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Like A Meowth To Flame

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Advanced Battle
Japanese Title
Ever Grande City Arrival! Meowth in Boots?
English Title
Like A Meowth To Flame
This episode is essential viewing because:
The group arrive in Ever Grande City.

The Hoenn League has finally come! Ash and co are nearly at Evergrande city, and as normal, Ash is excited about training his Poke'mon and winning the Hoenn league. May starts telling Ash, Max and Brock about the delicious food she expects in Evergrande city. Ash, Max and Brock wonder about May, and what she is talking about!

Behind the boat that Ash and co are on, Team Rocket are in their Magikarp submarine. Jessie knows that the Hoenn League is about to begin, and starts to plot how they can steal the Poke'mon.

After arriving in the Evergrande city town centre, May starts talking to herself about the food. Ash asks May where she heard all this about the food, and May pulls out a food guidebook. Brock looks at the book, and says that there is a definitely a nice restaurant in town. May grabs her book back from Brock, and tells everyone that they must get there straight away!

Max tells the gang that he is tired, May tells Max to be patient. While Brock talks to May, a flock of Murkrow start to look at Ash and co. Brock takes the guidebook, and tries to find the restaurants location, but Ash and co suddenly get attacked by a flock of Murkrow. One of the Murkrow grabs the guidebook with its beak.

A Meowth jumps in front of them. The Meowth uses slash on the Murkrow and it scares the Murkrow away. May first thinks that Team Rocket’s Meowth is saving them, but just then, the Murkrow return and the trainer shouts to his Meowth to use Slash. The Murkrow’s fly away.

Ash and co look up, to see the trainer and his Meowth. The Meowth is in boots and a hat. Ash and co thank him.

Looking at May’s guidebook, he tells them the name of the restaurant. He also introduces himself as Tetsia.

Ash, Tetsia and co is in the food shop. Tetsia tells Ash he is participating in the Hoenn league. Ash is surprised, and starts telling Tetsia how powerful his Meowth is. Looking up from his food, Tetsia asks Brock if he is a breeder, Brock replies with a yes. Tetsia’s Meowth was bred from a Persian. Tetsia looks at the clock, it is 10 to 1!

Tetsia quickly eats his dinner, and then rushes off. Ash and co follow him, asking where he’s going. Tetsia replies, saying that he’s going to the Poke'mon centre to prepare for the upcoming ceremony. Brock explains to May about the Poke'mon League ceremony, as he knows all about it.

Outside of the Poke'mon centre, Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy and Mr Goodshow are standing. They are waiting for the Poke'mon League fire.

Inside the bushes, Team Rocket sits. Team Rocket’s Meowth thinks that Giovanni would love to have the Poke'mon league fire! Jessie and James think that stealing the Poke'mon League fire is a great idea and agree to steal it!

Ash, Tetsia and co runs to Mr Goodshow. Tetsia introduces himself and says that he’s ready to deliver the Poke'mon League Fire. Ash and co say hi to Mr Goodshow.

Mr Goodshow seems to know May’s name and May wonders why? Mr Goodshow says that he saw her at the Grand Festival. May is so happy, she’s famous! Mr Goodshow also know’s Norman, May and Max’s father!

The flame arrives, Tetsia holds it. With Officer Jenny escorting him, Tetsia starts to run with the flame. Team Rocket’s Meowth is watching Tetsia and his Meowth. He feels intimidated. A Limousine appears to carry Mr Goodshow. Mr Goodshow offers Ash and co a ride in the limo. They gladly accept.

In the limo, you can see the Poke'mon stadium. Ash and co are surprised to see how big it is. May starts talking about the food there and everyone looks at May. The limousine arrives at the stadium.

Ash registers his Poke'mon, but Brock is missing. He is flirting with Nurse Joy. Max pulls him away by the ear. Tatsia is still running with the flame. Ash is talking to Professor Oak by videophone. He is very proud of Ash and says that his Poke'mon have worked very hard.

Once Ash finishes talking to Oak, the emergency bell rings. Ash runs to Tetsia and asks what is wrong. He says that Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny stole the flame!

The Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny that stole the flame jump into a Meowth head balloon. They turn out to be Jessie and James. Ash and co, Tetsia and Mr Goodshow arrive.

Jessie and James do their Motto. Pikachu uses thunder, but Team Rocket’s Meowth stops it with an umbrella! Tetsia sends out Metagross. Metagross tries to use psychic, but the balloon is strong enough to resist. Ash sends out Glalie and its uses Ice Beam. It freezes the balloon. Now Metagross uses Psychic to lower them down. Ash jumps onto Team Rocket’s balloon.

The flame defrosts Team Rocket and they try to stop Ash from getting it. The flame falls off the balloon, and Team Rocket throws their Meowth to catch it. Tetsia asks his Meowth to grab the fire. Team Rocket’s Meowth gets jealous and wants to show Tetsia’s Meowth whose boss. Team Rocket’s Meowth uses Slash on Tetsia’s Meowth, but he fails. Tetsia’s Meowth attacks Team Rockets Meowth, and sends Team Rocket’s Meowth blasting off!

As Ash jumps off Team Rocket’s balloon, Metagross uses Psychic on him to lower him down to safety. Tetsia’s Meowth uses Thunderbolt on Team Rocket, and they go blasting off again!

The flame is now delivered to Mr Goodshow and the vault. Mr Goodshow thanks them, and Tetsia wishes Ash a lot of luck in his battles.

This episode guide has been written by Water Master.

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