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sans the skeleton:
yo yo yo! Super late ofc, but I have been working on this idea! The format no longer works for just one thread however, so I'm likely going to make an RP board for it on another site. thanks for your patience; yall will be getting bonuses if you've expressed (or will express) interest here. (I'm working on some game mechanic stuff after being inspired by some other boards, so you've got something to work towards). There'll be spaces for other mods and such, so eventually it won't just be dependant on 1-2 people for activity. that's been one of the reasons some of my former RPs have failed, I think. My activitys been too sporadic to be able to host here.

That said, it's gonna be mostly RP focused, so I'm not trying to advertise people away from here.  (That's my last intention, considering how much I love this site).

If you've got any questions you can ask here or through PM; I'll only be giving the bonus codes out to the members once the site's up. I hope that people will enjpy it.

( Also, looking for artists - especially sprite artists - for secret purposes :') )

*screaming* I'm even more excited now!
If you need a secret artist, I can help with secret art.

Sharing some more info on the site and such would be awesome if you'd like to supply me with that. Probably also won't be as active as I once was because life.


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