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Trades / trading hoopa for ideal natured shiny houndour or...
« on: April 07, 2016, 00:13 »
or any of these pokemon, please let me knwo if any relevant IVs and EVs and whatever else might be handy

shiny electrike
shiny shinx
shiny espurr (female)
shiny furfrou
shiny houndoom
shiny litleo
shiny lapras (normal lapras ok if all IVs 31 & ideal nature)
shiny noibat (stats need to be perf tho sorry)
shiny poochyena (Needs one of the elemental fangs as egg move, preferably ice and thunder.

probably more, too. i'll likely have two hoopas to offer, but one per person unless you'll be trading two of the wishlist. they're to appear in an upcoming poke 'fic and I need to get them to train ingame for writing inspiration. the trainer likes canine pokemon the best, tho.

Random Randomness / who was the last person you fought?
« on: March 08, 2016, 23:59 »
i fight myself on a daily basis

Older Main Games / BW2 Ingame Teams Thread
« on: March 04, 2016, 19:44 »
i suppose i'll make a new thread because i cant find the black white 2 ingame team thread because reasons

anyway its pretty good stress relief, and i'm mainly practicing some basic teambuilding and grinding a little more faithfully.

this is my team right now, im about to grind on the trainers in the fourth gym.

Herdier (Bella) lv 27 (Pretty solid member)
Growlithe (Jake) lv 25 (Solid member, but won't be evolving until level 45 due to flare blitz. Also needs extremespeed to get a boost in power)
Magnemite (Unit i13a) Lv 26 (Solid snake- Uh, solid member. Absolute tank who can steamroll in the right conditions.)
Petlil (Petulia) lv 21 (New addition - to replace Servine, to be replaced by virizion at some point)
Trapinch (Nancy) lv 25 (New addition, replaces lucario)
Servine (Scott) lv 26 (dude's kind of just hanging around until i can replace him as the sixth slot being empty was a little unnerving. Probably gonna slap an eevee in here later - need a water type, so probably starmie instead, actually. might require breeding for egg moves, either way.)

god I hope this merges like it used to

anyway I'm posting from mobile device due to me being too lazy to get on a PC

im at undella bay and my team is now...

Jake lv 45 Arcanine (only evolved him at level 45 due to flare blitz. it was worth it)
Unit i183a lv 45 Magneton (Absolute tank, I love them)
Nancy lv 41 Vibrava (Almost flygon! Pretty ok fighter but needs a little bit of babying right now due to all of the water types)
Morgan lv 39 Starmie (New addition and newly evolved. Bulky with some good moves. needs psychic and ice beam, but has surf and recover as well for now.)
Bella lv 37 Stoutland (Needs training, but great bulk and attack. reliable and lovely - which is why she's behind on lv as she can still hold her own easily right now)
Bambi lv 36 Sawsbuck (New baby, he's the special one from the deerling place. must be protected at all costs. Pretty good fighter right now, so he'll do until I get Virizion.)

Random Randomness / what 3 things...
« on: January 29, 2016, 12:40 »
what three things do you associate with today?

i associate today with pokemon (as its firered/lead green anniversary), with work, and with heavy gale force winds that want to blow me off of the face of this planet

opinions thread i guess

arceus & uncatchable legends not counted

absolutely not related to the rp thread i'll be making eventuallly what do you mean

Forum Games / talk in lyrics only
« on: January 27, 2016, 22:02 »
hello, it's me - adele (hello)

(you can only talk in lyrics in this thread, im the only exception for this post. multiple songs allowed & encouraged but no mashing lyrics together. lines must be seperate. make sure to source the lyrics)

Random Randomness / take the mick out of your old posts thread
« on: January 26, 2016, 23:41 »
only your own posts pls thanks

I have read lots of books.

absolutely savage, i'm such a badman, such teh edge, omg..........

anyway now its your turn go

bonus post:

Im soooo straight.


Literature / favourite fanfiction?
« on: January 26, 2016, 22:37 »
yeah so the stuff that their fans make, i guess

my favourites at the moment are some teen titans one. one is just genera drabbles about titans life, and one is terra/slade (not a shipfic, its platonic) where he trains her and makes her his apprentice, etc.

see title (its a pillow fight nobody dies)

if the answer isn't 'poison2007' you're wrong

Role Play / [Disc][Ad][P][PW] Interest Check on some idea
« on: January 26, 2016, 18:40 »
right uh so bear with me so the idea's a little vague

basically, the idea is based on a roleplay i used to be in on pe2k. (another pokemon forum that i was on at the same time as pkmn net - it's closed since, which is why i'm mentioning it at all because you can hardly advertise for a site that's completely down/closed. rip.)

