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[Disc] Pokemon x Avatar RP?
« on: October 28, 2013, 22:07 »
Just a thought, but it might be interesting.

First and foremost, NO I am not talking about James Cameron's human-sized smurfs. This RP is referring to Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra.

It literally just came to mind, so it needs a bit of tweaking, but would anyone be interested in an RP based in the world of the Avatar; where humans, spirits, and Pokemon must co-exist?

Setting needs tweaking. It can either be set in ATLA, during the 100 years war either before or during Aang's revival, where the spirits are separated from the mortal world and the creatures that roam the land such as Badgermoles still exist, but Pokemon exist among them as well.

Another option is that the RP can be set between ATLa and LoK, after the 100 years war but before Korra's birth, and focus more on the world mending after the Fire Nation's attack and how nations must learn to coexist again. The spirits are still separated.

The third option is during the events of LoK, and how the other nations are faring after Aang's departure and without Korra venturing away from Republic City. Spirits... well that's spoilers, so, if you haven't seen the latest Korra then you may not want this option.

The fourth and final option is that the RP is set before the first Avatar, in the times when the Lion Turtles protected the land. (ATLA fans please note that it is currently unknown whether the Lion Turtles came before or after Oma and Shu, so association with them is not allowed). Spirits roam the Earth, and can even be Pokemon in this setting. Please note, however, as the spirits do not like humans, and if threatened will attack. It is unusual of to have spirits as companions, as only the air tribe coexists with them. Bending is not allowed inside the city walls, as bending is a gift of protection from the Lion Turtle that must be returned to him when returning to the city.

Pokemon are restricted to only manipulating the one of the four elements. Pokemon can either be a guide or a companion, like Momo and Appa, but playing as a Pokemon is not allowed. Also no talking to Pokemon either - presumably only the Avatar can do that, and the avatar ain't got no time for that! (Mainly because the Avatar at the time, if there is one, will not ever show in the RP).

Humans are restricted to either no bending at all, or being very poor at their element. I'll probably limit the number of benders allowed in this RP. If set in the Lion Turtle option, however, I will be more lenient.

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