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Sure, that shouldn't be a problem.

Yeah, now I remember th likely reason the last thread died - lack of availability. I'll try logging in & checking more often. Just need to find a few minutes to rewrite my starter post on desktop.  :)


Name: Cole Alexander

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: He's about the average (thinking American) height and weight with messy brown hair and pale green eyes. Cole wears a pair of jeans with a couple of simple t-shirts, but that really doesn't matter since he usually wears a hoodie over it along with a beaten up pair of sneakers. He travels light supplywise despite the size of his backpack (see history).

Personality: Cole has always been a little subdued overall but is generally in a good mood and slow to make angry, because he's had to be since everything is a bit off and has been for a while. He also has a strong sense of justice, which was instilled in him by his father. Also, he doesn't really get embarrassed easily due to how he hid his pokemon (see history).

History: Cole is originally from Sinnoh, but got his buizel as a pet (of sorts) only a few months before his family moved to Kanto, and only a few months later (unbeknownst to them), Team Galactic seized Sinnoh. After pokemon were declared illegal, almost all of the pokemon were seized overnight. However, the buizel had slipped through the cracks because it looked oddly like a plushie model of the same pokemon. So this was how it was hid over the years, oddly enough never looked deteriorated (which honestly should've been a big tipoff. Luckily everyone was at the game corner or didn't look closely enough). Over time, though, Cole's mom helped him and his pokemon develop the disguise better (like helping it learn to sit eerily still, ruffling the fur up....etc.) so that is was more believable. It's not perfect, but it fools most people. Cole heard about this huge undertaking and decided to slip out of the city to join the group.

Other: N/A


Nickname: Thread (keeping with the plushie thing)

Species: Buizel

Gender: M

Starting level: 24

Current moveset: Sonicboom, Aqua Jet, Aqua Ring, Tail Slap

Personality: Thread is usually calm, due to the massive amounts of time it spends practically frozen in time. However, if the coast is clear, his true colors show, that being a playful and high energy mon, almost like a small child. (leaving it simple because I don't know how to explain this better).

Other Details: As stated above, he hides as a stuffed toy/plushie version, so the fur is a little softer and more ruffled. Plus this will require advance warning to pull off (such as stowing away in the bag). If not battling or hiding, he usually rides of Cole's shoulders it's kinda cute actually.

Starter Post:

((My speech for my own reference will be in navy))

"Just a little further....." Cole says to himself in a hushed whisper. He sneaks along, keeping a close eye out of the GPF. They were a less lax than they were in Celadon, meaning that he couldn't just waltz along. Cole had set out that morning and had eaten little since he had left. To his relief, the police hadn't shown up. However, a voice rang out:


Cole stops dead in his tracks, and a policeman walks out of his hiding place. "What are you doing out here at this hour with that bag, mister?" he asks in a very suspicious and harsh tone. "I'm just passing through, is there a problem?" Cole replies, attempting to keep a respectful tone. The policeman stares at him for a moment, then responds "Yes, because you shouldn't be out at this hour for your own safety." empathizing the last part. "I, however, would be glad to let you through if you would let me search your bag." Without waiting for a reply, the policeman takes the bag from Cole and goes through it. "Shirt....socks.....wait. What in the hell?" He lifts what appears to be a plushie buizel out of the bag. "Aren't you a little old to be carried around a stuffed toy?" he asks in a cruel a mocking tone with a sneer on his face. Cole swiftly replies "It's not of any trouble is it?" The policeman looks it over, then puts everything back and hands the bag back to him, and simply walks away snickering. Cole rolls his eyes and continues on.

Not too long after that, he looks around and walks into the designated cave. A fire is going and a girl is already there. Cole sits down and sets his bag down on the ground beside him. "The coast is clear." he whispers. Seconds later, a buizel emerges from the bag and sits in his lap. Cole looks around, deciding to see if anyone else would arrive, not knowing what to say.

Looks good. Just one thing, Galactic would have taken over Sinnoh at least a couple years before Kanto, so did Cole's family move to Kanto before Galactic took over Sinnoh? It would still work, but in order to have a Sinnoh pokemon, they would have had to move then. You don't have to change anything, I just wanted to clear that up.

Anyway, since no more people have shown interest, I think we can get started as soon as DisturbedHaxorus and Poison are done their forms. No rush though, I don't mind waiting, gives me more time to plan things.

If anyone else in interested, say so now so I know to wait for you.

I'll edit that a tad in order for that to make more sense, and I might possibly bump the topic in a few days if no one else comments.

Edit: And done


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