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A Hurdle For Squirtle

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Advanced Battle
Japanese Title
Pok�mon Contest! Saffron Conference! (Part 2)
English Title
A Hurdle For Squirtle
This episode is essential viewing because:
May wins the Saffron City Pok�mon Contest.

In the dark-ish arena the host of the contest, Lilian, the host, is in the centre of the arena, as the crowd go mad, Lilian flashes the Saffron Ribbon, while she goes on talking about the contest and the ribbon etc. May looks up at a screen in the waiting room with the other contestants, May looks down at squirtle who is in her arms, and says some words to Squirtle which make Squirlte look evil! Harley then comes up and touches May's shoulder, May turns around to see what looks like Harley pleading with her. Harley then says something which seems to anger May, Harley then looks pleased as May gives him an angry look, Squirtle to! May then tells Harley what seems to be that she is going to win the contest, Harley waves his finger in disagreement, then talks about how he is going to win the contest.

Back in the arena Lilian is speaking to the crowd, she then introduces the three judges, Contesta, Sukiso and Nurse Joy. Brock jumps and falls in love with Nurse joy (what else is new?) Max looks astounded (dosent he get used to it?). Lilian then asks the crowd some questions, they chear. James and Meowth are watching in the crowd, James seems to worried about his Cacnea (Lilycove contest anyone?). Harley then takes the stage, as he blows kisses to the crowd and send out Cacturne. Cacturne then unleashes an attack that looks like cotton spores, the crowd seems to be realy exited. Each individual spore starts floating in a circle as Harley orders his Cacturne to use Needle arm. Cacturne approaches the spores, Lilian, the crowd and the judges are watching in antisipation. Harley smirks as he clicks his fingers, tiny webs then emerge from Cacturns body which pierce through all of the spores, The crowd goes wild, and so does Lilian, the crowd are chearing with happy looking faces, Ash, Brock and Max are suprised at the attack.

May is watching in the waiting room looking worried, Squirtle is huggling into her, with a worried face. The judges then seem to give Harley a pretty high score.

After seeing many appeals by many pokemon including, A pidgeot, A vileplume's stun spore, Alakazam's psychic and a Tangela's vine whip, Jessie enters the stage wearing the same outfit as the lilycove contest, still with the short hair, James and Meowth cheer for her from the stands. Jessie then sends out Cacnea, who looks realy evil! Jessie and Cacnea then charge for eachother, Ash, Brock and Max watch as Cacnea hugs Jessie. May and Squirtle are shocked at this, as well as Lilian. Jessie starts to feel the pain from Cacnea's hug. The crowd are astonished as they watch, Meowth and James start to cry!, Ash and Brock put on sad faces and Max watches. Max then starts to feel upset, Pikachu then scratches his ear (0.o).

Lilian leaps up with tears in her eyes, she then starts talking (dosen't she ever shut up) while Jessie Hugs cacnea, the crowd then start to cry as well.

It seems that Jessie is in real pain! She then screams out as Cacnea uses pin missle, while aiming up. The pins collide with the roof and they smash into peices, making it look like confetti!, The crowd look amazed (they can stop crying pretty quick can't they?) all the shards fall around Jessie and Cacnea as they hug.

In the locker room May is looking determand as Squirtle looks up at the screen. In the crowd James and Meowh are amazed at Jessie's performance . The Judges seem to be amazed as well, Lilian then looks as Jessie is paralysed with pain while hugging cacnea. Lilian then goes up to Jessie and pokes her!! Jessie then falls down to the floor like a log. A chansey then rushed Jessie off on a stretcher.

Lilian then looks embarassed as she talks to the crowd, May then enters the stage with Squirtle. Ash and co cheer for May. Squirtle looks confused and seems to have stage fright, May tries to reasure Squirtle. Squirtle then looks determand as May throws a pokeball to reveal Combusken as it cartwheels n mid air (great enterance!).

Back on the ground, May throws her bandana at combusken, Who uses fire spin to lift it to the roof, Combusken leaps up and uses sky uppercut over and over again to put the Bandana back into the shape it is when May wears it, It then lands on May's head as Combusken comes down and does a pose with May. The crowd are amazed (like they always are), Lilian seems exited at May's and Combusken's performance.

