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Boom, baby.
This topic just got the sticky treatment.
Hopefully, RPs'll be a lot easier to make, and beginners can get a better start.

Celebratory Haiku
The topic's stickied.
This is surely a triumph.
Now, make use of it.

I'd like to thank whoever stickied this topic =]

Trainer Dave:
As would I. Thank you to whoever added that lovely pin to the topic icon. :)

A minor side-note on role play moderation: From past experience I'll confirm that (at least a couple of years ago) there's not much that really needs doing in the RP board. You guys are usually very well behaved. I guess you could say that the job wasn't really something that kept you busy. The RP board can easily be regulated by the global moderators, although it's the members reporting the posts that makes all the difference!

What does it mean if a topic is stickied?

Trainer Dave:
A stickied topic will always remain at the top of the first page of a forum. This means that it's always visible. Such topics usually contain important information.


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