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From Brags To Riches

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Advanced Battle
Japanese Title
Opening! Ever Grande Tournament!
English Title
From Brags To Riches
This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash, Morrison and Tetsuya advance to the next round of the Hoenn League.

Ash and Pikachu are running through the forest. They are both trying to become stronger for the upcoming Poke'mon League event. Max is looking at his Poke'nav. When Ash turns up at the Poke'mon Centre, Ash asks Max what he’s doing. Max says that he’s checking out badge pages in his Poke’nav. Brock is daydreaming about Nurse Joy.

Nurse Joy picks up the microphone and announces the upcoming tournament. She announces rules. Ash and Masamune agree to the rules, Nurse Joy than says that the first round will be a double battle.

Masamune battles first, and Ash, Tetsia and co are sitting in the stands. Tetsia and May are eating donuts. Masamune’s opponent is strong and well built. May stares at him. Masamune sends out Gligar and Growlithe. Her opponent brings out Marowak and Machamp. Masamune and her opponent are both showing off their muscles to the crowd while the Referee is announcing the rules.

Growlithe attacks Marowak with fire. But Marowak grabs hold of Growlithe. Masamune tells Gligar to help Growlithe, but her opponents Machamp blocks Gligar. Growlithe uses flamethrower on Marowak, but Marowak blocks the attack with its bone. Machamp uses Dynamic Punch on Gligar. Gligar falls down, but gets back up.

Gligar uses fly on Machamp. Marowak uses Bonemarrang on Growlithe and Growlithe falls down, but still doesn’t give up. Growlithe uses flamethrower on Marowak. Marowak hits Growlithe with Bonemarrang.

Inside the Hoenn League food warehouse, Team Rocket are sitting their, upset because they didn’t sell their food. The man in charge of food at the Hoenn League tournament walks in and starts screaming at them. James tries to tell him that they are from Team Rocket, but he just won’t believe them! Team Rocket gives in and carries on selling food.

Masamune and her Poke'mon are still trying to beat the very strong opponent. Gligar starts to fly around Machamp and is blinding it. Gligar hits Machamp, leaving Machamp fainted. Growlithe tries a flamethrower, but Marowak jumps very high, and hits Growlithes head. Growlith faints.

Marowak uses an ice beam on Gligar, freezing it’s wings, but Gligar can still fly. Gligar uses Iron tail and it makes Marowak faint. Masamune is the winner. Masamune hugs Gligar.

After Masamune’s battle finishes, Ash and Pikachu go for another run in the woods. But they fall into a trap. Team Rocket do their motto, but they are stopped when the man in charge of food comes out and tells them to get back to work, quickly, they do. Ash wonders what is up!

Now it’s Ash’s battle. Ash sends out Corphish and Torkoal. His opponent sends out Tropius and Swalot. Max and May stare at the Tropius and May checks them on her Poke'dex.

Tropius starts the match with a fly attack. While in air, it uses a razor leaf, but Corphish uses harden, Torkoal is also protected. Tropius uses bullet seed on Torkoal, but it is still protected. Swalot uses sludge on Corphish. May, Max, Brock, Masamune and Tetsia look worried for Ash.

Tropius uses whirlwind on Torkoal. Torkoal uses overheat, and it hits Tropius, a second try is dodged by Tropius though. Tropius prepares a Solar Beam. While it is taking in sunlight, Ash tells Torkoal to use overheat. The Solar Beam and overheat collide, causing an explosion, both Tropius and Torkoal faint.

Swalot attacks Corphish and Corphish is sent flying back. As Corphish lies on the floor, Swalot jumps on top of it. Swalot uses Shadow Ball on Corphish, it knocks Corphish back. Corphish tries Crabhammer yet agin, but it just isn’t working on Swalot. Corphish grabs onto Swalot and uses bubblebeam. Swalot faints.

Ash is declared the winner, May, Max, Brock, Tetsia and Masamune are happy. Masamune wants to fight Ash. Team Rocket are being treated to food by the Hoenn League tournament food boss!

As Ash and Masamune argue about who is the best, the episode ends.

This episode guide has been written by Water Master.

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