Squirtle watches from the side lines looking amazed as the lil Kawaii eyes shine. Back in the crowd, Ash and co look very exited!

In the locker room Harley is leaning againts a locker looking like he's up to something...

Lilian, in the centre of the arena, calls out the names of the semi finalists, including May, Harley and Jessie. James and Meowth are Happy that Jessie is in the finals. Max seems releived that May got into the finals, Lilian then presents the screen as the semi finilists get paired up, Harley will have to face Jessie and May will have to face a random person. James and Meowth sound a bit concerned about the match ups. May looks determand as she looks up at the screen in the locker room. Squirtle looks happy though.

Behind May, Harley makes a comment as he tells May what seems like the classic 'you know I'm going to win' line that others have said, May corrects him as an egyption-mummy like figure walks in, Harley looks scared out of his mind, the mummy then reaches for it's head and takes of the bandages which reveals it to be Jessie. Harley looks like he always does (determand, but i think you are annoyed of me saying that), Both Harley and Jessie point at May and seem to tell her that they are going to win, May then seems to argue the point.

In the Arena, Lilian is talking to the crowd, she then reveals that the match between Jessie and Harley is about to begin! The battle begins with Harley sending out Ariados and Jessie sending out Wobbuffet. May seems concerened about Ariados, James and Meowth are suprised that Jessie sent out Wobbuffet, so are Ash and co. Jessie thinks to herself as Ariados and Wobbuffet glare at eachother. Jessie imagines Ariados attacking Wobbuffet, who used counter to knock out Ariados, Harley seems a bit worried about the fact that wobbuffet can counter any attack.

May is in the locker room (she loves that place!), watching the battle on a screen, while two people are watching it as well. May looks worried and so does little Squirtle. Brock seems to be concerend as well. The Judges look at eachother worrily. Jessie then says something, Wobbuffett replies even though it was directed at Harley, because Harley smirks and says something back. Lilian then holds up two cards and each of their points are halved, they both seem astounded! Lilian then waves her finger. The Judges show their first ever sign of individualism, being disapointed by something that wasnt an appeal! Jessie and Harley then start a huge argument! Lilian threatens to disquialify them both, Harley then pleads to Lilian, who smirks!, Harley then gets an idea, he orders Ariados to use string shot, Jessie orders a counter, which wobbuffett does (it looks alot better now), the counter fails and Wobbuffett is tied up, Jessie seems shocked, Harley then explains to Jessie about how it would'nt work, (probably because string shot doesent damage) Harley then commands Ariados to use Wobbuffett as string puppet, which looks Hilarious! With only 2 minutes and 50 seconds left, Jessie's points fall down to about a third, Harley makes strange moves, Ariados does the same moves and Wobbuffett is forced to. The crowd cheers (is that all they do?), The judges seems to be impressed (what dosent impress them though?), Harley and Ariados continue the strange moves, which consist of them moving their legs realy high into the air and doing a hand stand. Jessie seems shocked, as there is nothing she can do. Brock, Ash and Max seem worried for wobbuffett (first time they worried about team rocket?) Max seems to be impressed by Harley and Ariados.

