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Hi Ho Silver Wind!

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Advanced Battle
Japanese Title
Begin! Grand Festival! (1)
English Title
Hi Ho Silver Wind!
This episode is essential viewing because:
May, Drew and Harley enter the Grand Festival and all proceed to the second round.

The day has come for the Grand Festival, and May is very excited! Ash and co stand in front of the place where the Grand Festival is taking place and stare. May presents her I.D. card to the register desk, and her Poke'mon are registered and her ribbons are checked. Ash and co look for their accommodation, and they love it! A woman covers May’s eyes, and when she pulls her hand away, May sees that it’s her mother, Caroline! Max is so happy!

In their accommodation room, Ash and co look at books, but a small crowd appears outside. In the centre of the crowd are Norman and another woman; however one of the people see that that isn’t Norman, but it is Jessie and James in disguise.

Ash and co enter a training arena, and May sends out all of their Poke'mon. Caroline looks at Beautifly and Beautifly lands on her hand. Ash sends out his Snorunt and starts to train it up. Ash tells Snorunt to use Ice Beam, although Snorunt just freezes Ash!

Munchlax is standing there, staring at a Zigzagoon being fed Poke’blocks. The Zigzagoon’s trainer throws a Poke’block and Munchlax eats it. May and Max run to Munchlax, and apologise to Zigzagoon’s trainer straight away! Caroline just laughs.

Drew, an old friend of May suddenly walks past. May and Drew start to shout at each other about who’s going to win. As usual, Drew flicks his hair forward. He starts to point a red rose at May and boast more. A noise comes from the right. May and Drew turn their heads to look.

There stands Harry, May’s contest rival from the Izabe Island contest. Harry says hi and walks closer to May and Drew. Being taller, Harry kneels down to May and Drews’ height. Harry starts talking about the Grand Festival and how he’s competing. He then grabs May’s arms. Drew is shocked and Harry looks to the right. He sees a tent. Norman and the woman (James and Jessie) are near the tent and a young girl is handing them her Espeon. Inside the tent is a lot of Poke'mon in cages. Team Rocket plan to give them to the Boss. The will be rich!

Harry tells May that Norman near, and May is shocked along with Ash, Brock, Max and Caroline. Ash, May, Max, Brock and Caroline run to the front of the crowd and see Norman and the woman (James and Jessie).

May tells Beautifly to attack and the attack blows away the tent and Team Rockets costume. Meowth was revealed from inside the tent, standing next to a lot of Poke'mon in cages. The crowd are shocked, as well as angry! Meowth presses a button and Meowth, Jessie, James and the caged Poke'mon rise up into the air on a helicopter type machine. Pikachu uses thunderbolt and Team Rocket are once again fried.

All of the caged Poke'mon and their cages fall off the helicopter and onto the floor. Beautifly flies up and attacks Team Rocket, they blast off into the sky! Harry is most amazed. Now, all of the trainers must make their way to the first round, and show the judges one attack.

Inside the stadium, a trainer sends out his Zigzagoon. Another trainer called Robert had returned with his Milotic. Drew sends out Roselia and Harry sends out Cacture. It’s now May’s turn; she comes on and sends out Beautifly. After many attacks and an attempt to impress the judges, May calls Beautifly back. Ash, May, Max, Brock, Caroline, Pikachu, Harry and Drew watch the huge screen above the Grand Festival stadium. A lot of pictures appear on the screen. On the first line is Drew. Harry and May watch, hoping they will appear on the screen. Nexy, May’s picture appears, and then Harry’s. May and Harry cheer. Harry and May look at each other and smile, hoping that they will do well in the Grand Festival!

This episode guide has been written by Water Master.

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