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X and Y/OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire / Shiny "Giveaways"
« on: July 25, 2014, 00:19 »
    Hey everyone.
    I'm currently looking for a ""foreign"" (ie french/japanese/korean/german/italian/spanish/whatever) ditto to do some SHINY MM'ING.
    After I obtain one (which I'm also kind of asking for, haha) I'll be taking a maximum of three requests at a time.
    Of which, I'll take those requests, trade with you to receive the Pokemon you want bred, and breed you out a shiny.

Things I WON'T DO:
  • > take extra time to breed one with specific IVs
  • > breed legendaries for you. if you have a legendary, you're already doing fine, you don't need a flipping shiny, yo.
  • > breed ubers. same reasoning.
Things I WILL DO:
  • > breed for specific natures
  • > breed for specific sexes
  • > nickname upon request
  • > refrain from nicknaming on request
  • > FULLY EV train for you (via Supertraining, EV spread is up to you).

REMINDER THAT I NEED A DITTO FIRST. Wonderful Tumblr user Pixelleddoubt is trading me over one~
Afterwards, I can breed you whatever you'd like, provided it stays within those guidelines.


also this list thing. normally i'm good at bbcoding.
not with lists, evidently. orz.  >  [/list]

Your Art / requests?? wow??? {imageheavy}
« on: November 17, 2013, 02:35 »
another person doing art requests? what a rip-off am i right. what an ass.

uh anyway im in an artsy mood and tend to get that way after school, and happen to really, really like drawing pokemonses. as long as you request something that has no/a non-time consuming background ill probably have it done within two, maybe three days. probably sooner if you request like. right now.
because i'm fired up and ready to go.

anyway heres an example of me doing pokemon-ey pokemon and another of sort of realism

i also sort of draw people. sort of. but theyll probably turn out less like the first image and more like the second or third.

Games General / google translate and foreign nicknames
« on: October 17, 2013, 16:44 »
ive found out that google translate does a pretty darn good job at figuring out foreign pokemon names. whether it be japanese, korean, chinese, french, etc., google translate actually sort of captures what the name is all about.

i have a japanese pikachu whos name i recently decoded, and evidently, his name is a pun on light, electricity and the squeaky "chu" sound. i'm gonna call him chiyuu from now on, considering that was one of the verbal translations for a group of kanji.

the drawing in of kanji is also very nice and accurate! it might not get the actual name as intended, but it does a darn good job.

Gaming / "phantom" videogame noises
« on: August 16, 2013, 08:21 »
oh man, if you dont have one you're lying.

the low health ding-ding-ding in pokemon is probably really common at least id think with you guys (pokemon nerds, hahaha)
but the sound of halo grenades and creeper hisses especially when i'm outside

maybe any other video game "phantom noises" youve experienced?

Your Art / my art from here and there.
« on: July 25, 2013, 10:00 »
uh?? whoa yeah. this is just some of the scribblies i've done in the past month or two.

some animal oc scribbles i did because a random generator told me to

not all of them are serious. i thought they were sort of cute, even the one with the human butt. uh?? i drew these because i suddenly remembered my dead gramma's ashes are right behind me and she really liked frogs.
i didn't really like her.
is that?? gonna be a problem omg i dont want to be a problem by posting my froggie with a human butt

there are some homestuck sprite edits in there.

a blobby thing i made up while trying to DRAW THE ANIMES. i think a lot of people can relate i know i can

i made sure to cut off meenah before it got nsfw but there is blood?? its colorful tho its hard to take colorful blood seriously right

and then theres the bloody halo soldier i did with a color palette?

a feferi with a tiny neck (??? idk) that i drew a while ago i liked her face even tho i never finished it cause im a lazy butt.

so yeah??? man lots of images i hope thats

Say Hello! / lets see how long i last
« on: July 24, 2013, 08:18 »

man, i dunno. i haven't used this site in forever, but i do think that? maybe this time i can make some buddies and actually talk to people and not embarrass myself a million times over. i am now somewhat capable of holding a conversation, but if you want one with me, i'd warn you against it. i'm actually really boring and sort of whiny.
i think if you understand my?? profile? it's pretty easy to figure out what i'm in to, but you know.

if not, i'll let you know that the way to my heart is through being able to talk about things im a fan of with me. that includes everything Roosterteeth: AH, RWBY, RvB, don't care. my current avatar is actually Gus playing his 3ds like the dork he is.
uh also homestuck? i like homestuck. and game grumps, pokemon. supernatural. studio killers, gorillaz other stuff like that. mostly lame things tbh.

if it sounds really stupid and useless to you, i probably like it.
i roleplay a lot too so? i guess if i'm not on the roleplaying boards with you and you want to do something with me you can hit me up via my inbox or even my email if you want me to give it to you and we can work something out. my oc's need some breaking in, man.

(also hasnt the spellcheck button been broken for like years now or)

homestuck is lame
roosterteeth is too
im here to talk about things and hopefully do some sick roleplaying

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