this one is - the main theme at least if nothing else - based on the role play, in which there were a number of orbs. each contains the power/DNA of a pokemon. there was one for each type, so there would be one person for each type. i havent decided on legends or nah, but they're either all going to be legends or they won't be. in the case of normal pokemon they'll all be randomly generated.

so what i have planned is that there will be these 18 orbs. one orb per character and nobody can share a type. so the water orb might grant the ability to breathe underwater/swim really fast/generally adapt to water/sea. a suicune orb carrier might be able to purify water & run really fast (taking traits not just from the pokemon but from the legend, too) ....

whereas gorebyss's abilities are more "This Pokémon’s body is durable enough to withstand high-pressure levels in the deep sea, where it lives. Additionally, this adaptation allows it to withstand powerful attacks." so their defence would go up and adaptions would be more towards that.

but to be honest i'll probably just go for normal pokemon unless someone can suggest a legend for each of the 18 types. i could just have left it at 'an orb for every legendary' but, uh, no. too many legends.

in addition, the orbs would be absorbed into the trainer on use, so the powers/adaptions would be permanent unless removed by an outside force (notably: the bad guys. removing the orbs would cause permanent damage, though).

so this time i'm probably going to work on making sure it doesn't immediately Die like the last one, so there'll be no posting order or anything, but instead a rule that you have to make sure nobody gets left massively behind. so if the groups supposed to be discussing their next plan, but then two people decide to act for the full group and move on, defeat a gym leader, punch the bad guy in the face, etc, while everyone else is still in the starting carriage, and the others havent broken activity rules, then that is a big no no! i'd also be taking a slightly more intense role as a sort of 'DM' figure. if someone looks for berries i'll make a post saying something like 'you look and you look but all you find is a sock' or something, and have a system ready. (as well as an additional one for prompts or events to use if the RP gets slow.)

however, if the player hasn't posted in a certain amount of time and hasnt said anything, thus starting to kill the RP, then I, the 'dm', will take over for a few posts. after this, if the original player doesn't return, the orb carrier will lose their orb. somehow. i'll make it work.

essentially, what the story would probably go like, would be something like this...
  • there are 18 people on a train - civilians, pokemon trainers, breeders, contest people, whatever. (there'll be limits, though, like you can have 3 badges max or one/two ribbons or whatever)
  • the reason theyre on the train i havent decided yet. probably will be the goldenrod to saffron one, though as i want to use existing places. might just be a train somewhere in .
  • something crashes into the side of the train, knocking it off of the tracks. people are injured. no dead because that would put it to be an 18+ rp which would have to be on another forum
  • one of the train carriages has burst open, sending orbs spilling out on the floor. the 18 players (or however many we get) inadvertently touch them and get the benefits before the government or the bad guys that did the thing can arrive.
  • though before this happens they get warned to run for reasons
  • and then the plot goes from there? idk, it'd be an adventure to continue with their goals
  • honestly kinda need to think about this more because i wanna open up the ability to join as part of the bad guys or as the scientists or something too, some of which could probably become orb carriers

signups would be done by PM (a bit like an audition process) for people auditioning for certain types of orbs but would probably be something for people to say (in the topic before the start of the thread) something like

hi i'm [name goes here] and i'm auditioning for orb type

alternatively i could probably get the auditions done here in this thread, and then  have the forum topic be the first post, the forum, the accepted characters list, and then go from the first post or whatever.

kinda just need thoughts and a rough knowledge of who's joining

Debate / superman or batman?
« on: January 25, 2016, 00:22 »
i'd say the age old debate, but this time, it'll have a twist. who would win in a fight to the 'death'?

they're both in a magic field where that if one of them dies, they'll instantly come back to life, but the duel will end. they both know this and have taken steps to make sure that neither of them die in real life. batman's no kill rule isn't in effect due to this, meaning they can both go all out.

they have been given 24 hours to prepare whatever they'll need. the environment inside will be a bit like the hunger games so it could be anything. assume that both sides will be at their 'normal' levels of power. superman has not launched himself into the sun and batman isn't a green lantern or a white lantern. in fact, it will be banned to get to OP/earth shattering amounts of power. they will be prepared but not buffed to the extreme because they want to keep things fair. this will be good practice, after all.

today's environment is a replica of london. there are NPC civilians around, but they're not real people. if they die, it will only be recorded as a statistic for future analysis. every hour on the hour for however long they are in there, they will both have a crate teleported in to them complete with food and whatever else they need to survive, but no future weapons. the crates disappear once they've collected the food.

place your bets.

