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TV and Movies / Star Wars: The Last Jedi [here be spoilers]
« on: December 23, 2017, 16:46 »
(don't read below this unless you wanna be spoiled cause im getting right into it)

hey nerds how many of you watched the most recent star wars and what do you think? my friends and i haven't shut up about it in a week

i have some serious mixed feelings about the film. Force Awakens, it felt so perfectly like A New Hope, and if you hated that then you're wrong and you missed the point. but it wasn't too gimmicky, it just felt like i was watching socially progressive star wars with more cgi and stuff which im always down for.

The Last Jedi I thought was going to end about 6 times. the pacing of the movie was like... really bad in my opinion. it made the slow parts seem even slower than they had to be. they also had that completely meaningless and convulted subplot where they tried to stop the ships from being tracked but then... everyone just dies anyway?? i get real life isn't sunshine and its trying so hard and getting so far and it doesn't even really matter, but i'm here at the cinema to ESCAPE from real life, pls.

also just gimmicky jokes with those poorly CGI'd Porgs that were definitely only created to sell merchandise. can we go back to using robotics and costumes more and use CGI like frosting on a cake? while i'm being picky, what was the deal with the crystal foxes? they've never existed before this movie to my knowledge and were made up completely for one insignificant plot point that could have easily been communicated like "but how did Luke get in this cave??" without having to throw more random unexplained critters into the mix.

However I was in love with Rey's part, I loved the entire training thing, and most of the main storyline was AWESOME in my opinion. learning more about kylos past was really interesting and i enjoyed learning more about luke's experiences with the force and why he's on that island anyhow. i wish i could say how much i enjoyed the main arc of the story as much as i could talk about all the things i didn't like. i'm excited for the next movie and learning more about how everyone's stories intertwine. theres also a lot of little attention to detail things that are beautiful. like you should have been able to tell Luke wasn't real when he was taunting Kylo because he didn't leave any red footprints like everyone else!

i'd say most of its shortcomings are just a result of me being a spoiled star wars fan seeing an overhyped movie, but what did you think of it

Debate / The UK Votes to Leave
« on: June 24, 2016, 15:08 »
I'm not super informed on this, but I have a feeling that this is the hot topic of today. The vote to leave was overwhelmingly old people, and the vote to stay was overwhelmingly young people, which is really how all politics work isn't it? Anyways, I'm guessing we're going to mostly be on the same side but I just want to learn most about this and do some theoretics and stuff. I heard about the possibility of this while I was studying in Europe and everyone I spoke to about it in Italy and Spain said they were super scared it would the beginning of the end of the EU... I don't know if it will come down to that, but we shall see.

Anyways, I wake up this morning and it turns out the value of the pound has dropped by 10%... found this fun image

so 'splain here and don't clog up 1st world problems because is it really just a first world problem when your currency plummets like that in hours, also the unstoppable tide of nationalism that's sweeping the world right now is also a concerning piece of this

ALSO DAVID CAMERON STRAIGHT UP RESIGNED??? Did we know this was going to happen??? What have I woke up to?!

Games General / Pokemon GO Opens Beta for US Residents
« on: May 16, 2016, 23:30 »
If you're American click here to sign up

just thought i'd share

i'm hoping someone from here gets in!

Random Randomness / the best fights you've seen
« on: May 03, 2016, 00:48 »
just a shower thought of mine.

verbal or physical, but keep it nice ;)

in my high school (like 4,000 kids) there were fights every month or so. my favorite, i was walking behind these two boys that started yelling and pushing each other. next thing you know, they're punching each other down to the ground and like 300 high school aged kids have surrounded them. about 2 minutes into the fight, our 60 something year old head of the history department busted his office door open, ran through the crowd, and joined the brawl, eventually separating the two kids. my friend who was his son was standing next to me and was overjoyed with his father for stepping in and actually throwing punches at those kids. it was amazing.

he was our hero after that, especially after one of our seniors streaked across campus for his senior prank. our campus police told him to grab him, but he made a fake grab while looking away from his naked body and yelled, "awww, I missed him!"

