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Episode 4

Season Three
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Episode 4

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.
Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Presenter: Hidden pretty well (if I say so myself) in the episodes’ are the answers’ you need. Can you find them? Can you interpret them? Can you work out who the PokéMole is?

Day 10

Presenter: Despite the wishes of the Contestants to party due to reaching double figures in days, they are about to be confronted with their tenth challenge. See, that’s in double figures too!

Presenter: Welcome back to the Azalea Town Pokémon Center Contestants, minus Loudred. Today’s challenge is quite simply, Eggsellent. Pardon the over-used pun. We will spend the next few days in Ecruteak City, but we shall not be transporting you there. Your task of today shall be to walk from here to the Pokémon Center at Ecruteak City. However, it is not quite that simple. We shall be providing each and everyone of you with a normal cooking egg of which you must take care of. By the time you complete your journey through Ilex Forest, Goldenrod City and the National Park and arrive in Ecruteak City Pokémon Center, we shall check the state of your eggs. All seven of them must be in a near immaculate condition. If so, we shall add 10,000 to the prize fund, which will finally end your run of five consecutive losses. Any questions?

Psyduck: Yeah. When’s Lunch?

Presenter: In which case, here are your eggs. And I’ll see you tonight.

Jumpluff: Whilst we’re here Presenter, are we allowed to borrow anything from the Pokémon Center to aid us?

Presenter: If you can convince them your need is sufficient enough, I don’t see why not.

Presenter: And on Jumpluff’s whim, the Contestants convince Nurse Joy to give them vast supplies of cotton wool, elastic bands and egg cartons (they have everything those amazing Pokémon Centers’). The team then set about wrapping their eggs up in cotton wool, placing them in egg cartons, before securing them with elastic bands, before carefully placing the fortresses in their backpacks. They then all set off. Like, finally.

After twenty minutes, the Contestants arrive at the entrance to Ilex Forest, famous for it’s steep slopes and mysterious noises…

Torkoal: Well, that’s a mighty steep slope.

Tangela: Yeah, and the pathway to Goldenrod City is right ahead of us, so it looks like we’ve got to climb it.

Psyduck: I can’t climb that.

Porygon: Is that a Rayquaza behind you?

Psyduck: Psy-yi-yi!

Presenter: And with that, Psyduck darts quickly up the slope. The remaining six slowly follow him, until all seven have reached the top of the slope. It’s then a pretty straightforward journey to the exit and to Goldenrod City, where they meet a very busy yet excited crowd.

Corsola: What’s going on?

Random Person: The PKMN.NET Admins’ are doing an interview at the Radio Tower!

Corsola: Is the fact we need to get through here without being barged around on the same day as this happens a complete coincidence?

Random Person: Nope.

Corsola: Meh.

Presenter: The Contestants just about manage to barge their way through (after Psyduck has stopped for autographs), and although Jumpluff takes a slight knock off somebody, she assures the other Contestants she’s sure her egg is still safe. The Contestants then progress towards the National Park… where they find themselves in the middle of the Bug-Catching Contest.

Tangela: Oh well, the Park is big enough for us to get through without too much bother.

Porygon: Oh, look at that Scyther over there!

Psyduck: Scyther? Psy-yi-yi!

Presenter: And with that, Psyduck immediately speeds off in the other direction, darting straight into a random trainer, and falling over – right on top of her backpack. The Contestants pick Psyduck off and proceed to the nearby Ecruteak City Pokémon Center. Have they completed the challenge, or did one of their obstacles prove too effective?

Presenter: Well Contestants, I have just examined your eggs, and apart from a slight crack in Psyduck’s egg, we feel you have done well enough to merit passing the challenge! This means your awful losing run is finally over, and the prize fund now stands at 35,000. I would like you meet me at the National Park tomorrow morning, where we shall attempt to maintain what is now hopefully a winning streak. Good day.

Corsola: Ugh, so the PokéMole is not Loudred either. I noticed Psyduck caused problems at all three obstacles today. Suspicious.

Jumpluff: I am honestly very confused as to who the PokéMole could be. Oh well, at least the losing streak is over.

Miltank: I noticed Corsola was a little quiet today. Perhaps he felt the time was right to let us win a challenge for once?

Porygon: Open data log. I am now beginning to believe Miltank may be the PokéMole. Because. Close data log.

Psyduck: I was nearly eaten by a Rayquaza and a Scyther today ;-;.

Tangela: I still suspect Jumpluff a bit, only would the PokéMole really come up with such a good idea to help us like Jumpluff did today?

Torkoal: I wanted to come up with a clever idea to help us pass the challenge. Damn you Jumpluff.

Day 11

Presenter: It’s Day 11, and the sun is out. A perfect day for the Contestants next challenge. Unless they suffer from a phobia of bugs of course. Or Hayfever.

Presenter: Well Contestants, today’s Challenge is called Bugging Me Out. You passed through the popular Bug-Catching Contest here yesterday, but especially for today, we shall be holding another, especially for you seven. Now, today’s Challenge is going to test exactly how well you know each other, and can predict what each other will do. Experts may know that there are ten different Pokémon available in the Bug-Catching Contest – Caterpie, Metapod, Butterfree, Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Venonat, Paras, Pinsir and lastly, Scyther. Now, in a few moments you shall all be given five pieces of paper and half an hour. You must go out and write down the names of five different Bugs that you meet. After the half an hour is up, I shall ask you all to choose three to put forward. That will mean ultimately, twenty-one pieces of paper will be submitted. On these twenty-one pieces of paper, the names of all ten aforementioned Bugs must appear in order to pass the challenge. Passing the challenge will result in a further 10,000 being added to the prize fund. Here are your pieces of paper – your half an hour begins… now.

