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James Henderson
« on: December 05, 2012, 02:05 »
Character name: James Henderson
Age: 15
Gender: Male

((Please note that, due to constant changes in perception to what is short/tall/etcetera, a specific height will not be given. If required, however, I will edit one in.))

James is, by and large, shorter than the average person his age. Not enough to be considered tiny, but enough to leave him feeling marginally dwarfed by someone standing next to him. He is not built with much muscle, to speak of - he was not on Mr Universe's level, nor did he possess any toned parts. Indeed, while he was quite slim, any athletic ability he may have is certainly not betrayed by his appearance. However, his hands are (slightly) disproportionate to his body size, being larger than one would expect. His shoulders, in addition, are notably broad, rendering picking out a shirt that fits him a pain.

James' skin is tanned naturally, from his parents - however, the amount that could be inherited through genes was limited, and the environment he grew up in played a considerable part in making sure his skin was just a vague tan, instead of a lustrous bronze. His oak-brown hair, in a seemingly perpetual state of minor disarray, has been largely forced into something resembling flatness - however, the sides never seem to stay down for longer than three seconds, always popping back up. His eyes match his hair, though only in hue. Unlike his wild forest of locks, James has eyes that are usually placid or outright impassive, meandering slowly about the area when nothing else is supposed to be focussed on. Some nigh-unnoticeable stubble covers his chin and jaw, a typical symptom of a disease called "being a teenager." It is, however, far from growing into something worth shaving.

As far as clothing is concerned, James is more concerned with looking inconspicuous, or with functionality. He much prefers something suited to the environment he ventures into, but understands that this is not always possible. In this light, he opts for a plain button-up t-shirt, dyed dark grey, made from a fabric that - while lightweight - is considerably more durable than a lot of other mass-produced items of clothing. In concordance with this, his legs are clad in a pair of khaki trousers, tight enough to be snug and not hinder movement, but not enough to be uncomfortable. Concerning footwear, he dons mud-brown hiking boots, though he often wishes for something a little less heavy-duty.

To attempt to define James' personality as any one thing, would be a futile attempt. While not suffering from any (as yet discovered) mental or psychological disorders, he does not have a set personality, but does have various traits that are largely consistent throughout. A constant pessimist, James will rarely search for the good in a person, instead analysing their weaknesses and negative points. There is no special reason for this - James was just born doubtful. However, when it comes to strategy or tactics, he sees either as a challenge, as opposed to an obstacle. And he loves puzzles that push his strategic and tactical processing abilities, but only pushing them to their limit - though he pushes it, breaking it is something beyond him.

Off of the battlefield, James will usually mutter something incoherent with no notable pattern to them. His tongue, when used for more than his barely-hushed mutterings, can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Rants, raves, witticisms, the list goes on. However, he has an absolutely terrible singing voice.

History: At first, Henderson decided he would rather remain with his parents in some obscure region, helping out at the day care. It was not that he hated pokemon - he loved working with them, they were what made his day. It was the sheer fact that he preferred the settled and reliable lifestyle of the day care, to the nomadic and often arduous path of a trainer. However, a malicious form of pokerus broke out. It did not just promote growth, it forced it up so high, that the victim's body was unable to cope with the level of growth or how fast it had been, causing them to die. It was rare, yes - and it didn't even affect people. But, pokemon were still dying, and people still hadn't found a cure. Thus, deciding that he needed to do more for the community, James set out on a quest to acquire knowledge and medicine, to aid the pokemon in his home village.

Friends and enemies: N/A


Level 15
Harden, Mud-Slap, Disable, Sludge
If you asked why James named his Grimer Percival, he would not be able to tell you. In fact, he would not be able to remember in the first place. The Grimer's origins, however, are a lot less mysterious.
Some people can't look after more pokemon - this is natural. Thus, they let the day-care keep any eggs found, and Percival was one of them. He was chosen at random on James' tenth birthday, and named on a whim. He doesn't particularly mind, however, seeming quite comfortable with his alias. Percival, though it took a while, grew stronger by battling in the grasses outside the village, steadily gaining strength. Naturally, he came with James on his quest - he had been tested, and was clean, for a poison type. He would not be spreading the disease, if he left, and if it was airborne.

Key Items:
Pokeball X10
Antidote X5
Full Heal X3
Oran Berry X10
Bottled Water X2 (for rehydrating, not healing)
Memory stick X1 (contains vital information on virus)
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Re: James Henderson
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Just so you know, I edited your post to fix the link for the your picture because it wasn't working.

There's a lot of writing here, it's very descriptive indeed. I'll accept you. :)

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