Random Randomness / mildly interesting
« on: April 07, 2016, 15:45 »
what are some mildly interesting things you notice?

i was just using google and in italy you get redirected to from, so the name of the website is "google it". unfortunately, this awesome play on words is lost on italians i'm sure.

Random Randomness / Jobs/Careers
« on: March 19, 2016, 19:16 »
what are you doing for yourself right now to eat and/or get drunk at night?

right now i'm doing an internet satirist job, i write political articles that get attention and get paid for the ad revenue. i'm also in the works of writing for a travel blog where i'll get paid $40 an article which isn't money to live on per se but still some nice beer money to have

i don't have any jobs back at home waiting for me when i return... so i'm trying to get my stuff together and have some money flow when i get home until i can hopefully get a job selling things to people in person or over the phone.

Games General / New Pokemon, Magiana!
« on: February 10, 2016, 14:32 »

Apparently a pokemon made by humans, and will be involved with Volcanion in an upcoming movie. That's all that's really known so far. I'm guessing it will be a steel/fairy legendary.

Random Randomness / Stupid Things Customers Say
« on: January 06, 2016, 01:06 »
Most of us have worked some close to minimum wage jobs in retail or food service. As a result, you usually see some weird people in your travels. Post your tales here.

I work at a Macy's store right now and it has two floors, and the main way to get up and down is a set of escalators located in the center of the store. The other day I was making my way towards the escalators, and when I was about three feet from the escalator, a lady stops me, "Excuse me, do you work here?" I look down at my nametag with the Macy's insignia on it but I let that one fly because it happens all the time. "Could you tell me how to get to the first floor?"

I was just kind of stunned for a moment, and then I said, "Uh, the escalator" and motioned towards it and she thanked me and went on her way. I don't know how she missed them.

The second story that I'm reminded of with the escalators is once the second I stepped on the "down" escalator, a woman with a thick accent starts asking me where to find something but I can't really understand her. I'm rapidly descending on the escalator while she's now yelling at me to try to find out where to find children's clothes or something, and I'm trying to help her but I couldn't get her to leave me alone until I was halfway down the escalator. I don't know why she didn't just ask literally anyone else.

Random Randomness / What needs to stay in 2015?
« on: December 21, 2015, 03:35 »
I've been seeing memes about this all day but I have two strong opinions.

1. Hotline Bling. If it turns 2016 and I hear Hotline Bling every time I try to go out and have fun, I might just never leave my house.
2. Minions. I don't want them in 2017 either. Or 2018. I'll personally declare war on them if they don't get out of my life.
(Bonus) 3. Caitlyn Jenner. IMO there's a million better trans individuals that deserve the spotlight more, and also I'm sick of hearing the transphobia that manages to creep out in any discussion about her.

I see people talking about "the dress" a bunch but ehhh that one personally never bothered me, I found it interesting to try to force myself to see it as white and gold. But, maybe you guys have a different opinion. What 2015 fads just sucked?

Music / What's your favorite album of 2015?
« on: December 20, 2015, 00:50 »
Self explanatory. Kind of. Just an album that came out in 2015.

My favorite is Kendrick Lamar's to Pimp a Butterfly. I didn't like rap AT ALL until I heard this album. He's so good he turned me from a rap hater into understanding it and it's probably been my favorite genre of the year as a result.

It's absolutely beastly. It's probably arguably one of the better known albums of the year I'd say too, and if you haven't heard it, I'd suggest giving it a listen. King Kunta, Blacker the Berry, and Wesley's Theory I listen to really regularly, and I'd say the best songs on the album in my opinion. Still trying to learn "For Free?" for the past 9 months... it's just too fast...

Random Randomness / Paris Attacks
« on: November 14, 2015, 13:37 »
For the record not really looking for any debates or I would have created a topic there...

Yesterday there were several sieges on France's capitol. There's been 9 attackers accounted for, 8 suicide bombers and one assailant who has been killed. At the time of writing this, 127 people have died from the attack. I'm sure you guys all know. I found out at a hockey game yesterday from my friend and I couldn't believe the size of the attack. We all had a moment of silence in the arena for the victims.

