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Random Randomness / its that time of year again....
« on: July 14, 2018, 17:20 »
.....where i whip all u sadsacks into shape and out of the Sad Salad Problems thread in order to.........

wish pkmn dot net user clairefable a happy bday!!!!!!!!!!
anyway yeh hope you are havin a cool and good day claire its the best day which is ur birthday! this is a photoshop college of u and steven stone at the mossdeep centre having a bday day out

Random Randomness / the belated clairefable birthday thred
« on: July 16, 2017, 22:21 »
i do wholeheartedly apologise that this is two days later than it should have been and you may hit me with a flyswatter or something for such a misdemeanour but everyone wish clairefable a belated happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! //threatening fist of steel to get u ragtag nerds to do it//

i hope you had a good day!!!

i was worried u had gone from us but i saw u in another topic but just a "oh hey bday" post wouldnt do so a seperate birthday topic was more of a better idea ANYWAY

hope u had a good day and let us know what u did even if it was sit on the sofa and eat garbage food. or if u would rather keep it private cos it was something weird like karate chopping n hammer arming short-dated bday cakes for some form of unusual Release thats ok too, anyway happy belated birthday!!!

Games General / may 10th announcement speculation station
« on: May 08, 2016, 03:42 »
ok so may 10th there will apparently be Actual News about the new pokemon games and i couldn't find a Sun/Moon speculation thread so this can act as a surrogate. if the announcement turns out to be a disappointment then you can idk, beat me up on the forum or something

cos im a giant loser i regularly check That Site almost every other day and am really excited about New Pokemon Plot cos ive tried but i can't Get Over pokemon. sigh

i luv zygarde and they're hyping him up a lot lately and i do wonder if its the box legendary for sun/moon? either that or Z is gonna be released after sun/moon idk.

i say this cos (finally i can spoiler this huzzah)

Spoiler: show

there is a weird Form of attack that zygarde uses in the 50% zygarde .vs. alain's mega-charizard that we aint seen. i could be wrong cos i just follow the anime for Juicy Zygarde Hints and overreact to everything but in one bit 50% zygarde shoots a beam,  everyone goes flying, then this happens. weird three headed dragon snake thing? zygarde 75% forme teaser?

then it all goes Dramatic Silent.

also on a side note who is betting we will get Trainer Resembling Formes of starters or w/e a la Ash-Greninja?

companies like game freak sometimes drop Weird Hints so it'll probably be nothing and im usually a bit of a cassandra a lot of the time. but im mostly posting this now and not later so if the box art is revealed and it looks like that three head dragon thing then i can be Smug i guess.

anyway speculate away and if its past the 10th voice your disappointment at how disappointing it was.

(this is for people who have completed the delta episode and got some of the legendaries and figured out where they may be going with this)

ok i do apologise if this topic has been done already, i did look to try and find one but unfortunetly i am Excited for the next installment of the pokemon game and can't keep my speculative ideas to myself

i'm half wondering if they'll do an ORAS 2 like they did with black/white 2 cos im not sure how they're going to address "it looks like Hoopa is stealing legendaries. how? why?" and "so whats the deal with Zygarde. he's been p quiet" and "where's this parallel world zinnia was talking about where mega evolution never happened?" in a single game

maybe the hoopa thing will be addressed in the movie only and they'll just move onto Z like nothing happened but i am sure we are due a New Forme of zygarde at the very least cos zygarde as he looks now is gonna make for some weird box art.

(one of mega rayquaza's Attack Poses looks a little zygarde shaped but thats probably just wishful thinking on my end given how yvetal is Groudonish and Xernas is slightly Kyogreish. ofc Pokemon ORAS 2 or whatever could give us mega xernas and mega yvetal and primal zygarde somehow)

and im p excited to see what it'll look like, cos they've been doing enough droning on about "the ecosystem" and i reckon zygarde is gonna spring up and start causing some major hassle and i personally cant wait.

im expecting the next game to be vaguely Environmentally Themed tho and have some sappy message about love the environment like ur pokemon or whatever

but yeah what are you lot all speculating on for the next game????


"eat it off me webby" he croons

yo webby!!!! happy birthday! its ur puk birthday topic cos ur gr8 (and its a bit late so apologies for that, had a stupidly long busy monday sighhhh //fartz//) but hopin u had a great day!!!
tell us what u got up to or will be gettin up to, and have a whiskey in my honour or an equally fine alternative alcoholic beverage (as long as its really good and expensive and bought by someone else)

(i had to battle both my RSI app and GIMP aka The Worst Attempt At Photoshop Ever so apologies for the substandard pic altho its a sky high standard compared to the crap i usually churn out of image software so)

Literature / i am a fiction philistine, reccommend me books
« on: June 09, 2011, 00:09 »
i changed my mind all your book suggestions suck ahahahha throws up on self

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