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The name master:
Are you bored of typing for hours and nobody post any reviews? Well, here you can link to your fanfic and the not so lovely people of pkmn.net will review or comment on your story!

Here's my latest story!

Only expect Pokemon stories and screenplays from me!

If it's a screenplay, it's highly likely that I'm going to animate it (the above story I will)

I have written a couple of songs, but one's NSFW, and the other.... I'm still waiting, Lord Raven! Is it or is it not NSFW?

I wish I could share my fanfiction but it has some really personal stuff in it. I also don't want my overly strict family to potentially see it anywhere, hence why it's locked in my Google Drive. I'll tell you what: you all can read it at my funeral three days after the day I die.


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