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The Hooded Trainer:
Ive only rpd once or twice in the past, but depending on the idea i might be up for giving it a shot. Its not like i have an overly-busy schedule anyway.

Alright this is already more interest the other place I RP gets now, because all of the RPers there seem to have disappeared.

What sort of theme(s) and style(s) do you people want to see in an RP?

I honestly don't know. I'm sure whatever you come with will get some sort of attention.

After a small break due to freshers stuff  (Even though no one seems to like freshers here.) here are some rough RP ideas:
Pokemon based. The players will take the place of Brenden/May and travel through Hoenn after meeting Prof. Birch. The main difference from the games will be a new villainous team.
Pokemon based. After seeing the second episode of Pokemon Generations I started to think about what a special forces unit would be in a Pokemon world. Players would be new recruits brought in to investigate the disappearance of an elite team.
Not based on anything (I think). For whatever reason, your character has been taken from their dimension and ended up on this version of earth. Someone brings the characters together to find a way back to their own dimensions.

Ideas/Suggestions/Criticisms? I can easily think of more ideas, I’m a bit hyperactive when it comes to making stuff up.

The Hooded Trainer:
Those all seem like good ideas, but im only really interested in the first two (nothing wrong with the third one, im just in a kind of pokemon-mindset at the moment).

The first one seems relatively straightforward, so maybe you could give more details on the enemy team? Depending on what theyre trying to do it could lead to a pretty interesting plot.

The second one seems like it could be something really good, and that episode of generations was kind of amazing. Could lead to a wider variety of characters too, since they wouldnt be the typical trainer ocs.

The third one doesnt really appeal to me that much atm, but if you go into more detail in the plot there might be something to hook me in.


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