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“I hate to admit it, but this purple psycho on my arm just saved us,” Cam wouldn’t allow the Ekans a compliment without a little teasing. “But Sickens could really use a few lessons from Thread on the art of sitting still.” He rolled up his sleeve to see if the Ekans was hearing all this, but the Pokémon had gone to sleep.

“Wait, you’re asleep, again?!” Cam was surprised that Sickens could fall asleep in 2 seconds but couldn’t sit still for one. The Ekans was on his left arm now, no longer cutting off the circulation in his right. It was a small price to pay to keep the Pokémon hidden.

He stretched his right arm, “Anyway, we’re on the road to Viridian City! …Man, I loved that song, before Team Galactic censored out anything Pokémon-related.” He briefly reminisced about his childhood and how life was before the takeover, but none of this showed in his eyes. He was carefree and excited as usual, even after they’d knocked a cop unconscious and run for their lives. But his expression suddenly changed when he tripped on something and landed face down in the grass.

“I hope Dusk didn’t get me with a stray Confuse Ray, cause I can’t see where I’m going,” Cam looked more closely at the brown lump he tripped on. Wait, it had eyes and a large red nose. It was… a Diglett!

"Woah!" Anise ran up to the little Diglett, "Where did you come from, little guy? Did you escape Galactic?" she asked the pokemon. It was strange to see a diglett in the forest like this. Or... what if it was a Galactic pokemon? She turned to her pokemon, "Just in case, Dusk, hide," she commanded.

Finally she turned her attention to her fallen friend, "Haha, I don't think this was Dusk's fault, I think you just weren't looking where you were going," she teased, holding out a hand for him. Despite her supposed playfulness, she was currently on high alert, in case this was a Galactic pokemon and its 'trainer' was nearby.

Cam took Anise’s hand, and with a renewed energy he pulled himself up. Then he towered over the Diglett with a wicked look in his eyes. His playfully irritated expression meant that he wanted a little payback. “You know, I’ve always wondered what a Diglett’s lower half looks like…”

Frightened, the Pokémon plunged itself underground and popped out with powerful force under Cam’s shoe. He lost his balance and again fell facedown into the grass. He got up and crawled over to the Diglett. “Oh, you’re a Naughty natured one, aren’t you?!”

Then with a swipe of his two hands he tried to catch the Pokémon, but it plunged underground before he could. Cam tried again and again to catch the Diglett, but it always got away and taunted him each time.

Finally he gave up and lay on the ground exhausted. “You really think Diglett’s with Galactic? Seems more like a troublemaker than a law enforcer! Phew…” Cam was panting heavily but he was visibly happy. He enjoyed playing with the Diglett, especially when everyone else around him was so serious.

“Know what I think? This Diglett’s probably from that cave we were just in. Diglett’s Cave, right? Galactic came and took his friends… but this one got away,” he said.

“Cause we all know how good you are at getting away!” he smiled at the Diglett, ending on a happier note. The Pokémon flinched when Cam moved his hand toward it, but all he did was pet it on the head.

Cole had lagged a little behind just to take a quick check and make sure they weren't about to be swarmed. So he caught up as the others were looking over the Diglett. "So one got out after all?" Cole said, seeming intrigued. "You'd think Galactic would've gotten all of them. Guess this little guy was too crafty." He then thought about the pokemon. "Unless it's Galactic's that is." Cole said morbidly, "Not trying to kill the mood or anything but let's be careful here. It's a possibility, but I sorta doubt it since it seems afraid of us." He attempted to approach the diglett but it seemed to flinch with his first step, so he didn't take another step past that.

I mean it's understandable. The last humans it saw took all of its friends, or it can somehow tell I have a water pokemon with me.


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