Random Randomness / tell me your secrets [confessions thread]
« on: October 07, 2015, 10:03 »
i'll start: i check this website at least twice a week but i wont post for like months at a time

Your Art / Poison2007's Art Thread [Requests Open]
« on: May 31, 2014, 20:19 »
I'm not on as much lately (boo) but I've gotten back into art a bit. I may open requests!!! But just realize they will take a bit. Or I may not do them if they're too hard :C

Anyway I pretty much only do humans at the moment but I can have a shot at anthros (will suck) or pokemorphs (will also suck). I haven't had much opportunity to do guys so pls be aware they'll suck too.

I do some basic dolling (first example) and sprite edits (also first example, but second as well). I can do homestuck sprites too, including talksprites, hero sprites (see: second example) and the like. I also do banners and signatures but I have no examples... they're okay, but not the best.

I can even do basic animations (including glitches) on new and old art, though unfortunately nothing massively complicated as I can no longer use photoshop (only GIMP).

Recent examples:

(Example 2)

Old But Gold:
Glitch Animation (And sprite edit, but it's an absolutely terrible sprite edit. Agh.)


So yeah quick recap!
- Humans only
- Will probably use bases in order to keep them looking pretty, but they will not be 5 minute jobs. They'll all have sufficient permission but will not be posted outside of deviantart if the base says not to. (But they will be linked to, which is permissible.)
- Can animate.
- Art will automatically be transparent in the relevant places in order for easy use.
- Can try other things but may not be super good at them..

EDIT: Look at my signature! I also can make custom trainer sprites, but this qualifies as a sprite so..

Random Randomness / happy birthday me
« on: May 14, 2014, 00:30 »
i'm always making my own birthday topics np
(lmao its only been 25 minutes as of writing this message and now 26 shoosh)

but yeah i've levelled up and now i'm 18
can't believe i joined this site late 05 (or 06 i dont even remember) originally
this was the first (and best) pokemon site i've joined, and its always the one i've come back to even after months and years of absence. it's not like the url's easy to forget after all! i've been through two schools (one being high school) and a sixth form (nearly) by this point, so that huge amount of time and also being a member somewhere? that's great

we actually ran into money problems this year so i'm only getting like two things (both online) but i also got sent some cards. money totals like £50. im rich thats all i wanted haaaaaaa bye <3

anyway i have no idea if these topics are allowed but there was one open on the forums so 8|

ps. i don't remember what date i set for this account, used to have a habit of setting it around OC's birthdays or on the day i joined or w.e just incase it didnt pop up

Role Play / [J][Pa][Pw] Unequal Treatment - Registration Act
« on: February 16, 2014, 20:33 »
"Good evening again. The breaking news at this hour: The National Office of Metahuman Control would like to remind everyone to not give shelter to any stray metahuman within the next few weeks as they are moved into their new homes. They are highly dangerous to you and your family's safety, and if encountered must be reported to-"


"-percentage of metahuman incidents has drastically risen since the Metahuman Registration Act was introduced. Is it only now that we're becoming more observant to what those monsters really do, or-"


"The weather conditions are once again worsening up and down the country. Metahuman activity is suspected due to the sudden hailstorms beginning from-"



The year is 1998. After Daniel Friedman, 17, and his gang of misfits caused a crisis in 1995 that revealed the existence of
superpowered beings to the general public, laws started coming into effect to 'protect the general public' by forcing registration of superpowered individuals for the government. The government started to persecute the Metahuman community, starting a metaphorical hailstorm of anti-Metahuman laws and decrees, designed to isolate the superpowered, humiliate them and make it almost impossible for them to earn a proper living outside of minimum wage laws. They started to be treated as second class citizens, having to wear shock collars in order to 'control' them.

After a few months the registered Metahumans started to be moved into Districts in order to further control the 'dangerous' individuals, further isolating them from the world. The world's nations argued over what to do with them - were they too dangerous to live? Could they be put to use in armies? Regardless of what the world thought, the patience over the metahuman situation has started to wear thin. Control over the aliens has been contracted out to private companies uninterested in the metahumans' welfare - they will receive compensation for their efforts as long as they keep the population in line. Massacres are discouraged simply because of the public outcry that might arise, not because of any rights the community may have.

Detroit's Metahuman District is one of the worst out there... for the Metahumans, that is. The control over them is highly strict and the company in charge of taking 'care' of them - Wahl Securities Ltd - is certainly not afraid of using drastic measures to keep the Metahumans within the walls. Once somebody activates their powers, that's it - their family is moved into the slum.

It's up to those stuck in there to either live their lives in oppression or escape and start life elsewhere, but will the humans let that happen? In a world where you're discriminated against for what you can't control, do you really want to leave the walls keeping the humans out?

