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Hi All!

I was wondering is there a way of reading the anime (By episode) with pictures accompanying them? I've recently gotten into Manga and while I was aware there is Manga for Pokemon, I was saddened to learn it doesn't follow Ash and the anime. While I do plan on reading Pokemon Adventure & The Electrical Tale of Pikachu, I do wish to read the anime as reading is something I've really gotten into.

With this in mind, is there an app, blog, website or anything that showcases extended synopses (Akin to this website) with pictures alongside it (Like the stills this website has!). I suppose you could argue why not use this website, but the stills aren't accompanying the body of text there relevant to. Pokemopolis (Website) does this decently, but they've only done a handful of episodes.

In an ideal world, I'd like up to Battle Frontier done.

I remember seeing a children's book when I was little that summarized two episodes from Diamond and Pearl.  Maybe you could try finding something like that.


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