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Gunbound WC:
Post your favorite Pokémon episode here, from Kanto to Advance. From episode:1- episode:whatever, make sure it's not a movie! :P

For Ho-oh the Bells Toll! It has the best set of legendaries and it has a Crystal trainer in it. I have it on GBA video.

EDIT: This post brought my post rate up to 1.000 per day!! ;D :D

Sailor Saturneon:
I have several really...

I suppose then it would be "Just Waiting on a Friend" during Pokemon: Master Quest. There was just something so endearing about it. The Ninetales was unable to leave the home since her Pokeball was there, she thought she could stay there with Brock, then in teh end the ball was destroyed and she was allowd to go free. Yup, still a favortie of mine :)

Philachu the Nanab Master!:
"Go West, Young Meowth!" Ah, the touching story of a young Meowth in love, coming back to save his girl, and getting stamped in the face. And then, "Looks like Team Rocket's dancing out agaaaaiiiiaaan!!!"

Mr. Hogfather!:
Battle Aboard the Saint Anne;Pokémon Shipwreck;Island of the Giant Pokémon!;Ash Catches a Pokémon;Mystery at the Lighthouse;The Ghost of Maiden Peak

Quite a few, I know! ;D


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