Presenter: Although there are a number of humorous stories to be told about the Contestants escapades (most noticeably Psyduck being chased around the Park for fifteen minutes by a Caterpie), we’re going to get straight to the point and inform you the Bugs found the Contestants, and which three they all ultimately put forward:

Bug #1
Bug #2
Bug #3
Unused #1
Unused #2

Presenter: Well Contestants, I have all the piece of paper here and this is how you did. Caterpie makes one appearance, Metapod makes three appearances, Butterfree makes three appearances, Weedle makes one appearance, Kakuna makes one appearance, Beedrill makes one appearance, Venonat makes three appearances, Paras makes three appearances, Pinsir makes three appearances and Scyther makes two appearances. All ten Bugs have been mentioned, so congratulations, you have also passed today’s challenge, taking the prize fund up to a tasty 45,000. Your final challenge before the fourth elimination will take place at this time tomorrow at the Tin Tower in Ecruteak City. I’ll see you then.

Corsola: I don’t see how today was supposed to be any use to us, since we didn’t even find out who wrote down what!

Jumpluff: Woo, we win again.

Miltank: I spotted a Pinsir today. Go me!

Porygon: Open data log. I was quite proud to see a semi-rare and rare bug today. Close data log.

Psyduck: A Caterpie nearly ate me today ;-;.

Tangela: So somebody else found a Scyther? Darn, I was kinda hoping I’d be the only one. I bet it was that Torkoal…

Torkoal: So somebody else found a Scyther? Darn, I was kinda hoping I’d be the only one. I bet it was that Tangela…

Day 12

Presenter: Day Twelve has dawned. It brings with in a very fun spooky challenge, as well as the fourth elimination. Woo.

Presenter: So Contestants, welcome to the Ghost-inhabited Tower of Terror challenge. The challenge today could earn you as much as 15,000. Today is quite simply a race to the top of the haunted Tin Tower you see behind me. There are two routes to the top, leading to two different rooms. One room contains 8,000, the other 7,000. Now, there are seven different entrances to the Tower situated all the way around the outside. You shall all start at the same time, and aim to get to the top. Like I said this is a race – between the Contestants and the PokéMole. If the PokéMole reaches a room with the money first… well, let’s just say you’ll know about it. But if that happens, the money the PokéMole has reached first is lost. Now, along the way you are likely to meet a selection of Ghosts. They are simply there to try and put you off. Try not to let them deter you. To sum up, simply try and reach a room containing some money before the PokéMole to claim it for the prize fund. If you’d like to take your positions, the challenge will begin in a moment.

Presenter: The Contestants take their positions around the Tower, and at the sound of a hooter, all enter the Tower. It’s a very complex maze, consisting of six floors, which get harder to navigate around the higher you get. The bottom floor however does contain a large square room with many doors, and it is here that six of the Contestants meet after just five minutes.

Torkoal: So, we’re all here then.

Jumpluff: Not quite. Where’s Psyduck?

Torkoal: Wow, she’s missing.

Tangela: We’d better all get a move on then.

Torkoal: You do realise there’s a very significant chance the PokéMole is amongst us six and is not Psyduck?

Tangela: Well, yes. But it only takes two Contestants out of six to earn some money. Six Contestants versus one PokéMole. The odds are stacked in our favour.

Presenter: At that point, the room fills with Gengar’s, resulting in all six of the Contestants running off screaming. Ah, we’re so kind. But eight minutes later, Tangela and Torkoal meet again on the ground floor:

Tangela: How long’s gone?

Torkoal: About thirteen minutes.

Tangela: And all the money is still available?

Torkoal: I assume so. Nothing special has happened.

Tangela: Oh, good. See you later then.

Presenter: Only four minute later though at the seventeen-minute mark, something does happen. Each Contestant finds his or herself surrounded by ghosts, who, all using Leer, successfully inform the Contestants that the PokéMole has reached the room containing 8,000, and thus that money has disappeared. It’s then a slow but steady race, as on fifty-one minutes, a hooter blows again. It looks like a Contestant has found the money. Ten minutes later, the Contestants have been rounded up and are told how they did.

Presenter: So Contestants, the PokéMole reached the 8,000 before you, but you reached the 7,000 before the PokéMole, meaning you’ve missed out on more than half of the money available. It’s interesting that the PokéMole claimed the 8,000 after just seventeen minutes, whilst someone claimed the money for the Contestants on fifty-one minutes. It looks like the PokéMole just gave out three times as much speed today. Anyway, the prize fund has been risen to 52,000, which is more than twice what you had at the start of this episode! However, the figure will soon not matter to one of you, as tonight, another one will depart. I’ll see you tonight.


Presenter: The Contestants’ have once again taken another ten-question quiz about the identity of the PokéMole, with the Contestant who scores the lowest leaving the game immediately.

Presenter: So, welcome everybody, this will be over soon. But it looks like the PokéMole has left you another message on the wall…

Presenter: This time, the message “Dried Aunts Clot” is written on the wall.

Presenter: Six of you will depart for Goldenrod City in about half an hour; one of you is about to depart for home right now. It’s Goodbye Time.

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.