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well i've always been told that God-modding was taking control of other characters and Power Playing was being the most powerful out there


Trainer Dave:
For the sake of avoiding further debate, I've reversed and rewritten the definitions for your pleasure. LOL

Hopefully that's clearer, but either way - both are things you shouldn't be doing.

hate to dwell on the topics but io wanna shed some light on this.

people often associate power-playing with being overly powerful because, well, duh, it has POWER in its name. except that's (in theory) the one for controlling others. like how kings and governments control their people.

god modding... i dont know maybe people think its controlling because god controls our lives or something idk i'm not religious: BUT i digress, it's stemmed from "god moding" in video games, which anyone who's played on god mode knows that it means that you're pretty much invincible. so that's what god moding was. because the same people who did the old school D&D roleplaying which evolved into online roleplaying were mostly computer gamers and such so they knew what god mode was.

i mean, even if it doesnt clear anything up... there's some interesting info on theorized stems  on the name. cause nobody really knows which is which, just this way seems to hold a lot of water.

Trainer Dave:
^ I think that goes to demonstrate very well why RPers can never seem to reach a consensus on this issue.

To my eyes, the confusion exists because:
God-modding -
While 'God Mode' in games does signify the invincible state for a player, 'modding' does not necessarily shorten to this. (As usual, nobody seems to know whether 'Modd' comes from 'moderating' or 'modifying'.) However, in some online RPG games a server's 'God Mod' effectively has the ability to take control over any character or aspect of the game. This is where I believe the confusion stems from.

Power Playing is a bit more obvious - Is it making your character too strong, or is it 'playing to the extreme' in taking control of other's characters.
'Powergaming' is a similar word which might set some light on this - it being when someone plays their character in a way which maximises progress, such as assuming every attack is successful.

So yes, this one is going to be impossible to clarify in the long run, but that's exactly why I'm just stating it in the FAQ one way to avoid confusion. I'm yet to find an RP where either of these is allowed.

Well done for reposting this =] I think this time somebody should make it a sticky, to save the time of having to re-post. It also means it will be there for the future RPer's, and can be edited by either yourself, or certain moderators, to become more up to date.

I may post this into my RP rules from now on, so that if anybody doesn't understand, they can click the link and go directly to it.


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