What concerns me is that David Cameron seems concerned that the UK is going to be the next to be attacked. I really hope that's not the case, and there won't be any more senseless violence. I'll be keeping all of the European members in my thoughts.

TV and Movies / Netflix Streaming
« on: October 21, 2015, 17:24 »
For anyone else here with netflix, what shows or movies have you watched recently that you would (or wouldn't) recommend others to watch? 90% of what I watch is something on netflix so I like to see what's good before they retire it.

My suggestions:
An Idiot Abroad
- Best travel documentary ever. I'd never heard of the show before I decided to give it a try, but it's hilarious. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant send their cowardly and close-minded friend Karl who means well on crazy cultural trips around the world. Hilarity ensues.
- Plays out like something on HBO, but it's a Netflix original. It's about drug lord Pablo Escobar's rise and fall, and shows the perspective of both the drug lords as well as the US DEA agents who try to capture him.
Hot Fuzz
- My friend said this was one of his favorite movies and said it was really clever and exciting. I don't even know how to describe why this movie's so awesome. If you haven't seen it, just watch it.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
- I've been watching this for months now. There's just so much of it, and it's the kind of humor you get from watching awful people do awful things. If you met any of the main characters in real life, you'd hate them. Luckily the writing and acting is SO good you'll love the characters anyway. Season 5 had the most gems I'd say.

I think the next movie I'm gonna watch will be Beasts of No Nation. I've heard it's absolutely amazing but with my schedule at the moment I've been having a hard time carving out 2 hours to watch the movie.

Random Randomness / Shower Thoughts
« on: September 15, 2015, 20:40 »
Post random profound or seemingly profound thoughts that you have during the day that just pop into your mind while showering, driving, or doing some other mindless task.

Like, as I sit here and eat lobster, I think about how earlier one of my friends said I was so lucky that I had it... But why is lobster such a delicacy when people won't eat like, tarantulas or other bugs? Lobsters are just water bugs...

Random Randomness / College/Uni!
« on: August 16, 2015, 02:55 »
I saw a discussion of first world problems about this and I think that this is something where if a lot of our members aren't of age yet, they're quickly coming of age and hopefully we can all impart some wisdom on each other and talk about stupid college stresses and all panic together during the last couple weeks of school when everything comes crashing down on us.

So, talk about where you're going or hope to go, if you're comfortable sharing that, what goals you wanna accomplish this year, etc.

This year I have two main goals: I really wanna get my GPA up, and I also wanna make some solid friendships. Although I gotta admit, the friends part almost seems like a waste, since I'm planning to transfer out of my university and to somewhere else. But, after I had a pretty massive falling out last year with my friends, I really need to get out there and be proactive with friendships. I'll probably swing by a few gaming club meetings and see what gamer friends I can pick up, but that kind of sucks because gaming club is on friday nights which... if there's one night i wanna dedicate not to gaming, it's friday night. The GPA part should be easy enough. My GPA just took a real dip because first semester I cut a bit too much class, and second semester I got into that car accident which really threw me for a loop.

I'm really glad my college FINALLY got a good green space! I think it's exactly what my school was missing last year. We used to have to literally play frisbee and stuff in the streets and parking lots and now i'll be able to just set up a towel and study out in the sun hopefully  8) and of course staying on track so i can hopefully go to italy is an objective haha

Debate / 2016 Presidential Elections
« on: August 07, 2015, 01:13 »
Ah yes, it's almost that time of year, when all of the politicians come out to try to stake their claim to the white house, in 'merica. Talk about whose team you're on, idiotic quotes from the hopefuls, and what key issues you're concerned about.

Quick recap for those who are out of the loop but still interested:

Obama has almost served all of his eight years of presidency, so it's time for someone else to take over. On the republican side, we have many, many hopefuls, while on the democratic side, we have a lot less options, which is to be expected when a democrat leaves office, as people who swing from one party to the other will often switch sides. Right now there seems to be a lot of options, but as debates continue our options will narrow until we have to choose between only two people we probably don't really like. Yay!

