another pokeblock and it's ready to battle now. Combusken goes for another sky uppercut but unfortunately he misses again and smashes his head against a treebranch once more as Munchlax enjoys a nice berry.

Team Rocket in the meanwhile is blending some berries in the machine. They're happy their plan succeeded but Jessie plans on catching a pokemon too. In the meantime James bites into one of the berries and it's the same as Ash ate before and he releases some flames and burns his lips. He runs through the wall and ends up right in front of Ash and co. The bag with pokeblocks are seems to have been shredded and pokeblocks fall out of it. Jessie appears behind Ash and co and runs through the group while catching Pikachu in a net. They do their motto to introduce themselves and Meowth drops by with the balloon, allowing them to escape with Pikachu and the many pokeblocks. May tells Combusken to use flamethrower which nearly fries Team Rocket and Jessie lets go of Pikachu and it jumps out of the balloon safely. Jessie's bag with pokeblocks also shreds and the pokeblocks fall out of the bag and Munchlax jumps up in the air and starts to eat all of them. In the balloon, Munchlax eats all of the blocks while his head is in the bag as Jessie tries to save the pokeblocks. A lot of struggling takes place in the balloon and the bag falls out of the balloon and Munchlax jumps after it. May runs up and tries to catch Munchlax and she does but she ends up in a hole in the ground because of Muchlax's heavy weight. Ash then calls out for Snorunt and to use ice beam and so it does. The ice beam heads straight for the balloon but right before it raeches it, it goes vertical up in the air and hits the tree, making it freeze completely. Team Rocket is happy to see that Snorunt missed but the icy branches stick into the balloon and pecks a hole in it. It also hits the gas regulator and the balloon explodes, blasting Team ROcket off once again as pokeblocks fall out of the sky into munchlax's mouth who wants to eat all of the blocks.

As Munchlax tries to catch all the falling pokeblocks, everybody advises May to catch Munchlax now since it's really busy now. So May grabs a pokeball and throws it at Munchlax who opens its mouth and eats the pokeball! Everybody is shocked by this and May is slightly saddened since she just can't catch it but then the pokeball that is inside Munchlax absorbs Munchlax into the pokeball and the ball shakes for a while and then it stops and May has caught Munchlax! May happily holds the pokeball as the episode ends..

This episode guide has been written by shinymay.

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