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Stage Fight!

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Orange League
Japanese Title
Dance! Pokémon Showboat!
English Title
Stage Fight!
Spanish Title
Lucha escénica
French Title
Un combat théâtral
Italian Title
Tutti in scena
German Title
Theater, Theater...
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Ash and Co. have reached the harbour of their next Island. In the distance they see a large boat which hosts a Pokemon Show! They all decide to go and have a look. The screen cuts to an extract from the show, with various Pokemon on the stage performing. The gang are in the audience enjoying themselves. Togepi is it�s usual enthusiastic self, and wanders off backstage to explore. Misty suddenly realises that Togepi has disappeared. The gang see it climbing the steps of the stage, and all go and grab it before it runs onstage.

Ash suddenly notices three people talking into microphones. Tracey realises that the Pokemon mustn�t really be talking- the actors must be giving the Pokemon the voices. A girl suddenly appears behind the gang, and asks them to keep their voices down. The gang continue to watch the show from the sidelines.

The show ends and one of the voice men asks the girl to get her Raichu on stage. Raichu refuses to go, and Misty points out that the girl and her Raichu aren�t as friendly as they might be.

The following day, the gang manages to hitch a rid on the ship to their next Island. One of the voice actors notices how close Ash and his Pikachu are, and asks Ash if he could give the girl some help in getting to know her Raichu better. Ash (of course) agrees.

As never, Team Rocket are following in their submarine. Jessie comments that the boat is full of Pokemon, and they�d make a perfect present for �The Boss.�

Later, Ash and the girl are talking on the stage. Ash asks the girl to try and perform with her Raichu. The girl starts to recite a poem, but Raichu doesn�t respond or move its mouth. The girl asks it to try, only for Raichu to start sparking its tail. Ash tells it not to worry and pats Raichu on the head, only to be given an electric shock. The girl asks him if he�s OK, but obviously Ash is used to it.

Later that night, Ash asks the girl if Raichu is scared of her. She admits how its the other way around- she�s scared of Raichu. When they first met, she hugged Raichu so hard it shocked her. From then on she�s always been nervous around Raichu, and scared about getting shocked again. Ash explains that he�s sure they�ll work it all out some day.

Suddenly, a tornado appears out of nowhere and hits the ship! Ash and the girl run to the upper deck, to see Raichu hiding behind some crates, obviously scared. Another tornado hits the ship, and Raichu is hurled through the air! The girl catches it, and Raichu starts sparking wildly, but the girl tells it that she isn�t afraid. She asks Ash where the tornados came from.

As if they were waiting for Ash�s line, Team Rocket appear. They announce that unless all the Pokemon are handed over straight away, they�ll blow up the ship. Ash refuses, but one of the voice actors tells Ash that they can�t put the ship in danger.

Jessie and James tie everybody up together, and set off to steal the Pokemon, who are practising on the stage. The voice actors all manage to manoeuvre themselves behind the curtains of the stage, ready to play a trick on Team Rocket. James approaches Hitmonchan, only to receive a punch. The Pokemon all then "speak" telling Team Rocket that they�ll never be able to take them. They quickly surround Team Rocket, who are astounded that the Pokemon can "speak." James sends out Wheezing, and tells it to use Smoke Screen.

Meanwhile, everybody has managed to untie themselves. Ash and Tracey go to take care of Team Rocket. James returns Wheezing. Pikachu Thundershock�s the Rocket�s, whilst Tracey�s Marill uses Water Gun, blowing Team Rocket into a wall. The girl runs over and tells Raichu to use Mega Punch. Raichu, now realising it�s trainer isn�t scared of it anymore, obeys.

At the next harbour stop, Ash briefly talks to Professor Oak. He hangs up, when the girl goes running up to him, telling him there�s something wrong with one of the voice actors� well, voice. It�s appears that Wheezing�s smoke damaged his throat a bit, and he won�t be able to take part in the show that night. Raichu starts jumping u and down, as if to suggest that the girl takes his place. The voice actor agrees, and asks Ash to help as well. Looks like it�ll be a show to remember...

This episode guide has been written by Typhlosion.

Stage Fight! Trivia:

 The first lines of the poem recited are from "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
 This episode marks the only known time that a Jynx's feet have been seen.
 Ash breaks the fourth wall by commenting "it's kinda hard to match the lip flaps isn't it?"

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