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Episode 6

Season Five
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Episode 6

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.

Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Presenter: It’s a bit like the search for Rule 20 isn’t it? So many theories, so many dead ends, but one clear path. It was bye bye Buneary but with the departure we do move one step closer to our goal. Half the contestants have fallen by the wayside and at the end of this episode another will join them. Same question as always: Who is the PokéMole?

Day 16

Presenter: Time for some shameless propaganda. Oh yes.

Presenter: Good morning contestants, minus Buneary, and welcome to the Jubilife City Cyber Café. Today we will be having our traditional PKMN.NET challenge, as a way of shamelessly promoting ourselves. You will all be given the next half an hour to browse the site and –

Pikachu: Do we have to stay on the site?

Presenter: Well… it’d be advisable. Why do you ask?

Pikachu: Because the internet is really, really great for…

Presenter: - and as I was saying, you’ll all be given half an hour to browse the site and try to remember as much information about the Diamond and Pearl games as you can. You’ll then face one question each about information that can be found on the site. This challenge is worth [p]15,000 to you if you succeed in answering four out of the five questions correctly. If you’d like to go to a computer each, your half an hour begins… now.

Presenter: And half an hour later…

Presenter: Okay contestants, your time is up, if you’d like to sit down around me. I’ll be asking you the questions in the order you’re sat now, left to right, so Snover we’ll start with you: Which Pokémon can find a Big Lead in Amity Square?

Snover: Oh erm, I don’t know. Buneary?

Presenter: I’m sorry, the correct answer was Jigglypuff. Toxicroak, you are next. In which location do you need to raise Eevee to make it evolve into Glaceon?

Toxicroak: Route 21…7?

Presenter: That is corr…ect. LOLS. Now you, Pikachu. Where can Smoochum be found swarming?

Pikachu: Oh, oh, oh. It’s one of the Lakes… Acuity?

Presenter: That is correct. Mime Jr., which Pokémon can be seen near the Ruined Tower?

Mime Jr.: Mimey doesn’t remember that being on the computer… although Mimey didn’t spend much time on the computer. The sound of the fan scared Mimey ;-; Mimey has heard about a big scary spooky not very nicey ghosty ghouly sort of thing called Spiritomb though.

Presenter: Spiritomb is correct. Aipom, you are last up, and you need to answer this question correctly to win. Which incense is required to get Mantyke through breeding?

Aipom: That’s easy. It’s the Sea Incense.

Presenter: I’m sorry Aipom, that’s incorrect. The correct answer was the Wave Incense.

Aipom: Huh?

Toxicroak: Oh, what a moron…

Presenter: Well contestants, you’ve failed your challenge and the prize fund therefore remains at [p]106,000. Tomorrow morning we shall be setting off again, this time for Pastoria City. Your next challenge will take place at noon tomorrow at the Pastoria City Gym. I look forward to seeing you there.

Aipom: I’m sure it’s the Sea Incense. Sure of it. Everyone else is surely just wrong. Snover got a difficult question wrong today, but might he have known the first question asked would be tough?

Mime Jr.: Mime Jr. wonders how Toxicroak and Pikachu both got correct answers through seemingly lucky guesses. Mimey finds it suspicious.

Pikachu: Snover still gives me reasons to be suspicious. He’s a very quiet, but influential player, and ultimately he helped to cost us the challenge today.

Snover: Pikachu and Toxicroak both got lucky guesses today and ultimately that luck is what cost us the challenge – I knew the answer to Aipom’s question so if I’d been sat on the far right we’d have won this challenge today. All of my quiz answers so far have been split between two or more contestants, but sooner or later I think I’m going to have to stick with one suspect as the PokéMole. Probably Toxicroak.

Toxicroak: I know I shouldn’t laugh, but Aipom blowing the challenge today makes me so happy.

Day 17

Presenter: The contestants spent the night in Jubilife City, and upon awakening it’s straight to Pastoria City following breakfast. Upon arrival, there’s not even time for the toilet. Straight to the Gym. No, not the treadmill sort of gym. The sort of Gym whereby the odd Pokémon battle has been known to take place.

Presenter: Contestants, welcome to the Pastoria City Gym, and to your fourth and actually, final battle. It is against a Floatzel and if four of you can successfully defeat the Floatzel, you’ll earn a quite simply brilliant [p]25,000 for the prize fund. You’ll be battling in reverse alphabetical order and again, nobody will know how the contestants before and after them went. But of course, as usual, we’ll record the battles so we can all point and laugh at everyone else afterwards. There’s not really anymore to say, other than Toxicroak, you’re up first. Good luck.

Presenter: Toxicroak starts off this battle with a Mud Bomb attack, but Floatzel shows great speed to dodge the attack and reply with Ice Fang. Toxicroak tries another Mud Bomb attack which this time hits. Floatzel decides to use another Ice Fang, which this time shows a direct hit and freezes Toxicroak to the spot. Toxicroak is unable to move and so Floatzel uses Quick Attack. Toxicroak still can’t move but feeling the effects of the Mud Bomb, Floatzel’s next Quick Attack misses. Toxicroak eventually unfreezes but sees Floatzel attack with Aqua Jet. This time the attack hits, and Toxicroak is knocked out. Not really what you’d call a great start.