Back in the famous locker room, May is watching Harley do the moves, as well as Ariados. She looks realy worried now, Jessie's points then fall to about an eigth, James and Meowth are realy worried now. Jessie tries to order an attack to Wobbuffet but Wobbuffett can't attack seeing as it is tied up, Harley orders Ariados to finish it off, Ariados flings Wobbuffett into the air, it lands on Ariados' back, Jessie's points fall to 0. Harley and Ariados are declared the winner, Harley jumps up in joy! Jessie falls to her knees dissapointed as she gradually goes white and falls to the floor, the same happens to James and Meowth. May's Squirtle then knockes out a crobat with a bubble, Harley's Ariados sticks a Walrein to a web. The crowd cheer as the battles continue. Squirtle knocks out a weepinbell with a tackle, Max, Ash and Brock seem to be impressed. The pairings for the final are now on the screen, May will have to face Harley (dun dun dun!) Lilian announces that the final between Harley and May will begin, both competetors are standing on either side of the arena, Lilian introduces them both, Brock looks concerned in the stands, while Ash and Max seem exited. Lilian then begins the match, the crowd cheers (it hasn't even begun yet..). May sends out Squirtle, Harley sends out Ariados, Harley then orders Ariados to use string shot, Ariados turns around and the string comes out of it's backside and latches to the roof, Ariados swings round, Ariados is now hanging infront of Squirtle, Ariados scares Squirtle with a scay face. Squirtle falls on it's back and roles over to may, Squirtle is lying on the floor, May calls over to Squirtle, who then stands up as Lilian seems to be amazed that Squirtle got up. Lilian then gives an evil face as May orders Squirtle to use Ice beam, Squirtle loses it's balance while charging it up, May seems worried as Squirtle flies back, the beam is fired and Ariados jumps up to dodge it, Ash and Brock are amazed. Squirtle is now on it's back, it seems like it can't get up, Harley then begins to laugh and then adds a comment, May argues the comment (arguementative isn't she), Squirtle then moves around trying to get back up, Harleyu tells Ariados to use string shot, which it does and it hits Squirtle straight in the center of the stomach, Ariados then lifts up Squirtle, who seems to be crying out to May. May seems worried, now that Squirtle is in between Ariados' fangs, Lilian is looking up in amazment. May's points fall by a third, Brock and Max are worried but Ash and Pikachu call out to Squirtle and May. Harley then commands a spider web, Ariados fires spiderwebs all over the contest hall, Lilian is impressed by the glittering webs which have covered the whole roof, the crowd cheer yet again. Harley orders Ariados to Swing Squirtle around, Squirtle calls out to May, sounding realy scared! Squirtle then falls down and lands on one of the nets.

Lilian is realy impressed now, May is realy worried and calls out to Squirtle, who is struggling to free itself from the net, May's points then fall to about a third, while Harley has all his points left!, Ariados then crawls onto the web and approaches Squirtle, Squirtle is realy scared as Ariados runs towards it, May then orders a bubble, which Squirtle does, Ariados walks straight through it, May is realy shocked! while Lilian is still Impressed, May's points then fall to a sixth. Max then calls out to May, so do Ash and Pikachu. Ariados crawls further to Squirtle, as it panics like mad. May then starts to think, May then remembers Squirte using ice beam and Ariados jumping to dodge it, May then gets exited and orders Squirtle to use Ice beam, Squirtle does so and the web under Squirtle breaks, Ariados gets frozen solid!, with one pupil larger then the other it looks quite funny! Lilian is impressed, but this time at May and Squirtle, the whole arena is covered in shiny web with a frozen Ariados in the middle, how pretty! Harley's points fall to just more then half, May seems excited, Harley gets worried, Ash, Brock and Max stand up in excitement, May orders a bubble. Squirtle leaps onto the web and fires a bubble, they hit and break the ice, Ariados slides back but Harley calls out to Ariados and Ariados regains it's balance, then loses it again and starts sliding, Squirtle then surfs down the web and hits Ariados hard, Ariados falls to the ground knocked out, Squirtle falls down and lands on Ariados and does a pose, showing it's 'biceps', Squirtle screams out sounding realy proud, all the judges then declare Ariados as knocked out and that May is the winner, Lilian then anounces May as the winner (you knew it was gonna happen), May then stands up realy happy, Squirtle runs over to May happily, May crouches down as Squirtle leaps into her arms, both of them realy happy. May then congradulates Squirtle as it snuggles into her, Ash and co are happy at this. Harley recalls his fainted Ariados, while sounding angry, Harley then walks off.

In the center of the arena, May, Lilian and the three judges are there, Lilian gives May the ribbon as Combusken and Squirtle both look realy happy. The crowd then clap and cheer, then May does he classic new ribbon pose, both Squirtle and combusken look realy happy now,

Outside of the contest hall, Ash and co are congratulating May, May seems realy determinded for the next contest, Ash then gets psyched about the Battle Arena, they then leave the hall for the battle Arena and new adventures!...

This episode guide has been written by Ryu Shoji.

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Mikeysimon67 on Wed 10 Sep 2008 16:59:48 UTC.
if i were in that mummy scene i woulda screamed

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