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Oh, it may be too late to mention this now, but, to the person who asked me to reserve a spot for them but appears to have deleted that post, I'm sorry, I didn't respond because I thought it was a given that I would save a spot for you and I'm not the type to say anything unless necessary. Posting in general gives me anxiety, but posting something I think is obvious or not necessary makes it much worse. I wasn't trying to ignore you, I just thought that my telling Blaze I would save a spot for him would make it clear that I would save a spot for anyone who asked. I shouldn't think that way, but it's the way my mind works and I haven't been able to change that. I'm really sorry.


Name: Mark Hatten
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: His hair is short and bright red, and form circular curves that cling closely to his head. His skin is very fair, and he has freckles on his cheeks, and some more scattered around the rest of his body. His eyes are the kind of icy blue that immediately snag attention to the rest his face, and staring into them uncomfortable and difficult. Mark is a bit more heavy set than usual, maintaining a slightly husky build with only a little bit of muscle to back it up. For clothes, Mark wears a dark blue cotton shirt, with a few dashes of brighter color died onto the cotton. For overwear, he has a light brown sturdy outdoorsman jacket. He wears tan courdoroy pants, and completes his outfit with a pair of white and blue shoes.
Personality: Mark was very into the outdoors when he was younger, but ever since Team Galatic starting taking away pokemon from their trainers, he stays inside of his home more to be with Diesel. Him and Diesel are incredibly tightly bonded, and Mark also can't trust Diesel alone in the house for more than an hour. Interests aside, he is fairly easily annoyed and quick to jump to conclusions in the face of a crisis. In an emotional crisis situation, Mark is the person who is about to fly off the handle. Normally, however, he's rather collected, but often finds himself at a loss of words to say at certain comments. He has a good sense of humor and is generally straightforward.
History: At the age of six, Mark's grandfather died of heart complications. In the wake of his death, Mark wound up getting a hefty inheritance and his grandfather's Furret. At the time, the ferret, Diesel, would probably be assessed at being level 15, as he was only a few years old. Mark didn't like to treat his furret as a fighter, though. He scarcely battled Diesel, and more kept him as a companion. As far as family history, his parents split when he was 13, and they had a less than harmonious relationship while he was growing up, so he spent a lot of his time with Diesel. As soon as he turned 18 he chose to work for Kanto aiding with the disaster relief efforts, which is where he first started to hear theories among his coworkers about Team Galatic. With his insider information, he chose to keep the possession of Diesel on the down low so his childhood pet wouldn't be taken away.


Nickname: Diesel
Species: Furret
Gender: Male
Starting level: 32
Current move set: Slam / Reversal / Double Team / Flamethrower
Other Details: Timid, but incredibly mischievous when he is in practice. Very loyal to Mark, but loves to pester and annoy him. Above all though, he loves the shiny stuff. If your pack seems like it's so heavy that you suspect it must be full of rocks, its because Diesel probably stashed some shiny rocks among your clothes.

Starter Post:

 Mark lifted his heavy backpack off of his aching shoulders, and began to gently remove it. He placed it softly on the ground in the woods, and sat on a nearby toppled tree. He opened the belts at the top of his bag, and like a jack-in-the-box, a furret leaped out of the prison. It landed squarely on its feet, and began to stretch and prance around in an attempt to stretch its legs. "Yeah Diesel, 3 hours in that backpack must have been terrible. Thanks for keeping quiet," Mark said, followed by a small smile at his companion. The furret chirped happily, and ran about ten feet away from Mark. Mark looked at Diesel curiously, as the furret stared oddly back at him with his black eyes. Mark shook his head, and reached his hand into his pack.

 Mark began to panic as he touched his lunchbox, and noticed that it was already open. He looked up at Diesel, who was staring back inquisitively. Mark's happy expression was wiped off of his face as he felt around in the lunchbox, his eyes locked on the furret the whole time. Empty. Mark clamped his teeth together. This wasn't the first time Diesel had helped himself to his brunch.

 "Diesel, you're gonna have to get back in the bag, now I need to get take out. You can't just expect a man to go 18 hours straight with no food. I told you! The only reason I didn't feed you before we left was because I know you get motion sickness. I hope you hurl," Mark yelled at the furret, who was still staring blankly at him. There was a pause of silence where Mark looked expectantly at his partner. After a few moments, however, Diesel came silently bouncing forward, and nestled itself on top of the tousled clothes in Mark's knapsack. Mark shook his head as he looked down and noticed Diesel curled up in the nest he had made out of Mark's clothes. He sealed the bag at the top, but leaving the top portion of his backpack so Diesel could get a little bit of nap. That jerk doesn't deserve even a wink of sleep.


Name:Melanie Cerova (Mel to her friends)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Mel is about 5 foot 6 inches tall. She's mostly long and lanky, although she often slouches, partially hiding this fact.


Species: Porygon
Gender: N/A
Starting level:
Current move set:
Other Details:(optional)

Starter Post:

Will finish on my phone. Mrrgrrgrr.

I will like to reserve a spot if it isn't too late. I will have the form done by today. I need a computer to work on drawing my trainer.

Ah, I had thought everyone had forgotten about this. I was planning on making a post here soon to ask if anyone was still interested in this. Of course I'll save you guys a spot.
Actually, if the others who applied could tell me if they're still interested, that would be great, since it has been a while ^^;

Anyway, if everyone's still interested, I think we'll start by the end of the week, if everyone has their forms done. After that, if anyone wants to join, pm me and I'll try to find a way to work you in.


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