Next up is Snover. Floatzel starts off the battle with Aqua Jet which hits Snover and actually appears to cause a lot of damage, but Snover retaliates with Razor Leaf. The attack is a direct, critical hit, which causes a lot of damage. A quick Woodhammer from Snover is all it takes to knock out Floatzel. The remaining three contestants still need to knock out Floatzel in order to pass the challenge.

Next up is Pikachu. Again, Floatzel starts off the battle with Aqua Jet, but Pikachu dodges and uses Thunderbolt. It’s very effective and also paralyses Floatzel, and another Thunderbolt attack from Pikachu knocks out Floatzel. That, quite frankly, was ridiculous.

Next up is Mime Jr. This time Floatzel starts the battle with Crunch. Mime Jr. is badly hurt and runs off the arena crying. That was even more ridiculous. The challenge is lost.

So for the dead water battle. Aipom against Floatzel. Floatzel again starts the battle off with an Aqua Jet attack. Aipom shakes it off and uses Swift, followed quickly by a Double Hit attack. Floatzel seems shaken but replies with Crunch which hurts Aipom who tries another Swift attack. It hits but Floatzel seems to fly towards Aipom straight through the attack and uses Quick Attack, which knocks out Aipom. Oh well. It didn’t matter anyway.

Presenter: Well contestants, how did you do. Not very well, to be perfectly honest. Pikachu and Snover, you both defeated the Floatzel, however, defeats for Aipom, Mime Jr. and Toxicroak mean that the challenge has been lost, and the prize fund is still at [p]106,000. While it’s a lot of money, I must remind you that it could be even more if you made these challenges count. Your final one before the next elimination is a rather fun one if I may say so, and takes place tomorrow afternoon in a warehouse on the outskirts of Pastoria City. I’ll see you there.

Aipom: A lot of poor performances today but Snover still attracts a lot of suspicion to me.

Mime Jr.: Mimey got bit ;-; Mimey thinks Pikachu is the PokéMole because Pikachu won too easily… Mimey thinks.

Pikachu: I’m starting to wonder how Mime Jr. is still here. She’s very weak and timid. Is something keeping her here?

Snover: Well I did my bit today but it was the others letting us down. Toxicroak obviously made this challenge very difficult today by losing the first challenge. He’s still my prime suspect for the PokéMole.

Toxicroak: Following the eviction of Buneary, my main suspect now is either Pikachu or Mime Jr.. Pikachu just doesn’t ever seem to do much.

Day 18

Presenter: The tension is growing between the contestants now, with only tonight’s elimination separating them from what will effectively be the semi-finals of this season. And with the final exemption of the series available today, the competition may well be higher than ever. So naturally, it’s a challenge all about teamwork.

Presenter: Good day contestants. You may be wondering why we’ve brought you to this disused field on the outskirts of Pastoria City. Of course, it’s for a challenge, which is called Grabbit. Your task is disgracefully simple in principle. Right at the other side of this field lie thirty one bags of money – containing a total of [p]30,000. One bag contains the game’s final exemption this season. Excluding the exemption that’s [p]1,000 a bag, shockingly. All you have to do is get it over here. However much you get here after three minutes goes into the prize fund. If anyone brings the exemption bag back, they earn an exemption. However, there is a catch. If you look at the grass you’ll see the field has been divided into four equal parts. Only three contestants may be in the same section at any one time, so take that into account when collecting the money. You will be fined for breaking that rule. Apart from that, I think we can all line up and begin this challenge! I’ll certainly have a laugh watching you.

Presenter: The game begins and the contestants begin a mad dash to collect all the dosh. Mime Jr. causes a stir by entering the final section when three contestants were already gathered there, but apart from that, the contestants manage to gather twenty of the thirty-one bags. Happy days.

Presenter: Congratulations contestants, you’ve managed to gather twenty bags between you. Aipom, if you’d like to start opening your six bags, we’ll see what we have in there.

Aipom: Money… money… money… all money.

Presenter: Okay, so no exemption, but [p]6,000. Toxicroak, open your seven bags.

Toxicroak: You hear that Aip-bum? SEVEN bags? Money… and money… yeah, money all the way again.

Presenter: So that’s [p]7,000 in total. Pikachu, you have four bags, what do you have?

Pikachu: Money in this one… and money again… and money… and, OH! Exemption!

Toxicroak: Bugger.

Presenter: Well, no need to keep counting; we now know the final outcome of today’s challenge. One of the twenty bags did contain the exemption, which has gone to Pikachu. Mime Jr., I’m afraid you broke the rules mentioned at the start and because of that we have to disqualify your single bag.

Mime Jr.: ;-;

Presenter: So that’s a grand total of [p]18,000 from this challenge. I make that a total of [p]124,000 in the prize fund, which is how it will remain at the end of Episode 6. We shall meet again tonight for supper before the penultimate elimination of the series – Aipom, Mime Jr., Snover and Toxicroak, you are all up for elimination tonight, so get your thinking caps on. It’s going to be a close call.



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