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Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Resurrection!? Fossil Pokémon!
English Title
Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon
Spanish Title
El ataque de los Pokémon prehistóricos
French Title
L'attaque des Pokémon préhistoriques
Italian Title
Avventure preistoriche
German Title
Angreifer aus der Urzeit
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash's Charmeleon evolves into Charizard.

Ash finds a mysterious Pokémon Egg which Brock starts to look after.

Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu find themselves in Grandpa Canyon. They spot a bunch of people walking in a line. Ash wonders what they're doing with picks and shovels. Gary comes right up to them, wearing a lot of digging gear. He said Ash is late as always, as well as clueless. Ash asks him why he's dressed the way he is. Gary says it's for the Pokémon Discovery and something about the Fossil Rush. Gary's fan club does a cheer. Gary says he'll find all the fossils.

Ash says he'll get a fossil before Gary even starts digging. Brock says it doesn't feel right digging up these fossils after they've been in the ground so long. Misty says after that long, she'd probably want some fresh air. Ash says her brain is the only thing that needs fresh air.

It's Jigglypuff! It hops up onto a rock, still holding the black marker from the previous episode, but Ash and the others are already gone. It puffs up, angry.

Everyone is digging! Gary does and finds something. His fan club does a cheer. Some weird guy examines the fossil. Gary says it's probably the brain from an extinct Pokémon, but the guy says Gary found fossilized Pokémon manure.

Ash, Misty and Brock wonder why no one can find any fossils. Then they see Meowth. He's facing away from them on a cliff above them and saying how humans are undependable. Jessie and James jump up from behind a rock. They say their lines. Meowth gets mad and hits them both with a mallet, saying something about them having to plant some dynamite. Jessie hits him, saying they already have. James says they'll blow the place to smithereens and get all the Pokémon fossils! Brock says all the people are going to get caught in the blast!

Ash says he and Pikachu will take care of Team Rocket, while Misty and Brock go to warn everyone. Jessie says Ash is too late, the fuse is already lit. Ash brings out Squirtle and tells it to put out the fuse, but it keeps missing. It chases after the fuse. Jessie and James send out Arbok and Weezing. They have to keep it lit. They all chase after the fuse down a long path. Squirtle still can't put it out. James tells Weezing to use Sludge, then he runs into Jessie, they all fall and start rolling down the trail. They hit Ash and Squirtle and they all fall down the cliffs. They land in a big tangle.

The fuse goes right by Ash. It's only a few feet from the dynamite and they're all too tangled up to run! Pikachu gets free and tries shocking it. Bad idea. The dynamite explodes, causing the ground to give way beneath them, and an avalanche to fill it up. Only Squirtle doesn't fall in. Brock and Misty see and run over. They have to get Ash and Pikachu out! They start digging.

Jigglypuff sees. It also sees the big pile of rocks and imagines that its a stage, where Jigglypuff is singing in front of a big audience. The rocks collapse and Jigglypuff gets angry.

Ash, Team Rocket and their Pokémon wake up in a cave. Meowth says they must have fallen to the center of the Earth, or Oith, as he pronounces it. Jessie and James say it's Ash's fault. Ash says they're the ones who put the dynamite there. Meowth says they need to get out, but the roof is blocked. James laughs. Jessie says he must have the answer. James says they're all doomed. Jessie hits him.

Pikachu points at something. A bunch of red eyes look at them from the shadows. It's a bunch of Kabuto, Kabutops, Omanyte and Omastar. They just watch them for a moment. Jessie and James are really scared. Ash gets out his Pokédex. It says those Pokémon have been extinct for hundreds of thousands of years, but they may still exist. Team Rocket says that if they catch them, they'll be rich! They could open a prehistoric Pokémon Park! Meowth says he could get his own talk show or cartoon show.

Ash says the Pokémon don't look too thrilled about the idea. He says to look at their eyes, which all are blood-shot. Jessie says it looks like they were sleeping and they woke them up! Jessie and James try throwing Poké Balls at a Kabutops, but it hits them back and they hit Meowth. Ash sends Charmeleon and tells it to use its Flamethrower to keep the other Pokémon away, but it still won't listen to Ash. Ash and the others run, with the formerly extinct Pokémon chasing after them. An Omastar jumps up and spins, htting Ash and Pikachu. A Kabutops hits Team Rocket.

On the surface, Officer Jenny has arrived, but she says that the bulldozers can't make it down there and she'll go get help. Brock sends Geodude and tells it to help them move rocks. They all dig and Misty says Ash better be okay, because he still owes her a bike.

A bunch of the Pokémon are chasing Arbok and Weezing. Jessie and James says they're supposed to be chasing them! Pikachu tries shocking two Kabutops, with no effect. Charmeleon fell asleep on the rock it was on. The Kabutops are about to attack Ash, when they all suddenly stop and leave. Meowth says he hears something coming. A huge shadow flies through the cave. It's an Aerodactyl! It hits Charmeleon, knocking it off the rock. It perches there. Ash's Pokédex says Aerodactyl was a carnivore. It lunges for them and they run. Charmeleon tries to fight it, but gets knocked out in one hit. They all come to where they first fell in, to find that Misty and the others have almost gotten through. Aerodactyl grabs Ash and flies up through the hole. Pikachu and Charmeleon grab onto its tail and fall off on the surface. The Aerodactyl still has Ash!

It's Jigglypuff again! It sees some lights and equipment and again thinks it's a stage. Misty says it could sing and make Aerodactyl fall asleep. Misty says that if Jigglypuff helps, they'll listen to it sing all it wants later. Jigglypuff likes that idea!

Aerodactyl perches on a high cliff, still holding Ash. Charmeleon growls at it and it just makes a face. Charmeleon gets really angry. It starts glowing! It's evolving already. It evolves into Charizard. It flies up towards Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl is about to eat Ash. Charizard flies toward them and Aerodactyl flies up. Charizard follows. Ash says it must have evolved so it could save him... And he thought it didnt want him as a trainer. Charizard starts breathing fire as Aerodactyl and some of it hits Ash. He realizes it must have evolved so it could fight Aerodactyl.

Jiggylpuff starts singing. Aerodactyl starts getting sleepy. Ash tells it not to fall asleep, or they'll both fall! Charizard tries plugging its ears. Everyone is getting sleepy. Aerodactyl drops Ash, but Charizard catches him. It lands and falls asleep, and Ash rolls off. Aerodactyl falls through the hole. Ash has rolled right next to a familiar looking egg. Jiggylpuff stops singing to see everyone asleep! It gets angry and goes through its usual routine of drawing all over their faces with its marker.

Later Officer Jenny comes. She says that them seeing prehistoric Pokémon was all just a dream caused by Jigglypuff's singing. She says there will be no more digging, because of the threat of more cave collapses and avalanches. Gary says it didn't feel like a dream. His fan club, now with letters on all of their faces, does another weird cheer.

Ash wonders where Jigglypuff went. Misty says it's too bad Ash didn't catch Aerodactyl. Ash says he almost forgot the egg he found. Brock asks if it's a good idea to take it. Ash says maybe he should give it to Nurse Joy. Brock grabs the egg from him and says he'll raise it for him. He runs, saying he'll take good care of it. They all chase him.

Meanwhile, we see Team Rocket in a cave, surrounded by sleeping prehistoric Pokémon. Meowth tells them not to wake them up.

Jessie and James: "Rock a bye dactyl, please dont eat us."

Aerodactyl: "AEEERRRROOO!"

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Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon Trivia:

 Although not shown on screen, it is later revealed that the character Todd Snap was present in this episode.

 This episode marks the first appearance of a Pokémon Egg.

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