About the RP:
Okay, before I begin with anything else I'd like to state that this isn't really a conventional RP. You'll probably notice this as we go on. There isn't a specific 'antagonist' or anything yet - how people (re)act to events shapes how the RP goes. Basically, you're in charge of the plot because there is no predestined direction set - you take it into your own hands. You all might remember the poll I had up a while ago. The superpowered RPs got the most votes, and while starting a Teen Titans RP would have actually been ideal to make (and I would have loved that just as much, believe me) I think this forum would actually benefit from an all-original RP. And instead of the typical school based powers RP, I've made it a 'walled city' RP. Why? So you're not restricted to one band of age. You could be a parent. You could be a normal, elderly person, stuck in the slum because one of your close family members started exhibiting powers. You could be a teen, or a child (though the latter really isn't recommended), and it'd be in your hands about how you'd proceed.

In a nutshell, This is one of my 'inventions' I like to call a 'kickstarter' RP. What do I mean by this? I mean that it's one of those RPs that I'm going to refuse to let stagnate. It's a free-world RP. There will be events. I have a list of prompts that every now and then I will randomize and assign a prompt to someone so they're not left out. I'm going to have a mandatory 'summary of events' every 10-15 pages so people joining (or returning) will know what's actually happening. Sign ups will likely remain open for the entire topic, provided we're not swamped by members.

As a note before you see any links being put up by me on this post - all links lead to either other locations on (such as the rules) or to sites that offer features relevant to the RP that is not offered by PKMN.NET. I'll tag them accordingly.

You are allowed to role-play as a regular human or as a metahuman. Members of the Metahuman Control team are encouraged to join in order to get a more diverse cast, but bear in mind you need to be age 21 at minimum to join it. More information below.

  • The site rules are here. You have no excuse to break any.
  • You're free to start events off yourself... but only if they don't directly interfere with another member's event. As in, yes - Character A may accidentally teleport everyone into a video game (provided they have such a power, of course) that requires them having to win the game to escape - but Character B is not allowed to do the exact same thing while this is happening. Or directly afterwards. This isn't original, and frankly, it's stealing the spotlight of the original player. It's frowned upon. If I see this happen you will be asked to either drop it, change it, or leave the role-play. (Depending on severity and intent.)
  • No godmodding. Godmodding is basically when someone's character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries. This is basically the reason why I have a banned power list. I shudder thinking about the amount of reality manipulating gods that could have came here, otherwise.
  • No controlling someone else's character without their permission. So, don't suddenly have Character B punch Character C in the face. The only characters you should be controlling are the ones you create yourself - or characters that you've been given permission to control. If Player B lets you use Character B, that's fine - just make sure you keep their character 'in character' and don't do anything they wouldn't. It'd be ideal if the player could let you know in advance, but if they don't just use your common sense.
  • Be realistic. If you get shot point blank in the head, chances are you're going to probably die. Then again, that was a pretty bad example as guns are banned within the setting, too. Your character (likely) doesn't have infinite stamina. They will tire out. If you get captured/punished, you wouldn't suddenly kick your captors in the knees and somehow manage to escape. Sure, it might work on a drunk in an alley, but it wouldn't realistically work on trained professionals that have been trained to make sure to not drop their prey- I mean targets. Woops.
  • When in doubt, eat some trout ask someone. Me, preferably, though I'm sure other members would be up for answering if they know.
  • There is a word limit. But it's pretty short! You just need to hit a paragraph or two each time (around 4-5 lines) per post. Quality over quantity. Useful posts that move on the plot and are about 6 lines long are better than useless posts that hit over 10 lines. Dialogue doesn't count towards the limit. This also goes the other way - don't post like 10x what everyone else is posting because it's just going to hurt you in the end. I mean if you can and you're able to keep up, kudos to you! But this is a pretty relaxed RP and we have no elitists here.
  • All Skill Levels accepted! As long as you can follow the rules, hit the word limits as much as you can and use a spellchecker then you're welcome here.
  • Be original. You're encouraged to experiment - maybe try out a personality you've never managed to experiment before, or a power you've found interesting but never got around to RPing with. Basically don't use characters you use in other RPs if you can help it - you're encouraged to be different here. Sharing powers with other players is frowned upon, but depending on the power may not be banned. Having a variant of a power (such as having a variant of telepathy such as animal telepathy) does not claim the entire power, though people may end up developing into similar branches if they have the same power tree.
  • DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PROFILE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Because this could end badly. I've seen too many RPs where someone's been accepted with one set of powers, and they suddenly have all of the powers that they shouldn't. If you really want to change it and I'm not online - before and after versions must be PM'd to me, as well as a 'changelog' (what you changed). This doesn't apply to the personality, gender, or other sections, but it does for everything else.
  • PM me what you leave out on the profile. Applies to the history section. If you'd rather RP out the history, but have a general summary of what they did, just PM me the summary. This is just for general purposes and will help when it comes to generating prompts or events. This also applies to any undeveloped/locked powers you wish to bring up to me or character secrets. I promise not to meta.

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