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X and Y/OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire / Nicknames!
« on: November 17, 2013, 20:45 »
What nicknames have you given your Pokemon? I'm planning out my team right now and I'm going with a music theme!

Talonflame - Rouge (male)
Comes from the Loveable Rogues, who I am a big fan of ;D

Mawile - Lorde (female)
Mawile is a fairy, but I have a feeling that she is a bit evil as well, which is the impression I get from Lorde. I have a feeling she's got a darker side which sometimes shows in her music.

Malamar - Nizlopi (male)
Malamar is an awesome Pokemon, but the typing is a bit strange. I wanted a name that reflected that in some way, and Nizlopi sounds equally cool and weird.

Blastoise - Bastille (male)
Bastille kind of sounds like Blastoise and I think it suits it. The 'stille' part reminds me of cannons for some reason too  :o

Gogoat - Lilygreen (male)
I listen to a lot of Lilygreen and Maguire and Lilygreen is my favourite singer from the duo. Lilygreen also suits Gogoat as it is a Grass type.

Mamoswine - McBusted
Okay, so I'm actually so excited that McFly and Busted are getting together, so I couldn't resist not naming one of my Pokemon McBusted! Mamoswine is a massive Pokemon, and McFly and Busted were both MASSIVE back in their day, so it just seems to fit  ^.^

Older Main Games / Platinum Nuzlocke Playthrough
« on: November 04, 2013, 18:31 »
Heeey :L It's been a while since I've been on these forums, partly due to studying and partly due to the release of X and Y, which I have finished! I'm now revisiting one of my favourite games in the series, which is of course Pokemon Platinum. The rules follow all the basic rules of a Nuzlocke, but I'll list them here for anyone who doesn't know what a Nuzlocke is.

1. Only the first Pokemon encountered in each area may be caught. If the Pokemon flees or faints, there are no second chances, except for in Rules 2 and 3.
2. Dupes Clause: This counts for the whole evolution line of a species of Pokemon. If the first Pokemon encountered is one I already have, I may choose to either capture it or try for another Pokemon. I can only have three tries in each area, on the third encounter I must catch the Pokemon, or I will not have one for that area.
3. Shiny Clause: If I encounter a Shiny, I may catch it because of the rarity. However, unless it was my first encounter in an area, it must be permanently boxed.
4. All Pokemon must be nicknamed to form stronger bonds with them.
5. If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead, and has to be released as soon as possible.
6. If a certain HM is needed to progress in the game and I have no Pokemon either in my team or in my PC that can learn the HM, I can catch a Pokemon to teach the HM too. However, this Pokemon cannot be used in battle and must be boxed after getting through the area which it is needed for.

Now, my two main characters, and their personalities. I thought I'd do this so that you can get an overview of the characters, although I will be writing this from the point of view of Tide.
Tide is quite a reserved person who prefers security and safety over danger and adventure. However, if she needed too, she would go through heaven and hell for her family, and her closest friend, Flare. She was home-schooled by her mum until she was thirteen, and during that time she has learnt more about real life than any school could ever teach her. Tide is an observant person, and is often lost in her own thoughts. This sometimes makes her come across as shy, but really, she's too busy daydreaming to interact with people. Tide also has a competitive streak, which is most often shown when she is around Flare. When she is angry, or someone insults something she is passionate about, she can have fiery outbursts which sometimes surprises people compared to her normally composed attitude.
Flare Flare is basically Tide's opposite. He has wanted to go on an adventure since he was little, and is always running around and looking for new things to do. His favourite place is Lake Verity, where he searches for wild Pokemon in the tall grass and fantasises about legendary Pokemon. He is often very blunt and likes to voice his opinion, and is not very open-minded. He comes across as rude sometimes, but Flare actually has a softer side. He is very protective of his mum, who he loves dearly, although he hates to admit it. If he had to, he would defend his mum to the death.

I'll write the first part of the Nuzlocke either tonight or tomorrow night. I'm really hoping it will become more of a story than a playthrough. Obviously the first part of any Nuzlocke is filled with the same intro stuff, but after that it should get a bit more exciting. I'm planning to do some parts from Flare's point of view, but for now I'll just stick with Tide. Obviously in the game, the rival is always a bit ahead of you but I might change it up a little bit. So, I hope you enjoy the Nuzlocke, and of course I hope I don't suffer too much going through it!

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