From poking around the internet, I'm predicting the big issues will be:
  • Drone use on and off American soil
  • Planned Parenthood
  • International Relations with NK and the Middle East
  • Privacy
  • Affirmative Action
  • Police reform

The Republican Corner:

Donald Trump: A real estate magnate with no filter who also did the apprentice. He's a favorite of the republicans at this moment, pulling in 25.5% of the republican vote in primary polls. He's not taken seriously by most people in politics, most likely because this isn't his first rodeo, and his lack of eloquence with speaking. Earlier this year he got slammed for referring to mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists at a rally. He's wishy washy with his stances: He's against gun control, but supports a ban on assault weapons and longer waiting periods to buy guns... for that reason I won't bother to explain his further stances, because I feel they hold little salt and I feel that all he needs is some clown makeup to complete his image.

Jeb Bush: Fun fact, Jeb's nickname is an acronym of his full name, John Ellis Bush, meaning when you call him "Jeb Bush", it's like saying ATM Machine. Hailing from the Bush dynasty with ~13% of the vote, he's most similar to other familiar republicans, like John McCain and Romney. Traditionally anti-abortion, anti-affirmative action, pro-surveillance, pro-gun, anti-obamacare, and supports mining the earth for energy, including on federal lands. Opposes medical and recreational marijuana, net neutrality, and believes in giving illegal immigrants legal status, but not citizenship.

Ted Cruz: A texan senator with less than 6% of the vote, he's against the affordable care act, and more for bombing ISIL than putting boots on the ground. He stands with Israel, and has a bit of a harsher stance on foreign policy than some republicans. Opposes net neutrality, abortion, criticizes the NSA, and is a big fan of the flat tax.

Ben Carson: A black neurosurgeon with grassroots origins, he's a favorite of some republicans, but can't seem to garner support from the majority. He doesn't believe in evolution, and does believe being gay is a choice. He's anti-marijuana, pro-gun, and once equated the Affordable Care Act with slavery.

I'll add anyone else who can manage to get more than 5% of the republican vote. Here's a list of how the candidates are polling as of now.

The Democratic Corner:

Hilary Clinton: The former secretary of state from the Clinton Clan, she got off to a bad start due to an email controversy, but she's currently raking in about 54% of the democratic vote. She supports social programs, clean energy, and wants to raise the federal minimum wage. She likes socialized health care, Israel, and believes in opening up legal pathways for illegals to live and work here. She threatened to obliterate Iran if they used nukes on Israel, and wants to open diplomatic relations with Cuba. There's literally so much info on this woman, if you wanna know more, click the link.

Bernie Sanders: Reddit's favorite, Sanders is an unapologetic socialist who is managing almost 18% of the democratic vote. He is unique in how he has been funded by his own pocket and individual donations, without the help of super PACs or corporations. He's staunchly pro-choice, even voting that partial birth abortion should remain legal. He promises to focus on income and wealth inequality by raising taxes on the richest percentage of the US and making it harder for businesses to dodge taxation. He is one of the few candidates to speak out against the TPP, and he also hopes to make college more affordable for Americans. Pro clean energy, and against getting involved in the middle east. He's for restrictions on guns, giving workers more family related benefits, and doesn't support the immigration of unskilled workers.

If more dems come up, I'll add 'em. Here's an up-to-date poll.

Tonight is the GOP debate, so we should be hearing a bit from the republican candidates, and get some new fresh 2015 information of their views. Personally, I'm interested to see how they're supposed to disagree with each other... well, except Donald Trump, he's a total instigator.

Personally, I'm the biggest fan of Bernie Sanders, but I usually seem to be in support of the people who don't gain a lot of traction... I appreciate Bernie's transparency and I probably disagree with him on the least amount of issues. I would appreciate Clinton, but she seems incredibly bought and while I don't disagree with her on as many things as the other candidates, I feel like her priorities and what she talks about aren't exactly where they should be.

What do you all think?

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