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Can You Play My Game And Give Feedback?


The name master:
I'm making a game at college. Can you play it and give feedback. Some things may be buggy/not working properly yet and it's impossible to get past the 4th level. Also the audio might take a while to load the first time, so may be out of sync, so a second play might be good.

The control are: left/right to move, up to jump (it's possible to do a wall jump) And space to breath fire (slightly buggy when using it while facing left)

If it says something about flash, just allow it and it'll work.

My game is here

The name master:
OK. I will add a visual cue to the first blocks you have to destroy with fire and the end of the level (you're supposed to jump down the hole. also for when you fall down the other hole (you're supposed to back)

ngl, fire is buggy. Trying to fix it.

Also trying to add a diamond counter.

Where did I use Undertale? I never noticed?

I will make wooden boxes destroyable with fire.

There is an enemy in the second level (and beyond) that is immune to fire.

I should've wall jumping that isn't really for climbing vertical walls, but more for reaching platforms just beyond you reach (rarely a thing, though) It's a little precise, like Mario 64, where you have to jump in the other direction immediately. This originally wasn't a feature, but a slight bug in the program, I liked it, so used it (only occasionally)

A lot of this stuff is still early in development.

As for fire pushing gems, not really a lot I can do there (a limitation of the software)

I never intended to add a timer.

The first level is really supposed to be a simple tutorial level to get used to the control, so it's quite straight forward.

Slow internet could be why it takes long to load. Maybe when I export it and it doesn't relies on internet...

Not every platformer makes you jump on enemies to kill them.

What is it with oof? I swear everyone at college says oof now! XD

Of course when I make the game for real (for money) I'll change the music (and make the game better) As long as I'm not making money off it (which I'm not) I should be fine.

The block on the game over screen is just a placeholder for now, so you did't have to refresh the page.

There will be a title screen with instructions.

I may half the amount of gems.


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