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Episode Guides Wanted!


Fancy seeing some of your own work up on PKMN.NET?

Well now's your chance!

One of my current aims is to fill up the Episode Guides, for all current episodes that have broadcast in both the US and the UK.

This is simply a request from us to you - if you ever feel like donating some of your time by writing a high-quality Episode Guide to help us in this mammoth task, it would be greatly appreciated, and full credit will of course be given.

On the down side, we don't want simple copies from other sites - that's just theft and you'll get us into trouble.

Please send any guides to admin@pkmn.co.uk, stating the Episode Title and your Username so we can credit you.

Thanks a lot!  :)

Bump to prevent purge.

We can still use more episode guides!


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