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Creative i like that
I've been trying to come up with the most efficient way to complete the Pokedex. It will be a living Pokedex with all the Pokemon captured in the region they were introduced in.

I could play all the generations one at a time and swap when I reach certain checkpoints.
(Defeat the first gym in one game, then swap to the next while catching everything I can)

I could focus on one game until I complete it and only use the other game for the version exclusives.
(Catch everything I can in Fire Red for example, and only use Leaf Green to catch what I can't in Fire Red)

I could catch the best Pokemon for the gym I'm up against and go back to catch everything else later.
(Focus on the story first)

Which way is best?
I've tried doing it all three ways before, but I end up giving up before I get anywhere decent.

I can't focus on anything for too long before I get bored. I think it has something to do with the mental side of my disability.
Random Randomness / Re: Nostalgia Thread
« Last post by q.c.™ on September 06, 2021, 17:11 »
*rises from the grave*

Don't ask me how I got back on here or why. Just saying hi. I used to be extremely active on this site eons ago before adult life jaded me and ruined everything. I started using this website when I was like 11 or 12, deleted my account, and made another one around the time I was 16.

I turn 30 next month... goodness gracious.

Also I'm shocked my old sig is still here.
congrats to hrh dr lord raven!!! what did you do your thesis about???? if its ok to ask

How did you disable your signature?

It's a bit random for a mod to do that!

secret benefits on the forum if you do a doctorate, you permenantly exchange your sig for forbidden powers
Random Randomness / Re: Nostalgia Thread
« Last post by Petzbreeder on August 19, 2021, 13:51 »
How did you disable your signature?

It's a bit random for a mod to do that!
Random Randomness / Re: Nostalgia Thread
« Last post by Lord Raven on August 19, 2021, 11:01 »
i now have a doctorate, what happened

EDIT: i just disabled my signature
they've managed to keep luigi around for nearly 40 years they could've convinved the people at the top to keep misty around
Well Nintendo doesn't have anything to do with the writing of the anime and Misty stayed gone because the majority of original fans didn't care and watched the show for two decades after she left. Between that and the millions of kids who grew up watching after she left, Misty's irrelevant to about 80% of the series now. What were people expecting? Misty to stay in the anime for all 20+ years? lol
Random Randomness / Re: Nostalgia Thread
« Last post by nalty. on August 17, 2021, 16:43 »
i remember when the forums weren't just alive, they were t h r i v i n g
i spent like all of my free time at that point in forum games, rp forums and random randomness ahah.

i never got into role playing i didn't have the patience or the creative writing skills
worst thing nintendogs ever did
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