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Issue 50

In Mystery Dungen 1, when I'm doing the quest that is against Team Meanies, I always seem to fail yet I've got a team of Charmander and Treecko plus Magnimite as a friend yet I still end up fainting at 10F, what do I do?
From OpalRhea
Sentret thinks like maybe you do need to like do some training or levelling or Pokemon picking first before the TOUGH TOUGH stuff?!
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is there somewhere where i caan get a kings rock in diamond without having a pokemon pick it up
From kurtlicous
Sentret thinks like you just should go and buy it like everything like really?
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Sentret, do you need to go to an event to get shaymin?
From Anonymous
Sentret thinks that right now yeah really.
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Hi, Sentret! Can I trade Pokemon from Silver to Yellow?
From Mew_the_Pokemon
Sentret thinks that maybe. If like you want to really. Sentret wouldn't want to, though. Sentret like likes his berries too much!!! ^_^_^
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how you get umbreon in Pearl
From Bass V5
Sentret likes wonders why you like cannot just do it in the normal way and stuff? ~_~
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Dear Sentret, how do you make pages on Do you have to be a Staff member or what?
From normalist
Sentret thinks like yeah you like need to be smart like to add them yourself but maybe like you can ask someone to do it for you when you like give what should be there...
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Hi there. Do you know where I can find a Staryu on Pearl?
From Anonymous
Sentret like thinks maybe like you need to get a super rod for like some cities at the ends of Sinnoh

Hi dear sentret! I have a problem with pkmn ranger....... How can i beat billy of the go-rock quad?
From Thegreatkingoffire
Sentret like thinks that's done with the same way you like defeat all of the other ones, but Sentret like really thinks like you should lure it with berries first because berries are good!!!!!!11
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how cn my blaziken learn sacred fire?
From melody012345
Sentret thinks like maybe like you can't unless like it's a Ho-oh sort of Blaziken thingie maybe did you ever try that?

Dear Sentret, Why hasn't the Name Rater rated any of my nicknames for... *counts on fingers* about nine months now?
From shadowaker
Sentret like thinks maybe because like the Name Rater is like really really really really busy because everyone is also coming to him to change their Pokemon nicknames and so he like doesn't have the time to rate them and also he sometimes goes off into the woods screaming and shouting and then like Sentret tries to cool him down with some berries but he just throws them away then and then like he wants to hit Sentret with a stick and then like Sentret runs away and doesn't want to hear from him so like Sentret thinks like maybe the Name Rater has gotten lost in Viridian Forest?!?!?!?!?!

What'll happen if I give an Arceus a Draco Plate to hold, and teach it Draco Meteor, but then remove the Draco Plate?
From PsyduckRanger
Sentret like thinks that maybe it's like a weaker Draco Meteor attack thingie sort of stuff then maybe?