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Meet the Contestants

Season Four
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PokéMole Four – Meet the Contestants

Presenter: Ten more Contestants to be infuriated by over the next two weeks? I like the sound of that.


Gender: Female
Phobias: Fire, Food past it's use-by date
Trainer: Picnicker Leigh
Home Town: Pallet Town
Are You The PokéMole? Maybe. Maybe not.


Gender: Female
Phobias: Magnetic Fields
Trainer: Beauty Sara
Home Town: Violet City
Are You The PokéMole? No.. are you picking on me?


Gender: Male
Phobias: Paranormal
Trainer: Cue Ball Schnooker
Home Town: Cianwood City
Are You The PokéMole? No.


Gender: Female
Phobias: Thunderstorms
Trainer: Trainer Shakira
Home Town: Fortree City
Are You The PokéMole? Who? Me? Erm, I don't think so...


Gender: Male
Phobias: Nothing
Trainer: Boxer Max
Home Town: Saffron City
Are You The PokéMole? Nope.


Gender: Female
Phobias: Electricity, Pollen
Trainer: Sailor Grant
Home Town: Vermilion City
Are You The PokéMole? Wouldn't that be fun?


Gender: Male
Phobias: Rejection
Trainer: Breeder Joel
Home Town: Rustboro City
Are You The PokéMole? If you want me to be hun, I will be.


Gender: Female
Phobias: Big crowds, Being the centre of the attention
Trainer: Trainer Ben
Home Town: Goldenrod City
Are You The PokéMole? I don't think I am...


Gender: Male
Phobias: Lie-ins
Trainer: Cooltrainer Sam
Home Town: Petalburg City
Are You The PokéMole? I should be.


Gender: Male
Phobias: Water
Trainer: Cooltrainer Bruce
Home Town: Verdanturf Town
Are You The PokéMole? That's for you to decide.

Presenter: As the ten Contestants met for the first time, they were supplied with a selection of Pokéblocks - one of which was an elusive Gold Pokéblock. As all ten Contestants began to depart to begin their adverture, the muncher of this Golden Pokéblock was asked to remain behind in secret...

Presenter: Thanks for staying behind.

Contestant: What's up?

Presenter: We have a little proposition for you. As you may have noticed, in the build-up to this series, it was claimed that this time, the game would be played somewhat differently. Well, as you know, as per normal we have recruited ten Contestants - one of whom is working for us to try and sabotage your efforts to earn money. However, this series it will not be as simple as that. Our proposition is that you will take the role as a second, unofficial PokéMole. You are not the PokéMole, you will remain on the outside as a normal Contestant. You can still win the game, there is nothing to stop you being eliminated. Your challenge will be to discreetly attempt at least one sabotage per episode. How you do this will be completely up to you. If we recognise that you have attempted at least one sabotage in an episode, we will not take your quiz score into account - you will pass straight through into the next episode. However, if at any time, the real PokéMole approaches us and asks if there is anything untoward going on regarding you, it will not matter how many sabotages you carry out - you will be eliminated at the next possible occasion. This means that at this moment, you are just seven subtle sabotages away from the final of PokéMole Four...