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A poem about Klara


If you've played the Isle Of Armor storyline on Pokemon Sword, you know who I'm talking about. I have to be honest, I think Klara is a cool rival. I wrote a poem about her at my art group some time ago.
What do you think?

Kind and caring
Lovely and sweet
Words she uses
To hide her deceit

Losing for her
Means no recognition
Getting attention
That is her mission

All three trials to complete
On her own, of course
But she is too lazy
To get off her high horse

Ready to battle
Her secret revealed
She attempts to win
With a poisoned battlefield

Accepting defeat
Although in despair
The story of Klara
The girl with pink hair

lets all go out for some frosty chocolate milkshakes:
sorry for the super late post, still havent played sword/shield/isle of armor etc so had to look up klara (sorry about that orz) but neat poem!!!!!!!! hope ur art group liked it as well


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