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My first roleplay on here but its not my first roleplay. (I am experienced in the art). This is for any fan to the popular anime known as Sword Art Online. You dont have to have seen all of the anime to enjoy the roleplay.

The Story
It has been 5 years since Fulldive Technologies launched the revolutionary NerveGear console. This console allowed users to not only customize avatars to use in the game but also allows them to enter the virtual reality to control the character itself while in the comfort of your room. After its initial release of Aincrad Online, it soon released Elfheim and then Gungale Online. Each title had mixed results to the public including its own share of problems. However, the problems eventually were solved and further games have been released since then.

One of the newest titles releasing is Pokemon Online, where players are able to enter the Pokemon world and meet with fans worldwide using NerveGear. They are able to catch and train Pokemon and battle others in "Team Battles" or just standard one on one battles. The virtual Pokemon world has even been divided into regional zones like the older games, with pieces of the six regions mixed around.

Here is when you, the roleplayer, comes in. You were invited to a launch party on the day the game was released. At the party, you will be able to enter the Virtual World where a new adventure will begin.

Little do you know though that a hacker has been able to take over the network and has prevented logging out of the game. He has yet to announce his plans to take over the game and turn it into a death match...

Signup Form:
Real Name:
Player Name:
Real Appearance:
In Game Appearance:
Starter Pokemon:
+Preorder Exclusive:
Other Details:

+Preorder Exclusive
This is reserved for up to three players. If you put yes, then that means you pre-ordered Pokemon Online and as such have your choice of Mega Stone and an egg pertaining to the Mega Stone you chose. (for example, if you chose Lucarionite, then you will recieve a Riolu egg along with your starter Pokemon.
Pre-order List

Other Details
-You may not have any legendary Pokemon
-Your starter can be any regular starter pokemon or baby form Pokemon.
-All grammar and roleplaying guidelines apply
-This is a detailed roleplay, so please have more than four lines per post.
-This is a PG roleplay, so no cursing or blood.
-if you are out of Pokemon on your team, you have two choices. You can access your PC boxes using your Poketch or teleport to the nearest Pokemon Center. (when the hacker gets in, this will change as teleportation ability will be disabled and if you die, your player will become erased from the game due to a "kill" and cannot respawn like in the regular SAO anime.)

Hope ya'll join and have fun.

Real Name: Tobias (Not my real name irl)
Player Name: Dorchadas
Age: 18
Appearance: About six feet tall with brown hair down to the bottom of his shoulder blades and dark blue eyes.
In-game appearance: Same, but red hair.
Personality: Very outgoing and friendly on the outside, but extremely cold and calculating underneath. Prone to depression.
History: Tobias is a kid in a group home who has lived there ever since his mother died and father couldn't afford to take care of him. He was given Pokémon online to use with the rec. area's NerveGear as a birthday gift. It was given by a fellow resident, Alice, who worries about his depression over his situation.
Starter Pokémon: Snivy
Preorder Exclusive: Yes, Lucarionite

you are accepted. I will post my character appearance as soon as i get back on the library.

Real Name: Kitsame
Player Name: Kitt
Age: 16
In Game Appearance:
Personality: Kitt likes to stay in his room with his games. He is shy when it comes to meeting new people but outgoing with his friends.
History: Kitsami is an average American high school senior. He lives in a family of 5 with his older and younger brother. He is an avid Pokemon fan and has played and beaten all the older games. When he heard of Pokemon Online being annouced, he bought a NerveGear unit and then pre-ordered the game so he could feel the joy of mega evolution. His father was one of the people lost in the Aincrad incident, so he is wary of the dangers of NerveGear.
Starter Pokemon: Eevee
Pre-order Exclusive: Yes. Absolite

More later. Must play monster hunter for a few hours haha.

Real Name: Erick Hassim
Player Name: Chimera
Age: 21
Real Appearance:
In Game Appearance:
Starter Pokemon:
+Preorder Exclusive: Aggronite
Other Details:

Okay Kpyna. I'll add you to the pre-order. No rush. :) That means no more people may choose a preorder.

Oh and I almost forgot. There will be a chance for a wild Pokemon to drop an item upon defeating it. A mega stone has a 0.05 percent of dropping from their respective Pokemon.


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