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Here, make an pokemon item that doesn't exist! Includes mega stones, or anything that's itemlike!

Bulletproof Vest- The following attacks do not work on the holder:

Shadow Ball
Seeb Bomb
Leech Seed
Electro Ball
Egg Bomb
Ice Ball
Aura Sphere
Dark Pulse
Water Pulse
Pin Missile
Sludge Bomb
Focus Blast

If Close Combat, Brick Break, or Rock Smash is used on the holder, the vest breaks.

Was gonna make this after I finished posting but you beat me to it.

Junk Food

Restores the user's health a little and hurts the foe each turn.

Black Arrow

Increases the power of dark type moves by x1.5 when held by a dark or ghost type.

Lucky Horseshoe

The user never misses when holding this item.

Magikarpite - Mega evolves Magikarp into an Areus knowng 'Judgement II' which has 9001 Base Power :)


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