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Issue 1

Dear Sentret, where can I find Tuesday trainer in Pokemon Silver? Thanks.
From Joeno
Hey hey hey! There's trainers everywhere! Marill trainers, Pikachu trainers, cute trainers, even Sentret traineres! Isn't that, like fantastic?! Now, to find the trainer training this fantastic day called Tuesday, just go to Route 29 on, you guessed it, Tuesdays, and you'll be able to fight this Tuesday! Or even get a Pink Bow. Isn't that great?

SIR, has one not noticed the unrivaled similarities between that of interim Afghan leader, Hamid Karzai and the tribal leader from the film "Star Gate"?
From Psythor
Sir... SIR... that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, nice mister webmaster guy thingiee. I mean, I feel honoured! Look, mister webmaster guy thingie Psyther called me Sir!!! Usually, people call me 'stupid squirrel', or 'annoying Sentret' or something like that, but he calls me sir!!! And to be honest, that cutie mr Hamid Karzai has never visited me, and I haven't seen him. We don't have TV here on Route 29!! And this house we peek in only shows three boys walking down a road!!! But I'm sure they're both very, very cute!!! Yay!!!

Sentret, will there be a bug in the script that makes this display without you giving an answer?
From Psythor
Well, gee, mister webmaster guy thingie, I am not sure. I'll just see whether it'll show up right now!!!
Oooh, ooh, another cool section. Look at Forums & Site Stuff !!! Isn't that kewl???

Sentret, please tell me if this is a test question or a real one?
From Psythor
Oooh, well, geez, mister webmaster guy thingie nicknamed Psythor, I am not sure. I am sure that your smart brain will help you figure it out far far better than your regular advisor Sentret will be able to do for you, you friendly nice cute cool mister webmaster guy thingie!!!