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not chloe:
I'm definitely up for the story idea - sounds interesting.

Now all my Sem 1 assignments are in I'd be able to write a reasonably sized post pretty often.

Don't expect some incredible writing though just because I am kind of officially a writer now haha.

I guess I'd be interested in the Grass, Ice or Lightning orbs :-)

sans the skeleton:
phew okay. it'll probably be a lit RP so posts will be slow, there wont be much of a word count past 'write a reasonable amount that people can go from/reply to, try to mirror length but mirroring isnt a priority'. im also a slow poster

I was going to run my rp to try to revive the place. However, i'll take a backseat and hold on to the form I have from my associate on that. This sounds like a barrel of aipoms and i'm into a lot of this stuff. Plus, as long as you stick around, it won't die for a long time as I am one of the people who usually are the last to post before something dies (chloe and dragoncat can atest to this).

As for my types: Fire, Fighting, Steel, Water, Electric and Ice in that order.

i would be down if it goes a little slow, this semester has already been incredibly busy for me

i'd be interested in fairy, electric, ghost, and probably dragon but no real preference. maybe leaning towards fairy more than the others rn

sans the skeleton:
i've started work on the topic - it'll be a small while yet. pace will be dictated by players but likely pretty slow if i'll be DMing any

EDIT: Once I open the sign ups, I will require sign ups done via PM. This is partly for fairness but also because I'll put the accepted forms into the last post so people can access it easier. This might remain the OOC topic, if the admins are alright with this. It helps me organise the RP stuff easier.

If you want multiple shots of getting a 'wanted' type, put multiple types into the orb section. The first one you list will be the most prioritised, etc. So if you chose fire and water, i'd try to work it out so you could get fire first. If if doesn't work out you'll likely get water. Etc, etc.


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